Chasing Light

     Deadlines-we all have them.  My daughter needed a casual photo for her yearbook. She is a senior this year.   We kept talking about when and where, but somehow between her schedule and mine-it hadn't lined up.  This week was crunch time and we agreed to meet downtown after school, near the waterfront.  I had my sites set on the historical section, wrought iron fences near draping moss trees, old church steps and pillars.  The sun was shining and time was of the essence.   My daughter is a Grits girl=Girl Raised In The south.   I was raised in the north.  Daughter has a slight southern drawl and I still have my New England twang. I sound like I am from Boston-yes wintah and beeah.  Oh, do you need translation: winter and beer.

       I knew she had a site in mind, so did I.   As we started walking she chimed in,  "Let's get coffee at Muddy's-its so cold."  I was all for a cup of joy, but I knew this photo had to happen first.

      "We must capture the light, it is good now,  soon it won't be."  She agreed and we decided after the photo we \would grab our cuppa of joy.  Muddy Waters is a favored coffeehouse downtown-it has a European feel, with burlap coffee bag curtains, small tables of varied heights and in the center of the space a huge sectional couch in the shade of pale Morning Glory blue. Near the ceiling, shelves hold antique coffee items that give this watering hole its charm.  Muddy's brews roasted beans inspired by a Dancing Goat and their names could inspire poetry:  White Cliffs of Dover,  Trainwreck, Crowbar and there is even a Red Velvet brew, but I love their Liquid Brownie.
*No, not this kind-it's fake!*

      I had a special spot in mind, but it was now gated shut.  "Oh, well it is too dark in there anyway," she smiled.  As we strolled along, we enjoyed window shopping and the chill in the air.  Effortlessly she kept smiling-I will miss her next year when she is no longer part of my daily endeavors. She and I constantly bounce ideas off of each other.  We have fun editing each other, as mothers n' daughters often do.  There is an easy breezy feeling between us most of the time, trying to find the calm in our day.  I guess you could say we are always chasing light.  Chasing light means more to me than just snapping a photo-it is about finding the joy in your day.  It can be simple:  a hug, a kind word, a favorite book, and spending times with those you love.  I hope you are chasing light and don't let those with dark clouds dampen your mood.  It is too easy this time of year to feel this spiraled dance downward, as we compare our spending with others.  Remember finding light not only brightens your day-it reminds others to look, besides it is worth the chase.

Sweet rewards the photo, the company and the fun of chasing light!   

Sorry I haven't been making the rounds!  I hurt my back after our photo session Monday and have been chilling in bed with frozen peas.  I guess I pinched a nerve cleaning and my hands felt numb.  It is hard to type when your hands feel like Lobstah claws.  I am better and will be by to visit!  I hope everyone is doing well~


All of the photos turned out well! Your daughter is very pretty. Just like her mother. Except with a Southern twang.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Your daughter is a beautiful young woman! What a fine afternoon y'all had!
shelly said…
Love your pics! Your daughter has a sweet face. And those pastries look yummy!

Hugs and chocolate!
telling pic of your daughter. beautiful eyes, beautiful smile...
ya know that apple not falling too far from the tree, thingy!

I hope your pinch nerve gets better. I've had sciatica, and nerve issues with two hip replacements and cerebral stenosis so I sympathize.
don't ignore the symtem and have it localized by a professional BUT
make sure you do the exercises they ask you to do.

Pain pills do not address the issue because they are nerve issues not muscular of bone

Kerry O'Connor said…
What gorgeous pictures of your daughter, Ella!
Mary said…
What a fine post here, Ella. Your daughter is a real beauty!
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, Ella, I can just imagine you two beautiful young women bouncing ideas off one another. What fun!
Take good care of yourself, please.
Love, K
D.G. Hudson said…
Your daughter's photos look great. Like the hat touch, she has style like her mom.

We should always chase the light, dark overtakes too easily. Great advice, Ella! Hope you're feeling better.
D.G. Hudson said…
Forgot to say Happy Holidays and hope your Christmas is great!
Brian Miller said…
cool...personally i like the one with the bricks...beautiful daughter btw...and she has are heading into an interesting time of life with her leaving home and school too...oy...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I'm with Brian - the one with the bricks is IT. FAB photos. Happy daughter - YOU did that, Ellie! Be proud!!!!! Love this post. Yes, I needed your wise words tonight, very much. The relationship you have with your daughter is what we all long for and hope for.........yes, you will miss her. But she will never be far - you two are so close in heart.
Renee said…
Lovely photo! Oh, to be young again. You should've done a selfie that day of the two of you together. (Or is that an "Us-ie"?)
Ella said…
Hi Renee-Thank you! I know right the world is your oyster... You are sweet! lol-I don't know! Next time perhaps-my hair was unruly that day-I also have it cut short and not sure I like it~ Us-ie I love that word!

Sherry-I posted the brick one because that is the photo she picked. It was down between five picks. I knew when I took it-this was likely the shot. Before we walked she said, "Maybe a shot by the break building." I knew when I saw the black shutters, this was the spot! Thank you so much~ Yes, we are that close~

Brian-Thank you! Yes, it will be a bittersweet time, but technology does make it easier to instantly be in touch~ Thank you so much~ The brick photo was the picture she chose!

D.G.-Thank you! We had fun, as it should be. Drama shows up in photos I think. You are kind...she is the stylish one. I am the kind that wears artsy stuff. One time I wore a photo negatives as earrings. lol
Happy Holidays to you n' yours!

Kay-You are sweet! We kinda look giddy and silly I suppose-lol, but thank you~ I am getting better, but it is slow. I should know better, but I wanted something done and didn't wait for back up~ Thank you!

Ella said…
Hi Mary-Thank you! We had fun and she seems at ease in front of the camera-me I rather be behind it! ;D

Hi Kerry-Thank you! We have nice memories of this day~

Helen said…
Doesn't get much better than good
mother / daughter time! I enjoyed the photos and your words, Ella.
Ella said…
Nene-I am sorry to hear of all your pain! I have my own battles with it, too~ Thank you, you are very kind~
I hope you are doing well!

Shelly-Thank you! Fake brownies and doughnuts-lol! So funny! Hugs n' chocolate to you..the real kind!

Hi Mary Ann-Thank you! Yes, memories will dance in our heads, when we see this photo~ Thank you~

Alex-Thank you! You are kind-I look more like an elf-lol! Yes, a girl with a twang! Someday I might share it...
Yolanda Renee said…
Love this post! Such fun to have such afternoons with your child. I don't have enough of those with my boys - unless they fill in to take me to a doctors appointment when their Dad can't. Not exactly the right way to find the light! But we make do and I'll take whatever I can get!
Be well!
Merry Christmas!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Such beautiful photos! I love the reflection one. That's something I always look for.
Wanda said…
Such lovely photos Ella. Hope your back is better. Have a Merry Christmas!
Those are some wonderful pictures. Here in Colorado, we're all about the wintah and beeah right now too. May need one of those beeahs to fight off a dark cloud or two. I could use a little light. Cheers and have a Merry Christmas!
Ella said…
BeerBoys-Cheers to you both!! Yes, tis the season for some wintah brew~
Plenty of dark clouds and light-so let's tip the scales towards the light-Merry Christmas to you both!
Thank you~

Wanda-Thank you! I am getting better-life is slowly resuming to normal! I hope you are doing well~
Happy Holidays to you! I'll be by once I return...must go shop...ick!

L.Diane-Thank you so much! I know I like reflections and thought this heritage home looked pretty~ Happy Holidays to you n' yours!

Yolanda-Yes, keep looking it is there! I love that they are taking care of their mom-very sweet!! Happy Holidays to you n' yours~
Thank you!

Mark Koopmans said…

GREAT pics and I'm so happy for y'all that you weren't stressed out running around looking for the perfect picture.

Obviously, you got the money shot, so long live mother-daughter bonding moments :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Ella - hope you're feeling better, too :)
Your daughter is so gorgeous, dear (must've taken after her mother :)
And she has some serious style too!
Hope your back is better
Pixie said…
Feel better! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.