NaPoWriMo-Word Count with Mama Zen

Am I really going to attempt this?  Thirty days of  poetry?!   I will miss the A-Z Blogging Challenge-I still hope to drop by and cheer some of you on!   Mama Zen took it easy on us, after shocking us with this April Fool prompt:  

Greetings, Toads!

Today, I would like you to write a double inverse Venetian sonnet using the traditional hexatonic goatameter. Your piece must include two nuns, a priest, a gopher, and a space / time paradox.  Please address either universal health care or twerking in the volta.

April Fool's!

How about you just surprise me . . . in 37 words or less.

It is April Fool-did you fool anyone, yet?!  I might just do this.


Blue Man group's ancestors
met with designers
left Delft blueprints 
porcelain pride lingers
proud peacocks strut catwalk
wolf whistles ensue
Yes, Henny Penny the sky fell
on clothing-who cares what the fox said!

 ©Ellen Wilson


Glad that was a joke! Although I can see you attempting it.
Will miss you for the Challenge, but you taken on another one.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Good for you tackling the challenge, Ellie......I LOVED all the eyes in the fridge! your blue photo art is wonderful. And a great poem too. So much creativity this morning! I am still sitting here like a Dull Thud, trying to accustom my aching head to remaining upright.
Brian Miller said…
you know you should get in some kinda trouble for bringing that song up...hahaha...ear worm....those clothes def remind me of the porcelin plates my mom had...
Kerry O'Connor said…
I like all your alliterative touches in this blue and white poem!
Mama Zen said…
This cracked me up! Damn that fox!
jo-hanna said…
Good grief, are we supposed to be wearing that this summer?
I'm all for Delft of course, but not for wearing pots :-)
Hannah said…
This was fun and I love the art you put together...especially the butterfly!! :) 11:11 ♥
Yolanda Renee said…
I never was good at fooling anyone, but glad I didn't have to face that challenge!

Love the color blue, but some of those patterns - oh my!

Blue man group - totally crazy idea!
Other Mary said…
Hahaha - love your pop culture crazy quilt of verse and image!
Jim said…
Best wishes for the 'Poem a Day,' Ella. I wish I had your ambition. Also wish I had time for A to Z stuff now.

I liked the trip from the Blue Man Group to the Blue Paper Dolls. The 'Fox' threw me for a bit until I searched it on Mom Z's blog. I met the 'Fox', we are the "Fox".
Sumana Roy said…
you've nailed it with the song line in the end...and i also believe that pride is porcelaine read..
Margaret said…
Keep singing those Blues! :)
Grace said…
I love the blues on faded photo & designs ~ That is sly fox ~ Good luck on the 30 day writing spree ~
Margo Kelly said…
Hello! I'm stopping in from the IWSG. I hope your month is wonderful. :)