Focus and Go!!

I hope everyone had a safe holiday!   My wrist isn't broken. I have a bad sprain.

Over the holiday weekend, my daughter was invited to a sorority meeting with a chance to win a scholarship.  It was based on a written essay, the student's contribution to community and school and need.   Students were selected from seven counties. The student in our county, who needed it most- won.  We sat there listening to the sisterhood and the minister talk about life lessons and The Tortoise and the Hare.  I thought how poetic-I had taken this photo earlier in my back yard.

The minister told everyone who had been invited, there was something extra special about them. They were extraordinary!   He talked about sports and told them, to make 'no excuses', if you get sidetracked get back on your path, remember this is your dream, your goal-you must 'focus' and to 'go'!

An obstacle in the pathway. 

I thought who doesn't need this message from time to time.  A reminder of what we are striving towards, who we are and our goals.

Mr. Turtle is motivated!

No one said the bunny had a twin?! 

So, in the words of  Mr. n' Mrs. Gordon Dove-"No excuses, focus and go!" (Real that was the minister's name.)

The Wren family wishes everyone best of luck!  
It is a chair cover-in case you are wondering!  Every year birds near us make a nest in an unique location.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 


wonderful inspiring post, Ella.

don't forget, ice and elevated when not in use.

congrats to your daughter and you

gracias for writing this, mi amiga
Bossy Betty said…
A great lesson for us all and some of those obstacles can be pretty cute!
Mary said…
So true....if we lose focus for a while, we just have to make ourselves get back on track.

Glad your wrist wasn't broken. Ouch.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Delightful photos, great advice! Glad you're doing well. No more injuries, okay?

All is well here in spite of the loss of my head rooster - details on my blog. Hot weather again. Ahhh, summer in the south!

Sending blessings.
Awesome opportunity for your daughter! And what a great message for her to here.
Glad your wrist isn't broken.
Suzanne Furness said…
Wonderful post with some super pics but most of all an inspiring message for us all.
Brian Miller said…
nice...sounds like a great talk...and all it take is our realization for us to return to the right path....

glad your wrist is only sprained...ack...heal well...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your photos are always so the hummingbird especially. Glad your wrist isnt broken, kiddo, that would have been inconvenient for making art!
M Pax said…
Ouch. Sprains are painful. Heal up quick!

Wonderful photos. Sometimes when driving up to the observatory there are little bunny parties. I wonder what they chat about.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! We had thundershowers this evening and I wasn't online much. Now it is late!
I visited you and will comment more in the morning! Good night~
Vandana Sharma said…
Ah! beautiful photographs, to be surrounded by lovely nature is bliss...........
Ella said…
Thank you Vandana! Yes, it truly is magical-thank you so much!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That's great your wrist isn't broken.

I love the critter shots. We get so many in our yard, living in a subdivision in the country. Although I'm still a little freaked by the field rats grazing in our lawn.
J. Lenni Dorner said…
Wrist pain- oh no! Hope it heals soon.

Great post. Very motivational. Love the pics.