Mary Poppins Steampunk Poem

Mary Poppins goth
Spoonful of sugar-not
Agave blue nectar for you
Paleo for dinner
Bert sprays paint
 makes graffiti on Sesame Street
when his band isn't performing
You don't like
then go fly a kite!


A Disney do over
Sugar n' spice 
Burgundy sun paints new 
day-where's my umbrella

CinderElla is that you?!
About time you left the Prince
He had a thing with that Pumpkin
guy, Peter-
Bert is on Sesame Street
hemmed in by youth

 Mary Contrary
back to your world 
of fog n' rainbows
blurring the lines of steam trains
and future's window
let's have a spot of tea
on my Chamomile carpet
tell me the future
in Lemongrass tea leaves
steeped in 'double quick time'
any elements of fun?
You are "soldier in a petticoat"
this is your look now....
spit-spot  yes-time for tea
Must check the weather first...
winds in the east

Mary Poppins is that YOU?

Fireblossom challenged us to write about a piece of clothing!  I kinda went over the top-let's blame my sinus infection for my futuristic view.  I haven't seen the movie Saving Mr. Banks, but I must say
steampunking Mary Poppins would be fabulous~


Mary said…
I don't understand the concept of "steampunk" but I loved your Mary Poppins poem. Also smiled at "CinderElla." I am sure she would like her future told in those Lemongrass tea leaves. (Wouldn't we all?)
Ella said…
Hi Mary and a Chamomile carpet would be kinda fun! It is blending old world with the future. Yes, we now need tea! Thank you~
Let your dark, steampunk side go, Ella! Really dug this.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love this mix of beloved fictional characters! You bring your own brand of fantasy to this challenge, Miss Ella.
Fireblossom said…
Oh no you didn't! I love steampunk and the idea of a SP Mary Poppins is crazy and fantastic. Love it!
Brian Miller said…
ha. that is cool...def would be fun to steampunk her and several disney characters, give them a fresh coat of paint and all new adventures....
Anonymous said…
Saving Mr Banks is a good film - Emma Thompson is smashing.

As is your steampunk Mary Poppins. Love it ~
Gillena Cox said…
well crafted, nice photo accompaniments

much love
Helen said…
When you are feeling 100%, run see "Saving Mr. Banks" ... enchanting film. Though not as enchanting as your poetry.
gabrielle said…

Ella, what a delirious transformation of Disney through your unique lens. You have drolly unmasked the dark underbelly of sanctioned treacle through your unique lens. I particularly enjoyed your imprimatur of the CinderElla story.

Sorry you happened to trigger my intense dislike for the Disney brand but I love your poem.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! first the idea of a steam punk Mary Poppins is so original and supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!

and i laughed out loud at
"CinderElla is that you?!
About time you left the Prince
He had a thing with that Pumpkin
guy, Peter-"

brilliant writing, Ella!

feel better soon, dear.
Spoonful of sugar not :)
Haven't seen you in ages so I thought I'd drop by, dear
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That's one tough Mary Poppins.
Cynthia said…
Happy new year, Ella! I feel we haven't connected in awhile.

Great poems. They make me think of nursery rhymes for the adult audience. Love!

Your references to flavor put me in the mood for some tea and Thai food.
shelly said…

Love, loved these!
This is a Disney story I can get behind. I always thought Cinderella was too much of a pushover. Now she's pretty badass. Well done!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Great stuff, Ellen! Plenty of smiles here!
Michael Di Gesu said…
HI, Ella.

This was GREAT....Love the tone and pics. Well done. At least you can function with a sinus infection. I have bouts of sinus problems from time to time and I can't function nearly as well.

I'd go with this idea for a great FANFICTION piece.

BTW SAVING Mr. Banks was awesome. I really enjoyed it!
Poet Laundry said…
Oh yeah!! Steampunk Poppins! You are indeed creative! Love how you put "Ella" in there too. I saw the movie last week...and I agree with Michael (grapeling).
Bossy Betty said…
You go, girl! Loved the challenge and you did a great job with it.
Ella said…
Hi Bossy Betty! Thank you...I will be by-you are kind~

Poet Laundry-I so want to see this movie-perhaps this weekend! Thank you for sharing with me! Yes, I do think it would be fun to see ;D

Hi Michael-Thank you-that is a great idea! I so want to see this movie-Tom Hanks never disappoints! Thank you for sharing~

Ella said…
Hi Mary Ann-I can't wait to see how your miniature bookstore comes along! I love the name and the whole idea :D

A Beer in the Shower-Yes, those Disney chicks do need to toughen up a bit-at least to compete with the evil they always seem to encounter. A lot of sweet n' sour in those flicks-damn now I am craving Chinese food and beer!! Thank you~

Hi Shelly-Thank you and hugs to you!

Cynthia-Your blog looks fab! Sorry I made you hungry-did you go order Thai?! Nice to see you again~ Thank you!

L.Diane-Yes, I can see her blending a lot of old and new ideas. No, they won't be flying a kite-lol

Dezzy-Yes, we all need some sweet! I have missed you-crazy in my world-I will be by!

Ella said…
I'll be back to finish comments! I have a new lap top and it is everything is backwards?!