aMUSing Time Out

On Sunday, Margaret inspired us with her gorgeous photos of southern homes and asked us to write a poem.  I have tried three times and am still having difficulty.   Somehow the Girl Scouts, a tea party in a sea captain's home and my family all tangled together.  I will share in my next post-so many parallels in one's family- if you just look.  I have to run errands-I guess we have a storm brewing.  I hope the sun is out in your neck of the woods.  Today I am just going to share a simple time out I do to keep my muse happy.   I will be back with my odd home connections.  It is a story with tea, Polio and a captain lost at sea-true story!  

My  hound discovered his friend Mr. Turtle playing hide n' go seek!   Miss Rabbit was out the day before, and I saw a Robin on Sunday.  Yes, the stirrings of spring are poking out or maybe I should say hopping about!  And the Toads were partying Saturday night-loud n' proud in my back yard croaking a chorus filled with cheer.

I have been playing with Tape Tranfers-simple, but makes for a quick art project that makes my muse smile.  Sometimes she plays tug of war with me and this happy accident seems to be enough of a bribe- until I can make time for an art binge.   Yes, I bribe my inner child!

Take clear packing tape and capture an image in a magazine or catalog.  Cut the tape out and soak it in a  bowl of warm tap water.   Let it set for a few minutes-now remove the tape and place on paper towels.  Now you will want to rub the image off the back of the tape. It takes a bit of work, but worth the time n' effort. 

Yes, it takes a bit of patience, but the image will come off.   Set it to drive on paper towels or napkins, but not for too long.  The sticky will come back, when the image dries.  I set them for a few minutes, than reverse the image.

See the paper is coming off-this is the back part of the tape.  I was inspired by the stirrings of spring and thought I would use Daffodils. I must go look out in the yard and see if mine have bloomed.  I did see their green arms arching towards the sunlight-last time I looked. 

Oh, there is still more paper to rub off-but you get the idea.  

Wanna see what I made?

I took a book, which had torn out pages...yes, a Velveteen Rabbit type book- I didn't want to part with it.    So, instead I made art!  I love how the words come through the image.  White creates a resist.

You can layer several pieces of tapes over each other to create an ethereal effect.  This is an inexpensive way to make an unique card!

I am going to capture the girl with her arms out like a bird- okay plane.  

Cut the image or images out and soak in the bowl of warm water!

This piece isn't quite done.  I layered the girl on a book page, then added scrapbook elements and some Washi tape.  Yes, let your muse tug your hand and make time to play-every day-it will save your soul!


Wow! Something I never would've thought to do. Your creations turned out beautiful.
A little sun here and there, but more rain coming here. At least no snow.
Brian Miller said…
that is such a cool process...i hav seen it done but never tried it myself...thanks for the visual walk through the process though...i may try it with my boys...they will get a kick out of it...
Mary said…
You are just so talented, Ella. I am glad that your inner child was able to be bribed! What a fun project...with a beautiful result.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your art is so unique and beautiful and you think of things that would never occur to most of give instructions but I still have no idea how you did this - but the results are so beautiful! Wow, kiddo. You have a gift!
Heaven said…
Cool art process Ella ~ Never thought of doing that to the pictures ~ Happy week ~

L. Diane Wolfe said…
How much rubbing does it take to get the image off? Those are beautiful.

We've had a snapping turtle and a box turtle in our yard. I didn't get too close to the snapper.
Ella said…
L. Diane-It depends on the paper. Magazines take a bit more rubbing, but I did discover a catalog image came off clear and beautiful! Thank you!
Wow, you were smart and I know your cats would stay away, too. We have had both in our yard before-but not. How big was the Box Turtle?

Grace-Happy week to you! It is a simple craft that would enhance a note or poem. Thank you~

Sherry-You could do this! It just makes an image stand out if layered and of course those magic words are added ;D Thank you~

Mary-Thank you! Yes, life sometimes frustrates my muse and this prevent the tug of war-lol!
Thank you so much Mary!

Hi Brian-Yes, think of the Sunday funnies or a cool car in a magazine..they would have fun moving the image! Let me know if they try~ Thank you

Alex-Thank you! I didn't see the sun until it settled for bed. Happy she was visiting you :D