Creative Walls

Update on Project Myway:   I finished the costume for my daughter, but all the other girls were wearing plain white dresses.   So, I caved and ordered a dress online at Charlotte Russe.  I guess the ice blue eye shadow, white make up and glitter on their faces will be their element of design-outside of their performance.  You have to know when to fold them.  My daughter apologized and thanked me again and again.
 Oh, well...I tried.

Over at the Imaginary Garden -I offered today's prompt.   I was inspired by Geraldine James and her book,
Creative Walls.

If you are a collector you will love how she has gathered and arranged items to tell a story.  The book showcases many styles and art forms.  If you are curious-you can see more imagines here.  

"My passion has always been creating beauty from nothing."
-Geraldine James

I wrote about my parents.  Here is some gathered items- I am considering putting on a wall in my new creative space.   They met at a local movie theater, when they were teens.

A Gift Beyond the Grave

Under a canopy of stars
 their eyes met
blue curtains ushered Kodachrome dreams
faces of comedy and drama
entertainment for all
at 16 he gave his African Queen
an elephant
promising the world
A magician with a clown's grin
 he spliced magic
from  tin cans

She became Paramount proud
to wear his ring 
She resembled 
the Columbia gal

Peyton Place was filmed nearby
as her elephant
collection grew
he collected stars
a red one by day and silver ones at night
tickets to a Time Machine
aligned their world.

When he died-suddenly 
beyond the grave he gave
 her one last gift
to complete her collection.
She was upset
Why this elephant?

Why not I said...
You sat on this elephant at Perry's Nut House
 when young
You met him under the stars
it's perfect 
Everyone comes to see 
an elephant under an umbrella of stars

but they don't know your story....
but they do now!

True story!  Last year I emailed a tidbit about my parents to the local newspaper.  This is my father on the front page.  When I received an email saying they were interested in doing the story-my mom  hesitated to proceed.  I said, "I asked your permission before I did this and you agreed.   It is your call, but this woman wants to come see you and seems really sweet.  I  forwarded the email and it was out of my hands.   She called me up and told me the reporter was coming on Monday.  I waited with bated breath on that day for the phone to ring.  When it did I asked well, "How did it go?"  

She was talking fast, "YOU won't believe this."
"Try me,"  I laughed.
"She arrived on time and I invited her in.  She noticed my elephant collection and we talked about them-how I never have bought one. Elephants always  are given to me.   Then I answered her questions and showed her some photos.  She took two with her.  Then I asked her if she grew up in the area.  She had.  Her mother use to work at the clothing store you worked at in college.  I didn't recognize the  last name.  We are related."


"The reporter is my mother's brother's grand daughter!"

Tis true my email lead to three featured stories, my parents, how the elephant ended upat the theater,  and the reporter sharing her story on how my tip lead to family. 
When I go home we are planning a family photo near the elephant!  Yes, beyond the stars I think my father is winking and chuckling and saying,
"An elephant never forgets."



Wow, all that and they were related! Glad you prompted her to do the interview. That's awesome.
Sorry about the dress. Maybe she can use it on another occasion?
D.G. Hudson said…
The young ones want to fit in, so good of you to let it go. They need to learn about compromise, too.

Fantastic story of your parents and the memorabilia. I love bits and pieces art works that tell a story. Excellent.
Anonymous said…
For some strange reason, to me this poem is about hope. Hope that there is something else out there, beyond our own making, hope that there is love, and hope that memories can bring us together. A lovely piece - and thank you again for the beautiful prompt!
Kay L. Davies said…
I enjoyed this so much, Ella, and it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing your family with us.
Love, K
Brian Miller said…
eh, maybe for the best on the dress you know...smiles. ha on them being related as well...its cool...and thanks for sharing your parents made me smile...and the gifts of those elephants just keep on giving....
Mama Zen said…
Ella, this is so sweet!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
SO COOL! I love this post, the photos, the serendipity, the family connections.....I love it that life is like you describe it here.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
What a wonderful story!! It all flowed together, right down to that reporter. What a delight.
Heaven said…
What a coincidence that you guys are related ~ Loving all the pictures here Ella ~ Hope all is well ~

Susie Clevenger said…
I love this...what a precious story. Thanks so much for sharing it!!
Other Mary said…
Oh what a wonderful, magical story...and your story - your history! Great post Ella!
Ella said…
Hi Other Mary-My first job was in that theater-where they met~ I sold tickets in that tiny booth. Thank you-it was so special the day I saw the elephant on the roof~

Susie-Thank you! Yes,I thought it would be fun and an unique collection~

Grace-I know-kinda crazy! She writes a column called Gray Matters. Thank you for stopping by~

Diane-Thank you! Yes, there is magic lurking everywhere~

Sherry-I know what are the chances that out of all the reporters this one would met my mom-it was fate that lent her hand~ Thank you so much~

Hi Mama Zen-Thank you! It went so much better than even I could plan~

Brian-Thank you! Yes, it is best for the dress~ My mom still collects them-but I think one tops them all. lol

Kay-I loved all the treasured heirlooms you shared~ So fun! I am still going to try your ballad challenge-perhaps on Monday. It has been a wild week-Thank you so much! ((hugs))

CChampange-Thank you! I loved yours, too. Yes, there is hope out there and we need to share it when we find or discover moments like this~ You are very sweet-thank you~ I do believe in hope!

DG-Thank you! I love your theme for A-Z! I will be back to read more-wonderful choice~ I hadn't planned on sharing their story like this-but it happened to come to mind today. I thought why not?!

Alex-Thank you! Yes, the stars aligned on that day~ You are very kind! It isn't every day you see an elephant on a theater~

Sumana Roy said…
from the first word to the last is
simply magical....thanks for sharing this with us...wonders will never cease...
Margaret said…
Magical! Loved it all - especially the elephant on top of the theater and the new-found relation.
Anonymous said…
so, so cool. hey, who's slicing onions around here? :) ~
Ella said…
Michael-Glad you are hopping around the garden. Thanks-Grape!

Margaret-Thank you! Yes, between my mom's phone call and then the reporter emailing me and telling me all of the connections. It was pretty special-thank you!

Sumana Roy-I enjoyed yours, too. It is nice to think of those fated connections and you are right,
"wonders will never cease."
alberta ross said…
great post enjoyed it so much - I liked that you allowed the dress - it was important for her I'm sure - all the best:)
Mary Ann Potter said…
How cool! Life is full of special divine appointments. This was such a lovely post, Ellen, and it goes far beyond those "Kodachrome dreams"!
Poet Laundry said…
Way cool story in your poem--and story after your poem! Love those photos too. Thanks for sharing this with us!
Susan said…
So I tried to decide whether I liked the pictures, poem or story best, but I like it all like a collage up on the wall. Glorious!
Ella said…
Hi Susan-Thank you! It wasn't planned-I was going to do a photo I shared-funny how that happens~

Hi Jenn-Thank you! Yes, I smile every time I see an elephant and think of how the stars aligned~

Mary Ann-Thank you! Yes, my mom was given her first elephant in that very theater-where they met!
Fate is funny and magical. Thank you so much~

Alberta-Thank you! Yes, go with the flow-I did fix an outfit, but I guess it was too shiny-oh, well!
I'll wear under the stars-lol
Yes, we have to let things go!