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Kenia gave us a list to inspire poetry.  She was inspired by one of her favorite books.  Have you read it?  

It was very gray this morning,  I thought I might have fun trying to capture a mood with the light and my daughter's roses.   My daughter is a fan of pink-she announced at the tender age of three-she was going to grow up and have pink hair.  I see pink and am always reminded of this conversation and how much it tickles me.  Yes I am Tickled Pink.    She hasn't dye it yet,  her favorite color is now transformed to a 
peachy pink. 

Memory's Gift

Pewter sky kisses milkweed clouds
painting a fence of curious
 crows around my heart's yellow pages
droplets of rain pool 
casting resin glaze
over puzzled green eyes
ever-present  ruby edges remain
like licorice and bricks
dusting parched lips 
with spring water 
lipid gray stones tumble downhill
of blue scratches sky's muse
golden threads last chance
to paint landscape with
 mountains of Red Delicious peelings.

©Ellen Wilson


Beautiful, Ella!
No peach-pink hair yet?
It was beyond gloomy here this morning - more like the thunderstorm from hell.
shelly said…
Love your experiment with the roses! Glad your daughter doesn't have the need to go pink. Lovely poem! The book looks like a really strange read.

Hugs and chocolate!
Wanda said…
The photos of the roses are gorgeous as are your words Ella.
Mama Zen said…
Marvelous, Ella! I love the Red Delicious peelings.
Johanna Garth said…
As always, a lovely combination of words and photos. I wonder if she'll ever surprise you with bright pink hair.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your rose photos are stunning, especially the one by the window - you are such an artist, Ellie, and you create so much beauty with your way of seeing. Love the tea banner too. I love the poem: "pewter sky kisses milkweed clouds" - your imagery is always so original and fresh - unexpected. Cool. Love "my heart's yellow pages".
hedgewitch said…
A very striking use of color, and a vivid picture painted.
Brian Miller said…
great job with the colors in this ella...imagery as well...a very visual piece for me too...a cool book....i have read it....
Sam Edge Author said…
these opening lines are stunning.

Pewter sky kisses milkweed clouds
painting a fence of curious
crows around my heart's yellow pages
Fireblossom said…
This is sweet and soft.
M Pax said…
I dyed my hair pink on the weekends when I lived in NYC. I had to bleach it first. It started breaking off from being too dry, so I had to stop. :)

Beautiful photography and poetry. Thanks for sharing it, Ella.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I haven't posted a poem in awhile! I hurried and can see my mistakes-anxious to be a blogger once again!

Mary-I can see you! YOU are so adorable-I bet you looked gorgeous!
You have beautiful features-me I would have to dye mine blue. I use to have blue highlights once upon a time ;D Thank you for sharing!

Kenia Cris said…
Ella, it's great to see you back and I'm really honored to have you writing to my prompt. Thanks, this is a dance of colors. Love it. <3
Gail said…
Your photos and words are beautiful.
Helen said…
Your poetry overflows with color and a very sweet vibrancy.
Ella said…
Helen-Thank you! It wasn't at first where I was going, but I went with it~ You are sweet~

Gail-Thank you! Yes, daughter was surprised when I showed her the photos ;D

Kenia-It is nice that you are back! Fun prompt and I am going to have to read your fav book!
Thank you, it is nice to write again!

Fireblossom-Thank you! You should of seen the bitter poem I wrote first-perhaps for another day!

Sam-Thank you! I am happy you are a Toad~ You are kind!

Brian-Thank you! Nice to hear you have read this book~ I will check it out-thank you!

Hedge-Thank you! I enjoyed the dance! I loved yours-so epic!

Sherry-You always warm my heart! Thank you~ Funny, I thought of the commercial with the finger walking the yellow pages after I wrote it, but that was not my intent-lol!
Fragile, brittle yellowed pages~
You are sweet! Some day we will have tea by the sea!~

Susie Clevenger said…
Gorgeous photography and words...Pink hair? I couldn't complain if my daughter's had dyed their hair pink..When I was young they didn't have all the hair coloring products they have now. They had these cheap capsules that contained temporary color. I bought some that I thought would make my hair a paler blond. I ended up with orange hair!! No one in the small community where I grew up had ever seen orange hair...leave me to show it tho them. :)
Ella said…
Johanna-I don't think she will! I could see her having red hair like her Dad, but pink isn't likely anymore! I'm blaming it on Barbie-lol! I love your hair~ Thank you!

MZ-Thank you! I am craving apples these days ;D

Wanda-Thank you! I had fun playing with light n' shadows!

Yes, Shelly I don't want to see shocking pink-lol! Thank you!

Alex-Sorry to hear about the storms! I hope Mini-Alex wasn't scared! Crazy weather...wait until this weekend-lol
Yes, my girl is a peach and I'm tickled pink ;D Thank you~
your pics are beautiful and your words are fresh and tantalizing.

look forward to your blogging

hope you're well

gracias, mi amiga
Lolamouse said…
Gorgeous photos, Ella! I love the way "licorice and bricks" sounds! The colors in this poem are so affecting. I put a pink hair extension in my hair a couple of years ago for breast cancer awareness-my teen daughter was mortified!
Ella said…
Lolamouse-It is fun when we beat them to the punch! I was dancing in a parking lot and reminded who I was. I kept dancing... ;D
I want visual reds sweet and tough.
I love this story! Thank you LOLAMOUSE for being you!

Nene or Marco-Do you have a nickname?! Thank you so much! I have missed it-I have written stuff, but it didn't feel finished. Thank you so much! You are very kind!

Susie-YOU trend setter you! You remind me of a gal who had dirty blonde hair, more dark than blonde. She bought a product to lighten it-clown orange is what she ended up with. You could find her in a crowd-I think she enjoyed her fame after the initial shock wore off. I bet you rocked it!~
Thank you!
Grace said…
I specially like pewter sky and these:

to paint landscape with
mountains of Red Delicious peelings.

Love that entire piece Ella ~
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Ella, I love the textures you captured in those photos. I wonder how they would look in B&W?
Kay L. Davies said…
Fabulous photos, dear Ella. You have a great eye.
And the poem...I was loving it, and then I came to the best part...the ending "with mountains of Red Delicious peelings"...I grew up in hilly orchard country in British Columbia, and I loved nothing more than the scent of a freshly-cut Red Delicious apple.
Seth said…
These are all such beautiful images. Gorgeous macro photography.
gabrielle said…

I love the peach colored memories that the grey morning evoked:

“painting a fence of curious
crows around my heart's yellow page”
what a lovely image!

The red cascade of chosen words across the page was especially effective.
humbird said…
I love your words flowing stream, roses peachy pink like in dreams...metamorphosis of mother-daughter link... ~ Much Love :)x
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is a wonderful piece, Ella, filled with the warmth of love and memories. I love the yellow pages of the heart and the red delicious peelings.
Carol Maryott said…
I love this post. Wish I could pin it.
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Anonymous said…
luscious pen and images, Ella ~
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