Dream Destination Blog-hop

Lexa Cain and Julie Flanders  created a blog-hop called Dream Destination.  We are to pick our dream location to visit virtually~    Sorry I am late to the gate -my flight was delayed.    These  ladies came up with this unique hop to promote their new books-very clever!!  Congrats to Julie and Lexa~

Soul Cutter

Find The Ghosts of Aquinnah here: 

There are three places that tug at my heart.  Australia has been a favorite since mid teens, yet as an artist I would love to see France, but the baker in me wants to go to Italy.  Should  I toss a coin?!  No, I am going to France.    One of my favorite bloggers is Tongue in Cheek.   I am sharing some of  her photos.  She is an American who married a Frenchman and moved to France.   She shares her learning curve of the culture, her love of both homes-America and France and her  family.   She is a talented artist-writer, photographer and gatherer of sentiment and Brocante.

 First stop refreshment-of course I would want to see the usually famed tourist sites, but I would like to go behind the scenes, too.  I would love to watch n' observe and absorb the culture.

©Corey Amaro

I would love to live there for a bit and see the lifestyle.

Christmas lights in Paris (photo source Superstock.)

I would love  to experience the country with all my senses.  

Photos taken by Corey Amaro 

The French flag waved large under the Arc de Triomphe.

©Corey Amaro

~Yes, let's dance for Lexa and Julie and their Merde~


Some good choices! I visited Paris many, many years ago.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I most love the beautiful hand-cupped image up-top - so lovely, Ellie. You make beauty all around you. You have the soul - and the eyes - of an artist.
Paris is the most beautiful city in the world!
If I had the opportunity to travel abroad again, I'd go back there in a flash!
Writer In Transit
Lexa Cain said…
Paris is such a romantic choice. And the food - wow! Julia Child developed her cooking there. I think Elise Falson (one of our blogging friends) also lives there. It certainly is a magical place and your pictures captured that perfectly. Thanks for joining the hop! :-)
Brian Miller said…
wow...perfect choice in location...though i would take australia as second place as well..was just talking to a poet in australia about wanting to visit some time...but paris tops my list as well....great pics...love the one of the tower
Ooh la la! Great choice! There is SO much to see and love in Paris. (Oh, yeah... and so much to EAT, too!)
Ella said…
Hello Susan! Thank you I loved your pick~ Yes, drool worthy ;D

Brian-How cool is that! Thank you-maybe it will happen someday! I will keep my fingers crossed for you~

Lexa-Sorry I was late to the fun!
I ended up traveling yesterday and ran into a few glitches! I hope your book is a hit~ It looks fab~
Thank you

Michelle-Let's go..lol! My hubby has seen more than me aboard a Navy ship. I am eating PBn'J-lol
Thank you~

Sherry-Thank you! You are Mary Oliver aren't you?! lol I started my career at age two. I started drawing stick figures on index cards. They are featured in my mother's recipe tin. Thank you so much Sherry-you always make me smile! @>----------

Alex-You did! What was your favorite site?! I have been to England, but not France~ Thanks for sharing Captain!
Jeremy Bates said…
ive been living in australia for a bit, and its a great country! u gotta visit the outback if u ever go!
All great choices, Ella. And what beautiful pictures. I'd love to travel to these places some day...
Ella said…
Hi Jeremy! I am jealous-how wonderful! Yes, I do hope to come visit this amazing country-I will try~

Cathrina-Thank you! I hope we both get to go~