Flowers in the Garden

In the Imaginary Garden, Margaret encouraged us to write about flowers.  I adore flowers. I have green thumbs-but am related to green fingers.  I nicknamed my mother Miss Rhumpius aka the Lupine Lady, except my mother plants Cosmos in her world.   I was going to write about the glorious Moonflowers-but I have done that a couple of times. My birth month flower is the Lily of the Valley. I love its heady perfume, but in the Zodiac site-Margaret shared with us, I am a Poppy.

Gypsy Spell

 Twirling my papery boho skirt
I taste Sangria
 wind caresses my brown shoulders
plaited velvet green  
hair swings 
 as tonic takes my hand
into the Blackberry night
rain drums new tune
-I sway
away from grey magic arms
missing my golden Evil eye
memory climbs towards
electric blue blanket
gathered charms
enchant my spell
heart shaped roots cling
white dove appears
gliding kite like
I make a wish
as day's essential oil
steeps my soul's tea
"Then lightening strikes
maybe once, maybe twice..."


Mama Zen said…
Lovely imagery, Ella!
Brian Miller said…
cool flash of the skirt up front....and i like the essential oils seeping in as well...

i am a morning glory - eye for detail, makes sense...smiles...happy saturday
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such wonderful sensory indulgences!
hedgewitch said…
There is nothing more ethereal or wild as a poppy, and you capture that so well here in the opening, then bring us out to the gypsy campfire for a healing dance. I love the song you picked, and I love cosmos and poppies. Really enjoyed this, Ella.
shelly said…
Your poem described the partying poppy to a t. Couldn't get the video to run.

Hugs and chocolate,
Poet Laundry said…
A lovely poem Ella. I especially like your opening and closing lines. And those photos are delicious the vibrant color!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella...

Love the spring and FLOWERS as well. We share the Lily of the Valley... April babies LOVE the spring! I just wish it would hit Chicago soon. We are still in the 30's... Tomorrow 50's hopefully.

I saw a cardinal today, so the spring should be here soon!

Beautiful poem and imagery. You are always so creative!
Sue Marrazzo said…
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Making a magical wish! Very colorful, Ella. I wonder what flower is February?
Mary Ann Potter said…
Color, color, color. Loved it. And I loved the skirt imagery as well. Fleetwood Mac - excellent choice! I think all artists are a particular type of gypsy...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the heart-shaped roots and the white dove.
Grace said…
Divine spell ~ Love the heart-shaped roots and tea, very refreshing read Ella ~
Margaret said…
,,,into the Blackberry night (all those colors recede …)

and you bring them back with music and spells! I adore this gypsy poem.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone so much! I had a road trip-I will return and comment and visit you~ I hope everyone is seeing signs of spring~