Black & White

Over in the Garden Kerry challenged us to write in Black & White.  My life has been black n' white for the past ten day. My dishwasher is dying-I know Thanksgiving and all those dishes....I cut some of my menu.  We picked out a machine and it is on back order...grrrr!   Every day I would get online with dishpan hands and think what do I say? My washing machine is dying too. There is more-but I won't bore you with the details-basically I have felt like I have traveled back in time.

  I am thankful-I have a wonderful family, friends and blog friends who remind me each day to see the good in the world!  Thank you!  I honestly have been at a loss for words, so not my style.  Today my hubby was told he was selected for a position with a military contractor-he got a job!  We are thankful~
 My daughter's guard has a program called Full Circle.  The struggles everyone goes through, when they have a dream.

   Center stage 
home crowd cheers
as sacred stars march
 in peacock pride 
fingers clenched as 
prying eyes see their neon hearts
blinking in the whipping wind
in drizzling mist, in sweeping fog
doubt clouds vision 
nocturnal wings dip n' swirl  
 breath of blue mirrors
silver arched light as morning 
lullabies fade
 orange monarch wings bloom as
pale light pools n' shines
sacred jewels glow
 hum buzzes in sea of steel
 sacred toss flutters
soaring birds reaching for glimmering stars
fall back to earth 
a sable chill in 
wounded doves' whispers
 sky dive blue
 birds hoping to tilt their wings
towards gold.... 

© Ellen Wilson

When I watch the guard perform-I see butterflies twirling and tilting their wings, no matter what the conditions.     Big smiles are planted, even though I know their doubt lingers wondering how they  performed in regards to  the big picture.    Later, my daughter sits with me in the crowd  asking for my  input or their performance and their competition-the other bands in their division.  The dark wings of doubt  dance across her brow, but I remind her of all the good, what went well and my photos show the proof.    I think the dance of our darkness fades as we continue to reach for our star. 
One can hope....



any situation or moment of love that can temporarily disrupt the 'dance of darkness' is a good moment

Happy Holidays my friend
Kerry O'Connor said…
You captured the energy of the performance so well and transcribed it into words, as a photo must freeze time into an instant.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Brian Miller said…
smiles...butterfly wings...yes, i agree...they are amazing to watch, so much energy and passion for what they are doing, you capture that well...& know even as they are performing their hearts are pumping for how they are doing...happy thanksgiving ella...
Peacock pride is a lot!
Glad your husband got the job.
Put the kids to work on the dishes today.
Happy Thanksgiving, Ella.
Fireblossom said…
You caught the feeling of flying things in motion, Ella. Happy Thanksgiving!
Mary Ann Potter said…
A dance with many elements. How absolutely wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving, Ellen --- I'm grateful for your friendship and inspiration.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"hoping to tilt their wings towards gold"....awesome, Ella. Your daughter is most talented as are you - your photo truly captures their pride in performing - they give it their all. And you are always in the stands, watching. Good mom. Congrats on hubby's job. Yay! He will love it, especially working for a military contractor. Cool.
Hannah said…
Your first piece is so kaleidoscopic feeling and your second just brims with love and compassion. She's so lucky to have you.

♥ to you and a Happy Thanksgiving!
Sam Edge said…
Well done - full of life for sure
Anonymous said…
Ellen, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I love the picture, first of all, that little star! Your descriptions of the movements as butterflies, as doves, was very moving. I'm going to see a friend in Nutcracker next week, and that's how I feel about her dancing... lovely piece, and thanks so much! Amy
Mark Koopmans said…

Hope Turkey Day wasn't as bad as it could have been and hope the new machines come in ahead of ASAP :)

Take care and happy writing :)
congrats to the hubs!
And if it is any consolation, I've never even had a dishwasher nor a dryer :)
Lolamouse said…
Great contrasts of dark and light in the photo and in your poem. Keep hoping!
Helen said…
Observing, with overwhelming pride (and a bit of angst thrown in for good measure) is one of the joys of watching our children grow.

Lovely poetry, Ella.
Ella said…
Dezzy-You are Superman?! lol
You know if I lived alone it might be a different game plan?! I'm impressed and curious... ;D

Thank you!

Mark-I hope you and yours had a lovely day! Thank you it was nice-I paced myself! Happy writing to you~ I remember having Christmas in Hawaii! I loved how laid back Santa is ;D And that outfit, too cool!

Amy-Thank you! I am behind, but trying to catch-up! When we match these performance to real life-our experience is altered! I know your day will be magical~

Sam-Thank you! Yes, the full circle ripples in many facets of life~

Hannah-Thank you so much! I hope you and yours had a fabulous day~
I know it was cold in your neck of the woods~ I hope to be back home next year! <3

Sherry-Thank you so much! This group does not get the recognition they deserve! I might make Ninjabread cookies to resemble them ;D YOU are too kind-thank you~

Mary Ann-I am grateful for yours~
I hope your day was a wonderful gathering filled with warm memories~ YOU are sweet!

Fireblossom-I love your new glam goth look~ Thank you so much! I hope your day was wonderful, too~
Thank you~

Ella said…
Alex-Thank you so much! I might be baking Ninjabread today! ;D I hope you n' the Mrs. had a lovely Thanksgiving! Yes, peacock pride rules-Ninjas especially need this~

Brian-Thank you! I know you know ;D
I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday! I had a computer virus during my absence-life has been like a Mad Hatter tea party~
See you at the pub! I have missed being part of dVerse~

Kerry-Thank you! I still want to try again-this isn't the depth of B&W I wanted it to be~ Try, try again-I loved yours! Thank you :D

Ella said…
Nene-Thank you! Happy Holidays to you~ Yes, we all need light to fracture the dark and offer us hope!
You are kind! I hope you did have a lovely day~

Ella said…
Lolamouse-Thank you! Yours was so well crafted and a topic we need to shed light on! Thank you :D

Helen-Thank you! Yes, tis true there is a lot of light bleeding into the dark, as we do this! I loved what you shared for the prompt~
Kay L. Davies said…
Sorry to be late. I'm sure your Thanksgiving dishes are all done by now.
I did get a chance to read the beginning of this, then got called away by husband or dog or both, and am just getting back now.
Your husband's new job will sure take some of the pressure off you, so you can enjoy your daughter's performances with a more relaxed mind.
Have a super weekend.
Love and hugs, K
Ella said…
Hi Kay! Thank you-you are sweet~
I am hoping to expand my horizons and teach..fingers n' toes crossed!

The season is over until winter guard starts next year-but I do have goals set to push myself! I hope you and yours are doing well! Hugs~
Michael Di Gesu said…
HI, Ella,

Happy Thanksgiving weekend…. Sorry to hear your dishwasher was dead for the holiday. Growing up we didn't have a dishwasher… Mom would wash, I would dry… hours, of THE most wonderful talks I had with her. I miss her so every holiday.

Family is so important… you have you hubby and daughter. Memories are the heart and soul of our lives.

I hope you had a very special day and CONGRATS to your hubby and his new job.

I miss our long chats… Hopefully we'll catch up soon...
Wanda said…
Hey my dear. Hoping things are looking up for you. Congrats to your hubby on the new job.
Ella said…
Hello Wanda! I loved all of your suggestions on your blog~ I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much~ You always inspire!

Michael-Yes, I hope you and yours had a lovely day! I agree with you-doing dishes and being in a car inspire so many great moments to converse. My kids walk with me and sometimes the best heartfelt moments arrive-you are so right! It feels like reruns of I Love Lucy at my house, but I am reminded to laugh and go with the flow! Thank you Michael you are kind!
Amanda Trought said…
I've missed stopping by, those memories so precious, you capture in your words such treasure...congratulations to your husband and well done to your daughter, she is growing up so fast! Lots of essential oil scented hand cream will soon sooth the hard worked hands. Blessings!
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