Postmark: Poetry!

Fireblossom asked us to write a letter.  

"Hey Toads! In this age of email and texting, it's easy to forget about sending a letter the old-fashioned way. So let's play Post Office! Write me a poem that includes a letter, or stamps, or a mailbox, or a mail person."

Dear Blue Eyes, 

I miss your strong arms
your slate black blue hair with a touch of curly white 
you made my heart pound with yours- drumming
your tune into horizon's mirror
Night's lantern of silver pockmarks your faith 
yet you rocked the sails of dreamers-everywhere
I miss your cologne-a blend of sunshine, sea salt and evergreen

Remember our first kiss
me in my blueberry swimsuit running into your arms
you wore that denim shirt with pearl buttons
your kiss wet and tender made me forever smile
I long to hear you sing in wind's tunnel
your voice roared as the Opera swirls
your eyes emerged cloudy some days
as we walked hand n' heart along the shoal of whispers 
flickers of wings always announce my return
I cherish the sculpted turquoise shard
you made me

I found your message in a bottle
inky black depth revealed a poetic
blue moon
Your cosmic grace holds my deepest secrets
as I cast wishes into your tears
your symphony vibrates me
I know saffron sun paints your many moods
 your celebrity status is world known
your physics of glory weighs on my mind
until I return to you
my perennial blue.

Sincerely yours,


No one writes letters anymore.
Is that a love letter to the ocean?
Ella said…
Hi Alex-Yes, you are correct! I am forever smitten with blue~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"as we walked...along the shoal of whispers" beautiful, Ellie!
Kerry O'Connor said…
What a beautiful way to express one's love affair with the ocean!
Liza said…
Ah...a love of the sea. It speaks to us on so many levels...
Been a sea lover for many years- lovely.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely letter to the sea. Beautiful.
Melissa Bradley said…
I'm in love the color blue and the ocean as well. I miss the northern Pacific where I used to live in Washington State.

Such beautiful verse, I can see it in my head like a movie.
hedgewitch said…
Quite a trippy journey through the tunnel of love--I was really enjoying the emotions, and thinking wow, this was some guy! Good to know it really was something bigger than a man. Very original and I enjoyed it much,Ella.
Brian Miller said…
smiles...i have a bit of a love affair with the ocean as well...i need to get back to letter ella...
Susie Clevenger said…
A love letter to the beautiful. I am wooed by it also.
Fireblossom said…
I love all the different blues in this, Ella.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Blue, blue, blue --- beautifully blue! What a memorable poem, Ellen. Really beautiful!
Other Mary said…
Such lush language...beautiful.
so wonderful! saffron sun paints your many moods...I just love that
Sumana Roy said…
'I found your message in a bottle
inky black depth revealed a poetic
blue moon'....most beautiful lines..i love such dreamy nights
Poet Laundry said…
That "cologne-a blend of sunshine, sea salt and evergreen" would lure me too. Mr. Ocean is one mean ladies man ;)
Scriptor Senex said…
Quite a super love letter, Ella. As one who is using the good old snail mail again I'm finding it makes me express myself in totally different ways. Good, old-fashioned, thoughtful ways that the immediacy of e-mail and texting often lacks.
Anonymous said…
Ha! Agree with hedge--I didn't catch on at first--I think because of the pic-- and I thought wow-- he sounds pretty great! And He is of course. So clever. Very sweet too. Thanks, Ella. K.
Kay L. Davies said…
I miss the ocean, ever so very much, but I've never written a letter like this one. Evocative on many levels, Ella.
Luv, K
Margaret said…
Ah, the first kiss of the ocean… I've enjoyed watching my youngest son become mesmerized with it. So glad I am but a few hours away from it.