Life's Tea Cup

infusion of day  
Mother Nature tips her cup 
morning tea clouds view 
dampened mood pours into blue 
Chamomile syrup drizzles hope

Floral bright notes 
kiss mirrored muse awake 
tangled blue reflection 
dresses mind in a calm wave
dark earth warmed by amber pearl

 I never intended to be away from blogging for so long. I miss all of you! Life has been busy and difficult. My son moved out and is doing well-I miss him. He is the mischievous type and was always pranking us and filling our house with laughter. My daughter has had a week off from school. It was exam week and she only had one exam. We have been busy sorting and cleaning her room, to move her furniture into her brother's old room. We bought curtains and a few pretty things, but since it is a larger space-we have been on the hunt for a few pieces of furniture. I have tried to get her to pick a palate that she can swap out for her college dorm room. Later this year-she will be moving out. I won't say where just yet...we are suppose to find out later this week. There has been lots of sorting, tossing, donating and cleaning. We have been sifting through memories and making art for her new space. She saw a few canvas type quotes she loved and I told her, "we can make those." It feels like Christmas again, shopping and running around trying to find that one of a kind item. I always enjoy my time with her-funny I have nicknames for both of my kids that involve the sun-my daughter is Goldie Locks. My son woke up singing to the sunshine before he could speak.  Yes, they are my sunshine!!  Are you singing...
"You make me happy when skies are gray..."     Yes, you who blog and share your lives are sunshine, too!

 Over in the Garden, Kerry inspired us with the final part of our series on the writing of tanka poetry, brought to us by Dr Hisashi Nakamura   I hoped to post mine sooner, but I am taking advantage of every minute with my daughter- I know how quiet life will be later this year. I need noise and laughter now-January is always a difficult month for me, my father passed this month. My kids never knew him, but I can see both my children have his spirit.   Find your sun, even when the clouds are gray-in the people you love, in their smiles and sharing your heart-it will brighten others and your day, too!  


So one more semester and then the kids will both be gone?
We have missed you, Ella!
Ready for possible snow tonight?
Pealogic said…
Well my last one moves out in less than a month so I know where you're coming from.

A nice cuppa does wonders.
Mary said…
I love the idea of Mother Nature tipping her cup. Glad there is hope in that chamomile syrup.

Glad to see you writing, Ella. I have missed your poetry. Enjoy your time with is hard when the nest is empty indeed.
soon to be an empty nester. a poignant transition for so many parents.

hope your writing will assuage any angst, mi amiga
shelly said…
Love the coffee cup pic. Our children grow so fast. Enjoy your daughter.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Each tanka combines serenity with a touch of melancholy. They are very moving to read.

I, too, will be suffering the empty nest blues at the end of the month.. and a whole lot of stress before then!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"Mother Nature tips her cup...." How I love that! and she does it so generously EVERY DAY! How cool is that? Your kids mean the world to you, I know, so these changes are rather huge. But you have given them such a solid platform of love and laughter to stand on, they will never be far - you will be hearing every detail of their lives as they explore.

Nice to see you writing, kiddo. But making canvases for Angela is fun and more important right now. Let us see them when they're done, okay?
Helen said…
Lovely tanka, Ella. I remover those days when one by one my children flew our coop ... today I have to deal with grandchildren moving into adult lives ... and that's hard too. Enjoy your Goldie Locks!
Michael Di Gesu said…
HI, Ella,

Nice to see you back... Yes, you are ALWAYS missed!

At least you have your kids and fun projects to keep you mind busy...

February is my sad month. Lost my my mom, grandmother, and my parents go married in February.... Not to mention Valentine's day.

SO I really dislike February. And our winter here is KILLING ME. SO COLD, WINDY, SNOWY, and just as horrible a winter one can get.

I want to escape to Florida, but stuck here ... I need to SELL my condo ... This WILL BE my last winter. LOL.

Brian Miller said…
life changes fast doesnt it...oy...enjoy the light and laughter while you have it...i know too that after you will find it as well in new ways, but...
Laura said…
My girls are both home right now but we are in the muddle of the transitional times and it is strange for a Momma… sweet and painful… hope-filled and worrisome.. well complicated… perhaps that is not so for you… just that kind of day for me.
Ella said…
Hi Laura-You described it well! Yes hope and worry all tangled together. I thought I had an ulcer and went to the Dr. I was pregnant. The Dr. said my heartburn would last for 18 yrs-he was wrong-it lasts a lifetime!
I hope you embrace the bitter n' the sweet and know we need both to balance our souls~ I am thinking of you!!

Brian-Thank you and yes I will find it! I am always looking and creating light-whenever I get the chance-as are you!

Michael-Thank you! I do hope you plan to move-put up a map of Florida and start plotting n' planning! I have heard how brutal winters in your neck of the woods can be. Alaska was my brutal-I thought Maine was tough. I am sad n' sorry to hear this! YOU need to create and keep busy! Write stories about somewhere warm, with gorgeous white sand and wonderful memories~ YOU need to be super busy in February, dear friend!

Hi Helen-Thank you! Change is never easy-wow, yes I can see how this would be difficult, too! You are in my thoughts~

Sherry-You are sweet! Thank you~ Yes, it is a new dance-I need quiet to create, but do not want this much quiet. Life is always creating ripples-I will find a way to stay in touch-I am close to both of them!! I will :D

Ella said…
Hi Kerry-Thank you! Yes, there will be plenty of stress. My youngest wants to go to the mountains and will be quite a distance from us. It will be a difficult time. Yes, it is part of the plan, but I didn't see it happening like this~ You are not alone-we can share this phase together~ Thank you!

Shelly-Thank you! Hugs n' Chocolate to you~ They do don't they and we wonder where time flew~

Nene-Yes, a new rites of passage for them and me, too. Yes, it will be a transition-we all have to adapt to change~ Thank you!

Hi Mary-Thank you! Yes, it is hard to watch, but something most of us witness-I am making memories I hope last a lifetime-silly ones, for sure!

Pealogic-Thank you for sharing with me! I hope you will share how it all goes for you~ I am thinking of you~

Hi Alex-Thank you! Yes, I am ready for snow..are you making a Ninja snowman or maybe a mini Ninja lady for Mini Alex!
Susie Clevenger said…
An empty nest/change will have you drinking a bit of melancholy. So glad to have you back. :)
Ella said…
Hello Susie! It is nice to be back~ Yes, I will be drinking a bit of bitter blue sadness, but I know I am not alone~ Thank you!
i'm so glad you're getting this time with your daughter! even though our job as parents is to prepare our children to go out on their own, actually letting go is one of the hardest things we have to do, don't you think? yet they will always remain our "babies" and our relationships with them as adults can be quite fulfilling as well.

my granddaughter is 16 now, just got her driver's license and went grocery shopping for me 4 days later! i'm hoping i might get to see a little more of her until she goes off to college in two years.

i hope 2014 is a wonder-filled year for you, Ella! *hugs*

Anonymous said…
sweet and melancholy. best wishes on the gravity you've been feeling ~
Wanda said…
Savor all the moments you can with that sweet goldie lock child of yours Ella. The months will go by fast.
Johanna Garth said…
Your poem was beautiful. So glad to see you posting. Was just scrolling through the reading list, hoping to see you and some of your beautiful pictures. :)
Yolanda Renee said…
You don't need to apologize - life with family always takes precedence! Although I know what you mean - keeping up with what's going on, being part of the 'community' here, it's family too!

Be well!
Mary Ann Potter said…
A beautiful poem, Ellen --- soon our wintry world will indeed be warmed by that "amber pearl." Yes, I have missed your posts but realize the importance of family. Think of these things like a cup of tea jiggling just a little on its saucer. That happens without spoiling or spilling the tea! Sending hugs your way.