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Margaret invited us to write a poem inspired by artist "Maria Wolf of "Full Moon Fiber Art" is a fiber artist who lives on Bedlam Farm with her husband, writer John Katz.  I see no evidence she has written poems, but I was intrigued when I saw her "My Visual Poems" on her blog header.  I find them to be mini journeys (sometimes a bit surreal), snippets of images and sounds linked together offering impressions.  All inspire and celebrate Maria's artistic view of the world - whether it is creating from found objects or just enjoying the land, the seasons."

Thank you Margaret~    I so enjoyed viewing Maria's visual poetry.  I hope you all like what I created- inspired by Maria~        Thank you Maria~  Go here if you would like to see Maria's visual poems.   You can also find inspiration at Maria's blog, Full Moon Fiber Arts!

“Hope Blooming” 
©Maria Wolf  

Margaret invited us to write a poem inspired by artist Maria Wolf's videos.

Threading Light

Lunar threads his needle with
pale silvered light
stuffing clouds n' threading blue quilt of day
twinkling stars smitten with his third eye
he caresses morning edges
patting his wife's shoulders

Soleil tickles me
her tendrils of light playing
'Follow the leader'
both teachers
sweep shadows
into my world

I follow Soleil's draped hair
it feathers an apple tree
spilling light in puddles
I cast my eye into day
First feed the clucking, bleating,  n'
I sweep the shadows 
follow Soleil's hands
wind hugs me
 drying morning dew from
 heart clinging vines

Morning Glories trumpets Soleil's arrival
light pools on the wood pile
I follow
bouncing she leads me to
hay stacks n' red shadows
of the barn.
I gather geometry 
her offerings of daffodils
I hear wings fluttering by
chasing teacher's golden thread
my apprentice follows
smiling with her tail
inward my lips curl
embracing angles of
her tendrils cascading light

She surrenders the bloom of
day casting her veil over her head
to marry the night
their love scatters waves of violet n' blue
among ripples of red flames, orange glow and mauve
her liquid gold fingers embracing his
leaving a few Irish pennants
tossing a bouquet of Moonflowers
for us.

I follow the red threads
waving good-bye
waiting for tomorrow's 
Fibonacci Sequence
I will follow scattered swatches
bouncing light and sweep the shadows
 left on my fence, my terra cotta pots
time to stitch love
as I write their story.

© Ellen Wilson


You both told a story through that quilt.
Maybe you should try some visual poetry? You already do the two mediums well - imagine if you combined them? Actually, most of your visuals are already visual poetry.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I agree with Alex, Ellie - you could try putting one of your shorter poems onto one of your photos - the results would be spectacular. I loved the color and imagery in have a gift!
Yolanda Renee said…
I checked out Maria's site and my favorite were the manly potholders! Made me smile. You think if I got those for hubby he'd cook more? LOL

Love the quilt you chose! So full of color and life, you captured that perfectly in your poem.

You already work the visual with all your creations. You are the master Ella!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such a wonderful use of personification throughout this poem, Ella. I especially like the image of the moon creating the quilt of day.
Sumana Roy said…
What a gift of expression you have.......such a lovely flow........
Susie Clevenger said…
"She surrenders the bloom of
day casting her veil over her head to marry the night" Just one of the beautiful phrases in this poem...gorgeous Ella!!
Anonymous said…
Your writing always takes me away, love it Ellen.

Brian Miller said…
i gather too...i teach how the morning glories...and you respond to the sun...ah i do the same at times as well....lovely bit of writing ella
Shelly said…
You write such wonderful stories in your poems.

Hugs and chocolate,
Margaret said…
"She surrenders the bloom of
day casting her veil over her head
to marry the night"

one of many great word imageries and I love the title!
Hannah said…
I love the idea of learning from nature and the feeling of family within these elements, Ella, you really brought us on a journey...image rich and infused with inspiration from , Maria. Well done!!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, how absolutely lovely! A truly memorable fabric of words and images! Bravo,Ellen!!
humbird said…
'my terra cotta pots
time to stitch love
as I write their story.' ~ I like how you 'stitching' your poem, following the video and the idea of quilt. And you stitch it with Love! ~ Much Love to you, Ella <3
Ella said…
Hi Humbird-Thank you <3 Yes, I thought of her videos as potential swatches~ I loved yours, too~

Ella said…
I am having blogger issues! Is anyone else?

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I do hope Maria gets a chance to read our offerings~

Ella said…
Mary Ann-Thank you! I did go a bit long~ I may tighten it up and see if that works~ I wish you had been one of my teachers ;D

Hannah-You are sweet! Thank you~ It was a fun challenge! I will be by to see what you have been up to ;D

Margaret-Thank you! Yes, the sunset says it all ;D I loved the challenge-I hope Maria loved our poems!
i LOVE the journey you took us on, Ella! stunning!!!

hope all is well with you.
Ella said…
Dani-I was just thinking about you~
So happy you stopped by! Thank you!
I hope you are doing well~ <3 you are in my thoughts! ATB
Laura said…
So beautiful Ella!!! on the subject of threads, and light too, really:

Please consider yourself officially invited to participate this year's 5th Annual Gratitude (word) Quilt. Instructions (it is very simple) and a link that explains the origin of the word quilt can be found at the top of my blog. In past years there have been participants from every continent except Antarctica.It wouldn't be the same without you:-)