Foggy in my World

Hello everyone!  I keep thinking how to explain my lack of everything online.  There is so many things that have happened to me-words tangle as I try to choke them out.   I am okay, but sad.  One of our pets died and I feel the void.  I do not lack words-I am scattered.   Here is an attempt for Corey's challenge.  Corey always makes me thinking of fishing.  Why is that I wonder?  Maybe because he drops his line of prompts into so many different worlds. Corey is a rig-that is a good thing and we never know what he will offer up, next! 

He asked us to ask someone a family member, a kid, a neighbor for an opening line to our poem or just a word to get us underway.   Thank you Corey~


Murmuring green stars hide 
under winter’s blanket
Reindeer moss waves 
hanging on Persimmon brow
melting sea of muddy frost
 pools n' puddles
like tarnished copper pennies falling into brine

Mood chimes as day sails in  
with red blinking numbers
 lost lambs wander in n out of day
Straggling threads of  metal linger
I plant blue wishes into night sky
Digging through chill of night
 tucking your indigo blanket up to my chin
I wade through sea of ghosts moths
coaxed by their singing
I fall into gurgling river
cold n' slow- I thaw 
night light follows me on empty dark road
 her fuzzy pale white gown 
floats a line on horizon
moored silhouettes tangle my seaweed thoughts
lost in coastal fog
I wait for yellow foam to rise,
 soldier like i march into day.

©Ellen Wilson


Lolamouse said…
I'm so sorry about your pet. Our dogs are family members, and I know how much losing one hurts.
No worries about your lack of presence-I'm the same way these days, but you're in my thoughts.
Your poem illustrates such yearning. You seem to have found your words.
Mary said…
I am so sorry about your pet, Ella. Not easy ever, but I think especially hard at holiday time. Always nice to find a poem on your blog. This one is tinged with sadness (understandably). I like "planting blue wishes into the night sky" and "soldier like i march into day."
shelly said…
Sorry to read that about your fur-peep.
Nice poem as always.

Hugs and chocolate!
kaykuala said…
lost in coastal fog
I wait for yellow foam to rise,
soldier like i march into day

Taking it by the horns,one needs to be brave and soldier on! Nicely Ella!

Kerry O'Connor said…
There is a distinctly melancholy air to this poem, yet one senses that the narrator hope some of the wishes planted in the sky will come to pass in the future.
You may be lost in the fog, but it will clear eventually. Very beautiful poem, Ella.
So sorry about your pet. They do touch our hearts, don't they?
Ella said…
Kerry-Welcome back! I know the planting seemed a bit off, but on my walk last night I saw two falling stars. We all endure sadness but must plant our hopes in the future. One pet passed and the other is sick. One must hope... Thank you!

Hank-Thank you! I do feel ill as I march, but life goes on. Thank you~

Shelly-Thank you! Yes, our pets, our our family~ Hugs to you, sorry I ate the chocolate!

Mary-Thank you! Yes, we all are soldiers embracing the light and facing the darkness.

Lolamouse-Thank you! You are so right, our pets are our family members. It is always hard to endure. Thank you...
Brian Miller said…
i am sorry for your loss...having lost a cat last christmas, i feel for is like losing family...i feel the melancholy a bit in your words...i like though the walking among the ghosts and falling into the river....march on...
Mary Ann Potter said…
Ellen, I am so sorry about your pet. I send a hug and blessings and all-around-specialness from God. He takes wonderful care of us. Your poem is, as always, just lovely. A gift and a grieving as you get out of the fog.
Susie Clevenger said…
So sorry about your loss..This poem is beautiful in its melancholy. So many magnificent thoughts in this one I can't list each one that touched me.
Suzanne Furness said…
So sorry to hear about your beloved pet, Ella. I lost my cat in September so understand how hard it is, they are members of our families. Take care of yourself. I enjoyed your poem, thanks for sharing it.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, this is incredibly beautiful. I am so sorry about the loss of your pet. It is always hard when one of our creatures leaves us. There are so many wonderful images in this poem I cant even begin to list them. You have written it so beautifully. I love that you saw some falling stars - yes, keep looking up and marching on.
Herotomost said…
Jeez....Ella, that made me tear up a little. What a great piece of writing as a blanket to forever keep the memory of your pet warm as it walks through the universes better times. Soory to hear about the loss. And you thanked me, but it is pretty obvious to me that I should be thanking you and all of the Toads for sharing a little bit of your worlds, happy or sad, so that I may identify with the connection between us all. It is about people, the self is no place to hang out alone, otherw tend to make the self a little more rounded and a little more shiny. As I always say to my kids when they have food that I want to take a bite of "it tastes better when you share"! And this, Ella was delicious. Thanks and Happy holidays!
Kay L. Davies said…
Heartfelt sympathy for your loss, Ella, you know how I feel about pets. They are family.
You have worked your grief into a wonderful poem here. The sorrow is palpable but so is the hope.
Love and hugs,
Sorry to hear about the pet, Ella :(
Helen said…
.. mood chimes and falling stars, I hope the pain you are going through subsides .. though I know it will never truly be gone.
Yolanda Renee said…
I am so sorry, but you express your loss beautifully in your words of grief.

My little angel is my sanity!
Ella said…
Alex-You must of been in Ninja stealth mode when I was commenting. I didn't see you until after. Thank you-yes,they certainly do.

Brian-I am sorry to hear this-I do think the holidays make it a bit more difficult. Thank you~

Mary Ann-Thank you, you send the best virtual hugs!

Susie-Thank you-your poem touched me, too. I was sitting right by the red tropical wonder-you described.

Suzanne-I remember it was not that long ago! I am sorry... Thank you~

Sherry-Thank you! The odd thing was I was driving. I have never seen them like this. Only when I walk at night-it was unique~ Thank you

Colette-Thank you!

Corey-Yes, I agree sharing connects us on so many levels~ We need to be open and show our humanity. I know so many who don't. Sad...
Thank you!

Ella said…
Kay-I do know! Lindy is a gift, gorgeous and full of fun~ enJOY!
Thank you~

Dezzy-Thank you for stopping by~

Helen-Thank you~ No loss is a pain that shows up at odd times...You are right!

Yolanda-Thank you! enJOY your little angel-they truly are a gift~
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Seaweed thoughts would be tangled all right.

Ella, I am so very sorry about your pet. That would just crush me. My two black goobers drive me nuts but I love them to pieces.
Ella said…
Hi L.Diane, thank you! Yes, they altered our world in the best ways~

I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said but as a guy who has 4 dogs and 1 cat I think you know how I feel about pets. They're our family, and it's so hard to lose them.

The poem was beautifully written and with just such vivid descriptions. And this is coming from a guy who doesn't usually care for poetry, so that says something.
Wanda said…
Sending you love and hugs my friend. Sorry to hear about your pet.
zubair saleem said…
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Arlee Bird said…
Beautiful poem. Wishing you bright holidays ahead and good times with your family.

Wrote By Rote
Laura said…
I'm so sorry for your loss Ella, it is so painful when a loved one dies, two or four legged… love is love. Your poem is beautiful.
Ella said…
Hi Laura-Wow I was thinking of you! Thank you on all levels~

Lee-Thank you! I wish you the very same! Cheers to goodness in all of your endeavors~

Wanda-Thank you dear friend~

BeerfortheShower-Thank you this means a lot! Enjoy your furry family they are a gift to our souls~
You are kind-thank you~
zubair saleem said…
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