Today is Open Link Monday, in the Garden.  

I bought some flowers to plant-this Anemone intrigued me.  As I took photos, I noticed her petals were falling off-the wind was fluffing her skirt.   I found out this beauty's nickname is 'Wind Flower'.


Purple princess
swing dances 
with golden Eye Walker
whispers of papered wings
align with wind's wheel of fortune

Thunder adds the drum
  piano pounds out a wild, wet movie score
her skirt lifts as wind
caresses her green stems
tossing her into gray torrent sea
her eye holds prehistoric wisdom
 as her fragile wings
flutter to catch Eagle's pride.

Winged beatniks gather round n' cheer
as gossamer twirls her
 knockoff design
inspired by Christian Dior
fingerprints of light prove
Miss Spyder's skill set wins her
 Project Earthway.

Spring's needle stings
as Spyder tailors ripped vision
bold wind stomps off
 aloof diva mood-no surprise
He an April kinda fool
Spyder knows her skill set
her prized embroidery
 sun soaked n' glam
like a bird's nest lightly woven
 looping threads
designed by 
Calvin Moss n' Coco Soleil.

©Ellen Wilson


Nice! Much more than just a dancing plant.
Susan said…
I wish I knew all the design allusions, but I do know the spirit of this dance/music/feel of fabric on ankles in a perfect balance!
This was fun! What a fashion statement. Love the wheel of fortune reference and the model flaunting her skirt down the runway.
Kerry O'Connor said…
What a beautiful flower to signal the spring! I love to see how much effort goes into your posts, Ella. The way you share your artistic process is very inspiring.
Christian, Calvin and Coco but these are all natural- and beautiful.
Sumana Roy said…
loved the spring diva walking on the ramp and flaunting her style statement...
Susie Clevenger said…
What a beautiful description of the dress and dance of spring...
Poet Laundry said…
What a hip twist on spring! Beautiful photos as always...and you always have the best header photos too.

One of my fav perfumes is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture...
Ella said…
Hi Jennifer-Thank you! Oh, you make me crave this scent. I am a 'Bee Delicious' girl. My daughter loves, 'Poppy'. Now, I want to go sniff perfume-thank you! You are fun~

Hi Susie-Yes, the fashion show here has just begun. Thank you! I hope you are witnessing its magic in your world, too.

Sumana-Thank you! Yes, and the wind is whistling-lol.

Grandmother(Mary)-Thank you! It was hard to select the designers ;D God's hands and reading poetry-make us look again. I always think of Blake's poem, "To See a World"-awe inspiring~

I always appreciate those who 'stop and smell the Anemone',
their pace is in sync with
the rythm of life.

wonderful prompt and piece

gracias Ella

hedgewitch said…
Just delightful, Ella--very clever blending of image and reference and great personification. Wind flowers are beautiful, but very short bloomers, grown from little tiny tubers-and here they are annuals. I hope they are perennial where you live, as they are one of the most lovely flowers of mid-spring. Pardon the horticultural digression--you made me think of what I love most about this season, apparently in great detail! ;_)
Mary Ann Potter said…
Beautiful, Ellen --- the wonder of the dance, the beauty of the season, the interweaving of the imagery. Perfection. Truly.
Margaret said…
Papered wings, gray torrent, winged beatniks, aloof diva … how visual and entertaining this brilliant metaphor of a poem. …I also loved the video and found myself clicking on more… kind of "lost" a half hour watching YouTube videos ;P