Kenia asked us to write about Sundays.  I thought of my childhood Sundays. There was a regimented  routine, church,  lunch and a long drive.   My Sundays now have a different rhythm-but there is always a peaceful ease about them, when the afternoon arrives.


Sunshine tickles me
green wisdom whistles
I pour courage as
muffled voices
n' feet shuffle
 gate opens my
gray garden
Thanks Earl...

Blueberry pillows piled with syrup
saturate mood
I curl up cat like as hound
hovers for his treat
Let's go-honks military mad man
home improvement wishes and 
Iced coffee dreams

Muse hides
Never on a Sunday do I paint
sepia plates of strawberry 
Music blares
daughter singing Cameo Lover
I join in
folding clothes
I decorate my beagle
he chases me until indigo curtain
Constellation court opens
flag of memories rise
waiting for next Saturday.


Hannah said…
Love that "green whistling wisdom" and the image cracked me up!! Happy Sunday to you!! :)
That image just says it all, Ella!
Gail said…
There's lots of special times on Sundays.
Brian Miller said…
ha. at least his ears are warm right? lol. sundays sound like a bit of relaxing fun...
Ella said…
Brian-Yes! Our dryer tore a strap-so to be green-I had to find another use! It isn't easy being green-lol

Gail-Yes, silly was a must today~

Alex-I know-no words are necessary-I wear my elf grin with glee~

Hannah-Happy Sunday Hannah! Yes, I will cherish the goofy moments. We laughed so hard and our hound didn't seem to mind~ Thank you
Sumana Roy said…
beautiful constellation court and indigo curtain...
I like the images in this poem. Earl Grey is my favourite!
Ella said…
Hello Patricia-Thank you! Cheers of Grey to you~

Sumana-I use to live on Constellation Ct. when I was in Florida. Thank you~
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your poem engages all the senses so well. I love that your beagle shares the chores.

Ella said…
Kerry-My daughter and I were being silly-I needed to laugh. I am now blushing-yes, our hound is very handy-indeed! lol
Ella said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ella said…
The bra broke a strap in the dryer-so I tossed it and it landed on our lovable hound- of course I rearranged it and took a photo-
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my God, love this slice of life at your house, the singing, the military madman, and the dog with the bra on his head just cracked me up........
Ella said…
Sherry-I had to go there-lol!
He didn't mind and we took it right off. Silly rules for now in April's madness~
Mary Ann Potter said…
A lovely Sunday indeed, complete with your decorated beagle! Smiles all around for the simple sensory delights!
Wanda said…
Oh my goodness Ella, thanks I'm laughing hard out the sight of of your doggy.
Margaret said…
Your dog looks like a "blond" Princess Leia and I think Sundays sound wonderful at your house.
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