Swirl of Blue

I'll be back to share my sea captain story-on Friday.  I started a poem earlier but became stuck- I need to go walk, get out of my head.  It was sleeting outside-tiny white hail which looks like Styrofoam pellets pummeling my deck and lawn.  It is bone chilling outside-the southern's humidity is seeping into my bones.

Susie enticed us to watch Pink's performance and write a poem.  It gave me goosebumps-many ideas came to mind, but I went with the first one.  As I was writing I had a special guest visit me, a   gorgeous Bluebird-I have seen them from a distance, but never on my deck.

You circle me in
a swirl of marine blue
fragile winter violets
feather my hands
as your heavy lids catch snow
we embrace n' twirl
like children in a sea of fur branches
while Blue watches us
as daylight's glitter shines

A happy accident
10:10 arrival
 threaded lace n' oyster's pearls
I twirl the ring on my finger
it circles wind's whispers
as harvest light dangles
our promise
in a sliver of silver.

Here is Pink's performance-breathtaking!


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the visitation of the beautiful bluebird.......today I saw two eagles overhead - such a treat! Beautiful poem, the twisting of the ring, "our promise", the "silver of silver".........
Sam Edge Author said…
this has a dream-like quality
The moment of engagement!
That was an amazing performance, especially considering she's not a spring chicken anymore.
Brian Miller said…
like children in a sea of fur branches...smiles...your little bird made a bit of an impression on you....lovely verse....and great song...
Kerry O'Connor said…
The blue bird and the red cardinal - two birds I hope to see one day. Your poem is quite magical.
Helen said…
This is quite lovely ... fur branches ~ I will look at snowy trees differently now.
shelly said…
Hi, Ella. Love the bird pic. Love your poem.
Oh! LOVE this. I used "silver" and "sliver," too.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I am having issues with blogger, but will comment in the morning~ Sweet dreams y'all!
Susan said…
The snow on the eyelashes and the ring round the finger resonate in this magic moment. No wonder the bluebird of happiness showed up!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Beautiful! I think that just became the bluebird of love.
Susie Clevenger said…
My goodness this is so beautiful, magical. I can't pick a favorite part because I would just recopy the entire piece. Your visitation of the bluebird strikes me on a personal level. I am from Missouri and the bluebird is the state bird. When my dad passed away I had a bluebird peck at my window until I went and stood in front of it to acknowledge its presence. A day later a male and female came to the window...I believe in signs and I believe it was my mom and dad letting me know they were together to watch over me. Ella, thank you so much for writing the lovely piece for the challenge. Please forgive me for my late response.
Ella said…
Susie-You arrived at the perfect time. Yesterday, I was reading a book, while in bed icing a back injury. In the book-it mentions butterflies being a sign. This passage reminded me of the day my father told me to look for a sign-he appeared to me in a dream. We use to sing that song,'Sign, sign everywhere a Sign'-when I was a preteen. He died in the 80's and I hadn't dreamed of him-at all. It was around the 4th of July, I had been diagnosed with thyroid disease. The gland is shaped like a butterfly. The dream haunted me a bit-so real and vivid. I still can remember this dream like I had it yesterday. The night of the 4th a friend of mine asked my family and I-if we wanted to go out on his boat to see the fireworks. We went-the fireworks were beautiful like glittering rain. I saw a butterfly not fluttering, but a butterfly firework-I thought I was seeing things-but a friend yelled, "it's shaped like a butterfly." I knew I had my sign! I believe and also look for signs. I wrote this out yesterday after reading this paragraph and here you are today telling me about signs! Your words are a sign for me~ (hugs) and thank you!
Ella said…
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