Poem A Day: Inspired by Sentence

Today I am offering the prompt over at the Imaginary Garden.  I chose the random fate of finding serendipity in a dropped book.   There is a scene in one of my favorite Indie flicks,  Next Stop Wonderland, starring the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Hope Davis.  The main character Erin is in a bookstore and drops a book.

Bookseller: (after Erin Castleton has dropped the book) : Don't close it. You should never close a book until you've read something from it.

Erin Castleton: What?

Bookseller: Well, just a sentence or a word. It can be very, very revealing. Just read something, anything. Well, read from the top, then.

I dropped Anne Lamott's book, Bird by Bird. 

On the page I noticed this paragraph and one sentence stood out:

Anne is writing about Faulkner's books.   He expresses life through his characters. All you can give us is what life is about from your point of view.   You are not going to be able to give us the plans to the submarine. 

My sentence is:
"Life is not a submarine." 

I'm Crying

Beatles fell off
 blackbird's broken wings
I'm crying...

I'm crying

Tangerine skies
shine on cellophane pretty maids
all in a row

giving you the wrong medicine
I'm crying
where did you 
You are my yellow submarine
No pigs don't fly
I'm crying...

hold me
love me
tell me
it's alright
I'm crying...

Your beautiful
I saw you on Abbey Road
you said Let It Be
it's been a
and I'm crying...

Ellen Wilson

I had an adverse reaction to my meds. Yes, I need Help-"I appreciate you being round."

I have taken the same meds for fifteen years and was recently prescribed the generic version! 

My symptoms:  Headaches, nausea, fever and dizzy-that's me~
Oh, and the meds they give me for the dizziness-says warning on the bottle:  May cause dizziness?!


That was really clever - so many Beatles songs in one place.
Sorry you're having a bad reaction. Will pray your symptoms vanish and soon.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, we make a dizzy pair! Hope we both feel better soon! Loved the poem full of titles......
Brian Miller said…
ha. how cool...love the play with their songs...and that it came from anne lamott as well....mmm...love that books....well played ella....
Sumana Roy said…
hope it posts this time...love the sun as yellow sub-marine and
Beetles crooning in the lines...
Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm very sorry that you are feeling poorly, Ellen. Thank you for bringing us this exciting new idea to try out. Your Beatle-mania response is a lot of fun to read.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That was beautiful, just like one of their songs.

I hope you feel better.
Anonymous said…
hope you feel better soon. clever spin on all those records :) ~
Susan Kane said…
Clever integration of Beatle songs! Yet, all tied together.

No, life is not a submarine, even at Disneyland.
Susie Clevenger said…
Love all those Beatle songs singing together in your piece. So sorry about the reaction to medicine. I have had some severe run-ins with prescription meds myself.
Liza said…
I could just hear the Beatles singing!
Renee said…
Such a clever piece! Feel better soon.
Hannah said…
Love that song...it's one I used to sing with a friend when we were just little like ten pretending her bed was a stage! I love the lines you brought and the way you employed them...so vivid!!

Thank you for the challenge, Ella!
Anonymous said…
Very impressive and so clever! Hurrah! Like it, like it!
Anonymous said…
Oh, and PS. Isn't it so strange that we are given medicine to help with something, at the same time as it can actually cause it to become worse? I have the same problem with a lot of my medication, so I know the feeling. Hope you get better soon!
Ella said…
CC-Yes, it is strange! I have a new Dr. and when I discovered all the symptoms I have been having are connected to a new formula. It is like I am half hypo and half hyper. Thank you! I wish I could say I hope this doesn't happen again to either of us or anyone~
Take Care!

CC-Thank you! I had no plan on going in this direction. My muse took my hand and convinced me ;D

Hannah-You bring back happy memories! Yes, those stages are the best ;D ! My neighbor was getting a new deck and we performed for the whole neighborhood-lol. Thank you~

Renee-Thank you! I had fun arranging the songs and of course I had to listen to many~ A lot of memories arrived~

Liza-Oh, this makes me happy! Did you sing with them?! ;D

Susie-I am sorry to hear that~ My mom has too. I was worried when I saw the pills were a different shape and made a call. I just thought it was a head cold, middle ear, sinus. Then my symptoms got worse-now I know.
Thank you-you are sweet! Take Care

Susan-lol! You are so funny-life isn't a tea cup either, or a small world after all-sorry! tee,hee
Thank you~

Grape-You have a way with words and onions! ;D Thank you~

L. Diane-Thank you! I had fun and wish I had made it a Beatle challenge instead~ You are sweet!

Ella said…
Hi Kerry-Thank you! I real had no intention of going there. It is always intriguing where our muse takes us~ You are very kind!

Ella said…
Sumana-Yes, that was what I was trying to do! Thank-you so much~

Brian-Yes, it was fun to play with titles. I didn't see it coming-my muse thought of it-Thank you Brian!

Sherry-Dizzy-now that is another song-lol! I hope you are feeling better. I went to the Dr and have a new script-won't be able to fill it until Monday-but I am happy to know my symptoms will change soon!
Thank you Sherry!

Alex-Thank you Captain! It is crazy-I kept thinking same ole allergies, until the other symptoms arrived. I hope you are doing well- Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone~
Anonymous said…
Ha! So clever to use all those songs so loved and in such a cool context. I am so sorry that you are not feeling well though! Take care and thanks for the great prompt. k.
Kay L. Davies said…
So it was really just one word that sent you into a flurry of Beatlemania? Fabulous, Ella.
So sorry about you and the meds, though. I took one medication for years before I found out it was causing horrible-awfuls. I just thought it was my life, not my meds.
Take care now.
Love, K
Meds are often so crazy, dear! I often think that medicine as a science isn't a pragmatic one, but just based on guessing and trusting in luck.
I've too had tones of strange, and mostly bad, medical experiences, so I understand you. My heart pills say - may cause nightmares LOL As if having a poor ticky ticker isn't a nightmare on itself :)
Scriptor Senex said…
Sorry about the bad reaction. I hope it gets sorted for you very quickly. Lots of Love
Ella said…
Hi John-I am better! Thank you~
I hope you are doing well-thank you for being you~ I so hope you are enjoying spring and taking tons of photos-I will stop by~

Dezzy-I didn't know! This makes me sad- Thyroid is the Master Gland-slow or fast I am okay, but tired of the side effects~ Thank you for sharing with me! Do take care! I am sorry you know this battle~

Kay-I thought it was the weather and the pollen count! I knew the symptoms were adding up-the headaches are the worst. I am sorry you know this dance! Do take care~ ((hugs))
D Biswas said…
Feel better soon.

That was a really clever poem with all those song titles thrown in!

Damyanti, My Latest post
J. Lenni Dorner said…
I have nominated you and your blog for an award. Congratulations. Please stop by my blog on Sunday, May 4, 2014, for the details.

I love when the pill bottle says that it may cause what it is meant to treat. :/
adnan khan said…
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Sagheer said…
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kaykuala said…
A grand offering of Beatles all at one sitting. That's fantastic! It brought back such pleasant memories. For many of us meds can't be avoided at this age and times. Hopefully everything is ok now! Wonderful write Ella!

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Hart Johnson said…
Ella-that was gorgeous! I love the process you went through to get your starting place, and I loved the poem.

Sorry about the allergy--hope you get it sorted right away!
sjp said…
Haha good job!
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