Inner Wild

Margaret shared gorgeous photos with us-over in the Garden.   Her photos are visual poetry.  This one reminded me of home.  We had to chose a challenge previously done-Margaret calls it Play It Again.  I chose #3 Sherry's  release your Inner Wild Woman or Man challenge.

Into blue's portal
I twirl my white tulle gown
horizon's arms hug
 my imaginary gray garden

Ribbons of day fussy my muse's hair
illumination yellow paints
my black n' blue corners

I cling towards spirit's message
honoring my path
I focus on blue highway

Magic arrives in wing's whispers
swirling notes of shadows
peck time's worn door

Cautionary wonder bleeds
gold into field of daisies
I pick, pluck
and discover
"right hat on the right head is poetry"

My poem is about how nature inspires me.  I wear it in my mind's eye daily!
This quote I discovered in a book called, A Perfect Fit.  It was a thrift shop find and the quote is from Abby Hedge Coryett, a woman who wrote The New York Times, complaining about big hats.  It made me think about the differences of opinion-and what I love to wear most is my imagination.


Ella said…
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Ella said…
Hi Alex! I will be by to visit you~
I'm having internet issues-so slow-the wind here is faster than my internet connection?! Hope you are doing well-thank you~
Ella said…
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Kerry O'Connor said…
This is such an energetic poem, Ella. Somehow you have managed to infuse so much movement into your lines. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for poetry, and these photos shared among us is such a gift to focus writing.
Herotomost said…
Wow that was really fantastic...and the explanation after was equally so. Its nice to see into the life of other Toads a bit, I almost always like what I see. This writing made me happy.
Brian Miller said…
ha. yes it is...
def like the energy in this....and the blue on...smiles.
kaykuala said…
A lot of movements here.Ladies'hats have always been fascinating items to me. Useful additional info too! Great write Ella!

Mary said…
Nature is always a wonderful inspiration. Nice~
Susan said…
You've drawn a vivid portrait--Renoir-like swirl of white cloth and color and flowers with the muse's grass and daisy fields of wonder. I like it!
humbird said…
Beautiful poem!
Kay L. Davies said…
She wrote to the newspaper to complain about big hats? I love it. Don't you wish you could interview her about the where and the why and the who?
Love your poem, Ella, it's like you...bright and full of enthusiasm.
Luv, K
shelly said…
Beautiful poem. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful picture.

Hugs and chocolate!
Renee said…
Love your poem! I love the line "peck time's worn door".
Margaret said…
..white tulle gown (I just googled images for this and OMG) just a perfect opening line.

"cling towards spirit's message"… the use of swirling (back to the dress:) … just a perfect poem for spring and to top it off with the image of poetry being the perfectly fitting hat - how fun is that?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this, Ellie....the blue highway, the pecking at time's worn door......Fave line: "I cling towards spirit's message honoring my path." A wonderful poem!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Beautiful, Ellen, and I especially loved the color imagery. The white tulle gown was perfect here, very artistic. Good to see you posting again. I know that I know that I know, etc. that you're feeling so much better. Hallelujah!
Heaven said…
I love the colors and that ending, using our imagination ~ And love your header, so bright and welcoming, smiles ~

Yolanda Renee said…
Lovely! So nice to come back online and see such lovely words! I was going to say thanks for sharing but that's what you do! Thank you!
Ella said…
Hi Yolanda-I have missed you! Life has been a bit crazy-issues on and off line! I will be by-I hope you are doing well! ATB Thank you~
Sagheer said…
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