Jar of HeARTS

Hubby mentioned maybe we should downsize the board games- up in the attic.  I agreed and told him I could find a use for them.   I love Mason Jars and decided to use some of the older game pieces to decorate the lids.  I will be making more, as time allows. Maybe I will sell them?  I am in hopes of moving into my son's old room and making the space mine.   We still need to wash the rug-it is a heavy machine-I can't operate and paint the room.  The color is up in the air still.  Hubby wants white and I don't.  We might resort to flipping a coin.  He wants to stage the room-so we can sell the home in a few years-after daughter finishes college. I told him taupe would be better-but I kinda wanna a pale blue.   (It will need to be painted again, by then.)  He doesn't know I want to wallpaper a wall with poetry-ssshhhh, don't tell!

I wrote a poem attached to these lids-I'll share soon.  Many memories for me-Masterpiece was my favorite game. My neighborhood had a lot of kids.  In the summer, the teens and tweens would have game night- a couple times a week.  When we played this game, we would dress up as oil tycoons, heiress and millionaires.  It was amazing how everyone played their part so well.  The heavy accents alone brought many laughs- when I look at these jar lids-I smile.  One neighbor dressed as Mr. Howell from Gillian's Island, another had a Texan hat, and I wore my mother's long pearls and Sweet Honesty perfume-an Avon perfume targeted for teens. Yes, I think Marilyn was there. Her lips bright red from Cherry Kool-aid.  My mom sold Avon-at the time.  Yes, I was a walking billboard.   It was funny when one of us received the Forgery painting and had to pretend it wasn't.   Someone would yell, "I bet Sweet Honesty is guilty." I often was.

Mom sent me some of my old homework.  I recycled it.  I couldn't use my children's art so decided to create on mine. Virginia Woolf, I will finally get a room of my own.  Pablo, I hope to write poems in green ink like you and my father didn't approve of my artistic endeavors-either.  Vincent,  I always think of you, when I see stars-the shiny silver ones that wink at me in the indigo sky, but also the green ones that I tend and attempt to grow.  

I am working on something for my daughter.  We had a good laugh over this piece.  Oops, sorry dear daughter your eyelashes  look like the feathered end of an arrow and you kinda resemble Lady Gaga.


Sue Marrazzo said…
Nice post!
I like the doll...cute!
If my mother sent my old homework, I would cringe.
Clever use of the board games. Although I don't believe one can have too many.
Sweet Honesty - I'm going to remember that nickname!
Mary said…
This made me smile, Ella.....particularly because my mother sold Avon too!!!
Mary Ann Potter said…
My mom never sold Avon, but she used to get lots of Avon presents from her students at Christmastime! I recognized that little metal race car from Monopoly. Loved your photos, loved your post! Glad to see you here again!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Those jars are wonderful! Wow, I should send you some of the pieces from my old games.

My grandmother sold Avon, so I am quite familiar with Sweet Honesty. I still have some in fact!
Ella said…
L. Diane-Maybe we could arrange a deal ;D My mother n' great aunt both sold Avon. Yes, I was 11 or 12 when I become the fragrance model for the neighborhood-lol! Thank you for thinking of me-I would love that. I will email you later~ I think I do, too. I use to collect the animal decanters-the owl n' seal were my favs.
shelly said…
Love your ideas for the jars and old game pieces. I never would've thought of that. Like the doll pic. Did you make that?
Brian Miller said…
that is so cool on using the old pieces to decorate the lids....i love board games and most every night we play games...there would be lots of memories...and you made them into cool art...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your jar lids are beautiful....as is your incredible art. That rose is UNBELIEVABLE. So real. The color is spectacular. Cover the walls with whatever you want - it is YOUR art room!!!!!!!!! I love the idea of a poetry wall.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such creativity! I always leave your site filled with admiration.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella.

What wonderful and SWEET memories. I LOVED MASTERPIECE! It was one of my all time favorite games. Since I am an artist, how could I not. The old master painting were so beautiful. As a kid, I had always tried to copy them. Never did get them right until college when in m first painting class we had to chose and old master painting and reproduce it.

Six months I had worked on Vermeer's girl with the red hat. It wasn't bad either or a first time. Thankfully i've improved greatly over the years. LOL.

LOVE your creativity and passion for the arts.
Oh my gosh, you're so creative! I love the jars. And I LOVE the idea of wallpapering a room with poetry!
Vicki Sheehan said…
i loved the day when the "avon lady" came to our house...our mother always got us a little something. i'm sure i had sweet honesty at one time. i love the idea of papering a wall with poetry...great idea! your jars are cute too : )
Renee said…
I LOVE the old homework idea!!! The doll is adorable too. I'm not going to comment on what color to paint those walls.......
Wanda said…
Ella you are so creative. I never would have thought to use the old board pieces in that way.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you! They really do brighten my shelf-perhaps it is the memories~

Renee-I think your new name should be Rainbow Brite-lol! I can see your space being vibrant and chic~ Thank you! I have a big box of the kids old homework-not sure what I will do with that. So many memories in their scribbled font~ Thank you~

Hi Vicki-I know me, too! I loved it when my mom order all those samples. The little tiny lipsticks were my favorite. Fun to remember those days! I won't likely do it, but I guess I could have a wall with cork on it and that my satisfy my muse and myself ;D! Thank you~

Rachel-I know right! There is a blogger who used old book pages and did something like that. I think it was Karla Nathan. I want poems-words with whispers of longing! Thank you~

Michael-I loved that painting! I do hope you kept your inspiration~ Yes, there is magic in this game! I want to play it again-with artists who appreciate the postcard art! The old game and the newer version do not have the same artwork. I was disappointed-
YOU truly are an artist! Thank you for sharing with me~ I want to find the original game. Do you still have it?! Smiles~

Kerry-Thank you! I have tried to write your latest poetic challenge-three times. Yours is beautiful-you make it appear easy~ I couldn't comment for some odd reason? Thank you so much Kerry!

Ella said…
Hi Sherry! Yes, a poetry wall for sure and an ocean view-in my dreams~ Thank you so much-you are sweet!

Hi Brian-Yes, why not! I still have plenty of games. We will likely be gaming this weekend. We alternate between pc games and the old fashion kind. Yes, lot of memories are in the play dough-lol. And Play-doh!

Hi Shelly-Thank you! Yes, I did-I will try, try again. I think I need some practice-you are sweet!

Hi Mary Ann-It is nice to post again. I have been mia due to migraines. Thank you so much! I will be by soon to visit you~

Mary-I love that we have that memory! Gosh, I use to get excited when the big box came. Sometimes I would be the leaving books in the neighborhood. Good memories-thanks for sharing with me!

Alex-Ought oh! Yes, it was better than Peachy Keen. Now, I am going to bet you were great at math! Ninjas and Captains usually are ;D
Thank you~

Sue-Thank you! How nice of you to stop by~