Hedgewitch's Turn: Get Listed

Hedge invited us to use symbols in our poetry and gave us a list of words-we must use five words from her  list.  

""Our soul, as our bodyis composed of all elements that have existed in the lineage of our ancestors. The "new" in the individual soul is are combinationinfinitely variedof extremely old components "  - C. G. Jung 

C.G. Jung, frontispiece, 1964 edition, Man and His Symbols
The Challenge: 

“Words are animals, alive with a will of their own”
―C.G. Jung
Now, without any further incursions into the world of psychoanalysis and its complexities and jargon on my part, I'd like us to attempt to dig into the world of mind and symbol, and write about something that comes from 'under the hood' of our conscious thought process. The piece should deal with the world of dreams, the mind,  symbols or the unconscious. It may retell an archetypal myth. It may be about a specific dream. It may be about sanity or madness, or it may explore and focus on any one or more of the symbols shown in these pictures or on a personally meaningful one. 


fragile whispers
curl like leaves
under the chess table
an anchored angel
has dipped her wings
in indigo wine
 I stay afloat
my head bobbing in cool blue velvet
- I jump
cryptic keys like skeleton fingers
drip gray chimes on my brow
inkling-I'm never alone

sinking inward
my wheel moves
married thoughts
spinning oscillated threads
I weave pale pink
edges into my art
the polished mirror
 mocks me-
my collective game.

 Beyond the looking glass
my rain coat drips a puddle of ink
I spin n' twirl
my boundaries fragile
faded Honeysuckle perfume
and Apple Jack tobacco visits
instilled crow eyes lurk
watching my boundaries
 a fragile veil
moves as the cosmic filter opens
ivories are tickled
and play happy boundaries 
  years appear in
-oscillating film clips
a parade of collective smiles, nods and frowns
frozen in sepia petals
my dream floats onto a page
I see dashes and dots
zigzag memories
I stitch golden threads
Cloud People watch
their silver smiles glide
into my day-as I

©Ellen Wilson


Brian Miller said…
i like that beyond the looking glass stanza...the dancing rain slinging off your coat...smiles...there on the edge of consciousness....as you come back to the land of the living...
Susie Clevenger said…
This is beautiful...I love your dream state when awakening to morning
Kerry O'Connor said…
Wow, Ella! This poem is amazing - full of your signature imagery and inspiring thoughts. The words sing along each line.

These were my favourite lines:

Beyond the looking glass
my rain coat drips a puddle of ink..
Grace said…
What a dream of a dream Ella ~ I love the colors and stitching of the words ~
Ella said…
Hi Grace-Thank you! I wish we could dream spring-I would love to stitch more yellow into my day~ I hope you are seeing signs in your world!

Kerry-Thank you! I struggled with my dream-a bit! There have been so many epic and beautiful poems-from this challenge~ You are kind!

Susie-Thank you! Yes, the Cloud People helped me out on this one-lol.

Brian-Thank you! Yes, I need some cleansing rain-don't we all-winter has been a bear!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That was beautiful and thoughtful. As a single line, beyond the looking glass conveys so much. There are so many dreams I wish I could really enter.
Anonymous said…
Hey Ella--this has such a wonderful dream like feel as if seen through a scrim--a kind of blur that is also very specific and heartfelt. Really enjoyed this dream visit. Thanks much. K.
hedgewitch said…
I really loved this, Ella. The very first lines seem to carry us into the world where dream and conscious mind begin working together--that is, where art begins. Your mood is light and misty, yet your images are clear and speak your points exquisitely. I especially like
"..my dream floats onto a page
I see dashes and dots
zigzag memories
I stitch golden threads
Cloud People watch
their silver smiles glide
into my day-as I

Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for participating.
Wanda said…
The photo and your words marry together beautifully.