Second Time....

Second times the charm or is it the third time?  I have heard it both ways.  Have you?

Over in the Garden, Fireblossom asked us to share a poem that we thought our best. I love   the idea, but struggled with it.    After reading several of my poems-I see errors and things I wish I had done different...but this is part of the process.  So, here is my offering...
It was posted on my other blog, Ella's Font-so it may be new poem-for some of you.  I don't have a best poem-not yet!



Lone Wolf 

I caught the moon bleeding light
winking at me
  dreams dangling
  lost amongst a
sea of black Swarovski crystals
Mom told me
timelessly he flirts
netting many dreams
Marilyn Monroe almost caught him
 his Jekyll n' Hyde
  too much for her
Setting off my wilderness
once a month I am 
  serenaded by Moon flowers
Beeswax candles drip pooling light
but we will never
walk the red carpet ============
he a lone wolf 
golden jackal roaming
his love call  
heard by all
I released him back into the wild
He is perched 
on his nightly throne
holding a grudge
I prefer the strong, silent time 
he watches me 
 silvery orb
  he belongs to no one
 and to all. 
© Ellen Wilson


Fireblossom said…
I think this is really, really good! It's full of original lines about a subject that's been done many times; not an easy thing to have pulled off, but you did so beautifully!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the opening lines - such a beautiful description and original concept. The poem evolves both emotionally and through layers of psychology.
Aditi said…
Deep...loved the poem..esp the last verse 'he belongs to no one and to all.'
Herotomost said…
Ahhhhh...the moon holds sway, and this was a wonderfully original and creative look at it, somewhat dark in it's feel but hopeful in longing and lust for that thing...the thing that the moon does. I think it pulls. Great writing Ella...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, what do you mean, you dont have a best poem. This one is FANTASTIC, full of imagery - and you have written many others that made me swoon.......I love the romance in your poetry. Love the lone wolf in this poem who belongs to no one and to all.
this is FABULOUS, Ella!!! it is exquisite and unique. truly one of your best! there really isn't much i can add to what's already been said by others.

have a lovely weekend, sweetheart!

Susan said…
Sometimes the moon reminds me of a lone wolf like that, ready, flirting, but not containable. Great Poem
Yolanda Renee said…
I agree this is the best of the best! Loved it then and still do!

Isn't going back and re-writing allowed? I mean if it's not in a published book yet - it's okay to rethink and make better, isn't it? Perfectionism is a curse! LOL
Susie Clevenger said…
This is be able to express the moon in a new way is amazing...I don't often rework a poem after I let it go so to speak. For me it feels like stealing its heart....
Brian Miller said…
ha i like the bit of romance with the moon...i have a bit of the same...and full moon this sunday! so looking forward to a rendezvous...
Peggy said…
I like this very much Ella. Love thinking about the romance of the moon and enjoy your creative descriptions.
Hannah said…
I enjoyed this immensely, Ella! I love how you bring images from history and your use of metaphor is fresh! Beautiful truth in your closing lines as well! Excellent poem!
Createology said…
Your words are as beautiful as the full moon is tonight. Blissful...
wow! this is so beautiful...I read this many times....lovely....!
Ella said…
Hi Sreeja-Thank you so much~

Createology-I can't see it-I do love to walk under the umbrella of stars~
Thank you~

Hannah-Thank you! He does enchant us all~ I love to see him swoon the sea- @>-------

Peggy-Thank you! It always amazed me how many babies were born around the full moon. The pull of gravity- Yes, there is lots of romance encompassing the moon! :D

Brian-Is it? I can't wait-I love to walk at night and chase my memories ;D Thank you~

Susie-Thank you! I love what you shared-I can see that. I tried to rework an older one and it had a ruined feel-I will remember your words~ Thank you~

Yolanda-Yes, of course, but if I loved it then I should leave it alone! I see many I will rework for a book and I have some new stuff. I do think my heart was in this one and I left it alone, but I can see a lot of reworking others and you are right it is still our voice. Thanks Yolanda!
Tis true...I do have my moments-at times lol ;D

Susan-Thank you so much! Yes, the one that got away, but we were smart to let him go ;D lol

Dear dani-Thank you! Yes, the moon is a bad boy, but we are smitten anyway ;D
You too~

Sherry! YOU are so sweet! I am so exhausted I could fall asleep standing up~ Thank you so much! I knew you would love the lone wolf he is cuddling in your blanket of indigo (from our Tree poem) ;D
Thank you!! We had fun with that one-

Corey-Thank you! Yes, it does have a tug of war effect on us all~ I had fun with this one! Yes, a bit of dark enchantment ;D

Aditi-Yes, the moon is a fickle one and it is best we let me be the pretty boy from afar ;D Thank you!

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, this night light in the sky casts its own spell on all of us~ I think we all know a lone wolf~

Fireblossom! Thank you for this challenge. It gave all of us an insightful trip through our memories. It was hard to pick! I enjoyed the challenge-you are kind!
Thank you so much for Fabulous Friday~

Anonymous said…
you speak fluent moon, too, Ella :) ~
i agree with everyone's comments concerning you writing about a common subject but with your original style and perspective

this was absolutely wonderful, Ella
hedgewitch said…
This is just excellent, Ella--easily one of the more memorable I've read for this challenge, and well-worthy of being called a personal best. Very fresh imagery transforms familiar tropes, and the balance and tension are masterly. Fine writing in every way.
Marian said…
yeah, this is a really solid and fascinating piece, Ella. i feel like i've read it before, i think so. very affecting. i'm so glad you shared it again. xo
Mary Ann Potter said…
A work of poetic art, Ellen. There are so many layers in this poem. Fabulous writing!!!
Helen said…
Ella ... your moon is truly magical.
Shelly said…
Beautiful as always!

Hugs and chocolate,
Ella said…
Hi Shelly! Thank you-you are so kind!
Hugs to you! Sorry the chocolate is all gone would you like biscotti?!

Helen-Thank you! I can see that man winking at me ;D I am charmed~

Mary Ann-Thank you! I hope you winked back at Mr. Moon~ I did... lol
You are sweet~

Marian-This was a challenge of yours!
I thank you for the prompt which took me in this direction!
:D @>-----------xo