Life has been Cuckoo

My life has been extremely busy and with all that has happened the past few months.  I guess I needed time away to spiral inward.   Sometime I will share a bit about the chaos or the eye of the storm, but for now I miss you, your words and view on life.   It is spitting snow again and I have errands to tend to-when I return I will try to play catch up.  I owe many of you a visit.  I have been writing like a ninja, while nursing my cold and trying to regain my rhythm.  It was thrown off by several events that required my time and attention.  

For now, I want to share with you a wisdom that I discovered this week.  My hound taught me:

"You can teach an old dog new tricks!"

My hound didn't die, when I told you I lost a pet it was my fish.  I didn't say what pet, but it was my fish, Dante.  He was special-a ooak type of fish.  It is hard to explain unless you witnessed the way he acted and reacted.  He loved school, art and poetry-I miss him.

A red cardinal has been dropping by on my deck and in my yard and I wanted a photo.  He is a plump beauty and skittish of any movement.  Other birds stop by my deck and seem quite bold and brave strutting around, but not him.  So, I was having a cup of tea and thought I would stick a tea cup out on the deck-with some seed I had purchased.  A square of wild bird seed coated with honey was the treat I offered.  I broke the block in chunks.   My hound was watching the tea party with fascination-so I thought.   Irritation is more like it!

See how plump Red is!  I discovered he chases off the other birds, who came to the party. 
  Red is a bully!

Underdog had seen enough of this bad behavior and stole the rest of the seed.  Now, here is where it gets iffy:  Did he take it so the other birds could have their snack or was he curious about the treat and wanted it for himself.  How dare I feed anyone else, but him!   

Guess what?!

My hound likes bird seed.  He did bury it, but went back out and dug it up.  I saw the other birds eating it, after he had taken a sample.  His face was covered in bird seed when he came back inside.  
Yes, an old dog is still curious, will try new food and will right the wrongs in the animal world.  
Where is Sweet Polly Purebred in this tale?!   

Actually our neighbor- next door has two hounds, Daisy and Duke.  Another neighbor has a beagle named Isabelle.  Sweet Polly is on assignment!  Perhaps she will visit soon~


Suzanne Furness said…
Sometimes life takes us like that, take some time for yourself. Love the red bird and cheeky hound!
Mary Ann Potter said…
I loved the shot of Underdog stealing the birdseed. Lucky the farm dog went about on the icy ground this morning and he proceeded to eat the two-grain scratch that the chickens like; Vic watched him pick out the corn! We're good here --- the power never went out, and our soapstone wood stove keeps us even cozier. We don't have to go anywhere. Home is good. Glad you're doing better. Inward spirals can be a good thing. That way you won't feel like you have to be all things to all people! Take care, my friend.
Dogs like bird seed - who knew?
We have a lot of cardinals around right now. They must like the snow and cold.
I hope you can beat the cold and regain your rhythm. We have indeed missed you.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love this post, Ella. Nothing like an old dog, to steal one's heart.
Brian Miller said…
ha. too cute...taking the birdseed and burying it...ha....glad he ended up sharing with the birds...and that you did not lose your pups...that is hard stuff....
Kay L. Davies said…
What a wonderful story, Ella, and with photos. Old dogs do learn new tricks, 'tis true. Stealing the treat from the cardinal and sharing it with the other birds. I love it.
Our old dog is learning to cope with becoming blind. Not something we ever wanted her to have to learn, but she's a trouper.
I hope you are feeling well soon. Hug your dog, because a dog hug is better than any medicine known to man.
Love, K
Sherry Blue Sky said…
The cardinal is SO BEAUTIFUL. But I most love your dog, stealing the treat, burying it to have later, then coming in with his face covered in seeds. Our horse, who likes to purport she is underfed, gets caught with her head in the bird feeder more than a few times. She looks so funny lipping up the seed, silly goose. Dont worry about being behind, Ellie. We are all always behind......just jump back in in the middle of Now, it'll be fine. What is that intriguing shape and color on your banner? it is striking.
Yolanda Renee said…
We've had three birds in our enclosed porch - looking for warmth I think. Love Red, even if he's a bully.

So glad you're feeling better - finding your balance. I too have been away and making other things a priority. Will have to for awhile, but love to come back and check in. Miss everyone, especially you!
Ella said…
Yolanda-I feel the same way! You are have a nature heart-I know this because of how you felt about Alaska. I loved it there, too~ I will stop by and see what I have missed. Maybe it is the time of year and all the crazy weather. I too have been so busy I wonder how I blogged so much before?! I miss you, too!

Sherry-It is my front door. I zoomed in on it-my husband said he knew I would like it because of the flower. Yes, it was sweet-I need to remember more of those moments. I added the hearts. Thank you-I love the horse story-I can see it-lol! I think my dog and your horse know a good thing, when they see it-I would love to see a horse in a bird feeding having a treat! Thank you~

Kay-I am sad to hear Lindy is struggling! I see my hound is starting to get cataracts. Gosh, it is hard to see our pets age, us too! Thank you Kay-(hugs to you and Lindy)

Brian-Thank you! Yes, animals do amaze us-don't they~ I will be by I have missed your poetry and dVerse! I hope you n' yours are well~

Kerry-Thank you! I will be jumping back in the garden-I have written stuff, but it seemed off. I have missed you and all the Toads! I hope to catch up on some of the wonder I missed!~ Thank you Kerry! :D

Ella said…
Hi Alex-I hope Ninjas like snow?!
Did you get a lot up your way? I traded snow for snakes-so I was told when I moved here- Oh, I love that you have seen a lot of cardinals~ I have missed your posts, too! I bet you have been very busy-Thank you Alex! Yeah, who knew hounds and horses like bird seed?!

Mary Ann-I am happy you are warm and doing well! You do sound cozy-
I love your new photo-so cute! Lucky is a character, too! Thank you-yes, sometimes inner spirals help us regain our focus~ I hope you are busying creating your mini book store :D

Suzanne-Thank you! Yes, sometimes life zaps us-I am okay! I hope you are doing well! Yes, the bird is gorgeous and gotta love a cheeky hound-thank you!

Ella, i too lost a fish, Azur (dark shimmering blue) not so long ago. he was quite responsive to my voice and finger tapping.

i have many cardinals that come visit my many bird feeders i have place logistically on my front and back lawns. this, so i can observe them ninja like through my windows.

hope your back and ok from your distractions that may or may not have been of your own, 'hand'.

welcome back, you were missed, mi amiga
Mary said…
Glad to see you blogging, Ella. Amazing that your dog likes birdseed. But then again, it seems dogs may enjoy anything that is meant for 'someone else' whether it be a human or a bird. Enjoyed all of your photos. Cardinal IS beautiful.
Ella said…
Marco-I am sad about your fish! I imagine him being so beautiful and graceful~ Thank you for sharing with me. I missed you, too! Yes, it was not of my own hand, but life has a way of planting detours~ Smiles to you! enJOY those Cardinals~

Mary-Thank you! I have missed you-yes, Red does dazzle my yard. I wanted to capture him against snow-no luck yet! Stay warm-it has been a wicked winter!
Vicki Sheehan said…
i've missed you ellen. sometimes life throws us a bit too much at once. be'll find your way again. love the picture of your dog claiming his "prize" : )
shelly said…
Loved this! Love the cardinal.