Mirror, Mirror

Grace asked us for a Mirror, Mirror poem.  I avoid mirrors these days.  I hate my hair.  I don't even feel like me.  People stare at me.  Yesterday,  was the first time I went to a social gathering, since my accident.  Yes, I said this has to end.  Life must move forward-so I went to the Art Walk. I was so nervous I forgot my chalk to write poems on the sidewalk.  It is just as well, there were so may people I would of been trampled.  A yellow piano sat outside and had a sign, 'Play Me'-and people did.  There was a fire blower on another street corner, a band performing at the other end of the street.   I saw Go Go dancers dressed like it was the 1960s-they had white boots and some Steampunk  outfits.  The craziest place was a travel agency. They had a jungle maze in the back with stuffed animals and vines. The vines were huge and draped over you, it was narrow and kind of creepy.  

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
I feel  kind of small
I see new relatives in your view
I look like two cousins I barely knew
My father's widow peak is there
Hey Dad, I still have some black hair

Shocking to look myself in the eyes
I miss my long hair-my disguise
I have Samson tendencies, I do
I miss the girls from Starbucks-the iced brew

I have been a hermit, too long
its time to move forward into my song
I need to dance and find joy
I never wanted to look like a boy

Life tossed me a game of shock
I wish I was home-on my timeworn dock
Chia pet is my new nickname
I know how that sounds-kinda lame.

Okay, I need to stop being Dr. Seuss
I'm no swan-more like Mother Goose.
My spirit says paint a new view
I know stop writing about the color blue. 
Look at your inside out
 then go live, dream and shout
You are  still inside there-
remember it is just hair. 


You do not look like a Chia Pet! The hair will grow. You're still beautiful, Ella.
Glad you got out and enjoyed life again.
Charleen said…
I should take a cue from you and stop being such a social recluse. Smile, your writing has inspired me.
Grace said…
I love the rhyming verses ~ And you are still the same under that hair ~

I am glad you went out and had a good time ~ I like drawing on the energy of the crowds, specially artists and young people ~

Thanks for participating Ella ~ Have a good weekend ~
Sumana Roy said…
Hey..I love that yellow piano displaying play me...such lively description..you are beautiful like your words...
Brian Miller said…
ha. you are not a chia pet...lol...
i hope you find your way to that dancing...there is def freedom in that...
gillena cox said…
luv your fun mood; nice poem; have a wonderful weekend

much love...
Renee said…
Be grateful for your beautiful face! The lack of hair just shows your lovely features. Smile. Hold your head high when you go out, everyone will think it is a fashion statement. Great poem.
Sue Marrazzo said…
LoVe you! There is only one YOU!
Siv Ottem said…
Hair can make such a difference in the way a person looks, lucky for you that you are beautiful no matter the hair. Loved your poem :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
It is sometimes so hard to overcome the barriers we erect around ourselves. I always remind myself that everyone I meet may be experiencing their own great sorrow, or struggle or dilemma, and I move through the crowds knowing no one walks alone.
Rachna Chhabria said…
Ella, give it some time, your hair will grow back. Loved the poem.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, you look so young! and your hair will grow. I'm glad you went to the artist's walk. You are an artist - walk tall, whatever is on top of your head! Dress funky, wear a shawl, look Mysterious.......... It sounds like a fun event......
Mary said…
Oh, I hope you are soon able to dance and find joy. And hair...it grows...and I think you must look just as nice with short hair as with long! Good for you for going out to the art walk.
Jo Murray said…
Glad you are out and about. You should share your beautiful face with the world.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Such beauty shines from the inside out, dear friend --- and I think you look wonderful. Hair is never an issue. It's just stuff on your head. Glad you went out and had fun --- the yellow piano sounds especially special. Sending a hug across cyberspace this afternoon!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Get out, enjoy the world, and who cares what others think.
Björn said…
To go out an find joy in the outside sound really nice.. wish we had artists walk here.. and to chalk poetry would have been way cool... I really like how you use the rhymes in looking yourself in the mirror.. and hey... it's amazing to find your relatives inside..
Mama Zen said…
Oh, Ella! I relate to this more than I can say.
Susie Clevenger said…
Hair or not you are a beautiful woman. So glad you went out and enjoyed yourself!!
Kenia Cris said…
I had so much fun reading this poem! Thanks Ella. And hey, you are a gorgeous woman. <3
Anonymous said…
Your hair looks great to me! You look beautiful. I love your poem, your writing always moves me.

Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I have had company all evening. I will comment to each of you, tomorrow morning.
You touch my heart often-especially today-thank you so much!!!
please forgive me for not knowing about your accident.
i have seen the true beauty in a woman when she has cut her 'Samson' hair.
my wife, when we first met, had hair below her gorgeous and voluptuous hips. she decided one day to cut it and donate it for cancer victims. she look so radiant and so gorgeous when i could see her cheek bones, her glorious and azure eyes. when she smiled with short hair it became nothing less than a sunrise.

i'm glad you're ok. hopefully physically and mentally. now we need to get that artist soul back out to mend.

you are an inspiration to many, mi amiga. you have much to share

live on

gracias for being here for us
Anonymous said…
I can relate to much of what you've written here... Love it! And good luck! *smile*
Other Mary said…
That was very brave. I think writing can help us do hard things, important things. I too will tell you that you are beautiful, inside and out, but of course the important part is what you feel...so I hope you can feel beautiful again. xo
Truedessa said…
I could feel you words in a difficult time. I am glad you were able to go out and enjoy the day it sounds like there was so much to do and experience and you should enjoy life the best you can. Peace..
Liza said…
I think you look lovely.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I am amazed at how insightful and wonderful you all are~ You touched my heart-thank you!

My son came from out of state to help us with a weekend heavy weight project. He spent the night. I enjoyed his company and didn't get online until later this evening!

Liza-You are kind-thank you!

Truedessa-Thank you! Peace to you, too. Yes, we retreat when we are bruised, but you are right we must remember to live! Nicely said~

Other Mary-Thank you! I feel fragile these days-and it is not my style. I am okay-thank you! You are so sweet-

cc-I think we all have moments-when life knocks us down. Sometimes turns us inside out-thank you! We do have to live though and not be so wrapped up the way we appear. Thank you~ love, luck and smiles to you.

Marco-You are so romantic-what a beautiful sentiment you shared-so poetic! :D Thank you-yes, I am bruised, but okay and thank you for being your sweet self, as always!

Abby-You are very kind! I haven't had my hair this short, since birth. Thank you sweet friend~

Kenia-Thank you! It felt odd at first, but good to get it out. You are sweet-thank you~

Susie-Thank you! Yes, I wish you all could of seen the sights. I will take my camera next time and my chalk ;D Thank you Susie~

Ella said…
Mama Zen-I am sorry to hear this! Yet, when we aren't comfortable in our own skin-it shows! Thank you

Bjorn-Oh, you should have an Art party then! How fabulous it could be-think about it! Thank you-I loved your comment-yes, it was nice to see them again!! ;D

L. Diane-You are right! Life is too short and there is so much to do and write. We have to live to write ;D

Mary Ann-Cyber hugs back at you!
Thank you-you are always sweet~ Yes, it was fun to see all the joy whirl around me. It felt like a dream~

Jo-Thank you! You are sweet and you rock with your short hair! Thank you~
Ella said…
Mary-You are sweet! I did have a good time-I saw a lot of sights and friends. It was good-thank you so much!

Sherry-Thank you! Yes, I will dress like a gypsy-all mysterious and put bells on my fingers and toes. ;D
You are sweet~ I will walk as tall as I can-lol

Rachna-Thank you! Yes, my Rapunzel days are over-but that is okay~
Thank you!

Kerry-I agree with you! We all have our flaws and scars. I have discovered people who are angry usually need more kindness. It isn't always easy to do-but it usually works wonders. Thank you for sharing-it is a beautiful sentiment~

Siv-You are sweet! It does define us-like a picture frame. Thank you~

Sue-Loves to you! Thank you-that was sweet~

Renee-Thank you! Rosemary's Baby will air this summer-maybe I just started a trend early?! ;D You are sweet-thank you!

Gillena-Thank you! Yes, you will think of me, when you see a Chia pet commercial ;D

Brian-Yes, I did dance and became rather silly! It does work wonders-thank you so much! I was Sinead, before Chia-so many nicknames. Lucy fits me the most~
Ella said…
Sumana-You are so sweet! The piano had flowers painted on it and two men were playing jazz. My daughter and I knew the song and started singing-so fun! Thank you~

Grace-Thank you! Yes, there is an energy-a natural joy that comes from this kind of crowd. I didn't see any one frown or agitated like you usually do. It was nice~

Charleen-Yes, go and do! It will inspire other areas of your life and smile big! You made me happy with your beautiful comment-thank you!

Alex-Thank you Alex! You are the sweetest Ninja, I know~

Margaret said…
How could I know nothing of your accident (is that what happened?) I am so sorry to be out of the loop. This poem is reflective of your struggle, but I must say as far as the hair, I fist saw the photo and thought "How Chic!" You have beautiful eyebrows and delicate features… I think perhaps you are setting a fashion trend.