Quotes Illustrated

I have been a fan of Lesley Riley's art, since the day I received her book, Quilted Memories.   She inspired me to see fabric as another art medium and to break the rules. 

 Thank you Lesley!

I am thrilled to be one of the many artists featured  in her new book Quotes Illustrated.   

The book is now available on Amazon

5-star reviews for Quotes Illustrated:

"Thought-provoking. Challenging. Beautiful. Inspiring. A book that combines two of my favorite things—quotations and art—is a sure winner, but this one goes beyond being simply a wonderful book. It will be a timeless source of dreams, a book whose pages demand to be studied over and over to see the artistry, details, imagination, and the sumptuous color. Each page is an adventure for the mind and the eye…and the heart." 
- Karey Bresenhan, Founder International Quilt Market & Festival

"Artists who are the most inspired and the most creative are those who share all that they know with everyone they know. That is what Lesley does always, but especially in her new publication: Quotes Illustrated. On these pages you will find the art and the inspiration to heal, to motivate, to continue, to change direction, to transform, to validate, and to encourage. It is a must for every one on every given day."
- Jo Packham, creator, editor-in-chief of Where Women Create, Where Women Cook, Where Women Create Business

"Who better to curate a book pairing art and quotations than Lesley Riley? The artists' interpretations of their assigned quotes offer fresh perspective on even the most familiar adages. On each page I discovered a favorite artist and message - and then the next page offered a new favorite. What a treasury!"
- Cate Coulacos Prato, editor, Cloth Paper Scissors Today Online Community

"Wow - Lesley has created a delightful book of art and wisdom that is a feast for the eyes and warms the soul. With her artistic flair and love of language, Lesley has put together a book which will become a classic, as well as a cherished keepsake, to be passed down from artists, art lovers, and other creatives to their children, colleagues and friends. It is a gift for the creative spirit, potent with an abundance of inspirations to reflect on today and for years to come."
- Gail McMeekin, best-selling author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women

"With a diverse and eclectic mix of artists and styles, Lesley's book is loaded with inspiration for artists and creatives. No matter what your favorite style of mixed media art is, your creative wheels will be turning!"
- Claudine Hellmuth, illustrator and product designer for the craft, gift and home markets

Thank you Lesley! 


Mark Koopmans said…
Wow! and congrats, Ella :)

That's another feather (dare I say "quill" in your cap :)

PS: Anyone who can make a quilt should earn a medal for patience - so more power to your elbow and your needle :)
kaykuala said…
That's wonderful Ella. A test of talents and efforts with lots of patience thrown in. Great!

You were featured in her book? That's awesome! What piece of yours was featured? Or were there several? Congratulations!
Brian Miller said…
hey that is awesome....congrats...i was hoping to see your page in the book...but then again i guess we have to buy it to see it eh? ha. way cool.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Congrats, Ella! What an honor to go from fan to contributor.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I am absolutely thrilled for you! A wonderful accomplishment! Consider this a virtual toast to your talent! (Do you hear the clink of coffee cups?)
Ella said…
Hi Mary Ann-Thank you so much! It is a piece of art aligned with a quote.
Yes, I will clink coffee with you-and we will be clinking again next year...you must submit again! ;D
Thank you so much~

L.Diane! How are you?! I was thrilled...I haven't seen it yet, but can't wait! Thank you~

Brian-When I get my copy I will share! I haven't seen it yet~
Thank you!

Hi Alex-Just one piece, as far as I know. I haven't seen it....yet!
Mine is library type art-I used old library cards. Thank you so much Captain!

Hank-Thank you! Yes patience to stick with it-never easy is it! I love your paintings-these paired with your poems would make a wonderful book-*hint* ;D

Mark-I love that you used quill! Yes dare say it-lol!
It wasn't a quilt...oh, I dream of making one, but mine would probably be out of paper-stitched poems! Now, that would be unique!
Lesley collects quotes and wanted to do a book that captured the essence of some of her favorite quotes paired with art. There are many art forms used. Some artists used cloth, some painted, some rubber stamping, etc. Thank you so much!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Congrats, Ellie. So many of your art projects make it into magazines these days. Way to go!!!!!! Cant wait to see it!
Poet Laundry said…
Congrats Ella! That's awesome! I'm excited to see your chosen piece. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
Wanda said…
Congratulations Ella. I'm sure you will inspire many. Have a great week.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,


What a great way to celebrate the forthcoming holidays.

ALL the best!!!!!!
Ella said…
Michael-I hope you are feeling better! Wow what a journey you have been on-I loved all that you shared~ I LOVED YOUR POST! Your writing took me there-wonderful! Thank you so much-ATB to you!

Wanda-Thank you so much! Yes, it made my year for sure~ You are sweet~

Jennifer-Thank you! I hope you are doing well~ You are kind!

Sherry-Thank you! Try, try and try again and again ;D It never hurts to submit-the worst case is nothing happens! ;D

Yolanda Renee said…
Congrats! My Grandmother was a quilter and I have her quilting frame. My mom called me last week and asked if I'd like one of her quilts! I can't believe she thought she had to ask! LOL
Looking forward to seeing the other goodies she promised to send too! I cherish all my grandma's belongings - so many memories!
Amanda Trought said…
That is really great, well done Ella, I have been warming to the idea of quilts. It has been a while, thought I would stop by to see what you are up to, pleasantly surprised, blessings and hugs to you, Amanda
shelly said…
Good for you! Congrats Ella!

Hugs and chocolate!
Ella said…
Hi Shelly! Thank you~ I will stop by -I have missed you n' your furry family! Hugs and chocolate to you~

Amanda-I was thinking about you! My art isn't quilt related, but lately I have been thinking about making a poetic quilt. Thank you~ I see you have been quite busy! Your art is beautiful~

Yolanda-Oooh, I am jealous! There is a story in that quilt-how exciting! A parcel of history wrapped in love~ I can't wait to hear more! Thank you~

Grace said…
Congrats Ella ~ so happy for you ~
David List said…
Wow! Very cool. Congratulations!
Ella said…
Hi David, thank you so much!

Hi Grace you are kind-thank you~

Cathrina-Thank you so much!
Lexa Cain said…
That's wonderful! Congratulations! I so want to see what you created - I guess I'll have to get the book (which looks lovely, by the way). :-)
Sherry Ellis said…
Those are some great reviews! Congratulations!
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