Gorgeous Nothings

I am thrilled to be in the Melange section of the May/June issue of Somerset Studios!  What a beautiful issue it is-so many unique inspiring ideas outlined on these pages.   I had to pinch myself when I saw this issue.  I had created art based on Emily Dickinson's envelope written poems.   There is a book,  The Gorgeous Nothings:  Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems, which inspired my art    I saw the book and went home and started playing with objects I thought Emily might collect and gather as a child.  I also created a window of white objects during her reclusive years.   It has been suggested-she might of been Epileptic.   I do think a broken heart and an illness caused this talented woman-to retreat from the world.  I have read Emily use to be seen dressed in white tending her gardens by moonlight.

 Emily's sister, Lavinia found 1800 of her poems after she died.  Emily had written on envelopes and made hand stitched fascicles.  Fragments written on envelopes were gathered and Lavinia made it her passion to get her sister's poetry published.   She ended up asking Mabel Loomis Todd-her brother's mistress to help her.

Thank you to Christen Olivarez and staff for making my art look beautiful~  I am beyond thrilled to be in the Melange-it has been a goal of mine!  May is my birthday month so this was icing on the cake-thanks again so much!

Over in the Garden, Margaret asked us to write a poem bashed on a sketch.   I can't find my sketch...but I thought I might attempt to write about it in a poem.  Here is some of my art.  I did a envelope booklet and a window out of  Glassine envelopes.

Tucked Treasure

Pocketed wonder fills my apron
strings tickle green ideas
as I hang onto my big brother Austin's hand
we run through yard's green ocean seeking
seeds, a white feather, a butterfly wing n'
fragrant lavender perfumes my small hands
tucking sentiments
for someday

Moonlight casts its web
as my white edges
cast light
tending my favorite trailing Arbutus
and Jasmine-

Candle wax coats my gown
as I stitch white threads into
window's focus

Gliding hope
crosses my brow
as my breath cast clouds of warmth

Snow like fingerprints
sew parchment's promise
 “The Brain—is wider than the Sky—”
casts a net of hope
 I play solitary's game
on last solo flight

©Ellen Wilson 


Mary Ann Potter said…
Wow, Ellen! I got out my issue, as yet unread, and there you were! I am so impressed. I absolutely LOVE your art here. Poetry is art is poetry is art... And I am so inspired. I am going to submit my art again; the first time I did, it was accepted. So what's been keeping from doing it again? Here's to publication success.
Ella said…
Hi Mary Ann-Thank you so much!
Yes, do just that-you make beautiful creations~ The last line of the article there is a mistake. I was horrified, but checked my word doc-it wasn't me. You will see what I mean when you read it~
Yes, please submit again-you are so talented~
Anonymous said…
Super pretty poem and a sense of a net throughout catching thoughts and impressions. K .
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Congrats, Ella! That is wonderful. Is the issue on sale yet?
Jim said…
I love all of this post, Ella. Your poem has me wanting to open doors that won't open for me (I do stick man art (??) at best).

The last lines, solitary on the plane--we are packed and waiting for a care to take us to Heathrow, then we go back to Texas. I have Solitary on my iPhone and iPad as well as several books. A mystery, a love novel (by a blogger I found on the I-net), and a Scott Fitzgerald novel, his first. Also is Dicken's "Drood".
No doodle pads for my stick men though.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Congratulations on getting your work into the craft magazine, Ella. That is fantastic. I love to see how Emily Dickinson has inspired both your art and poetry here.
Brian Miller said…
congrats on being published again in the mag...and its an interesting story in which you found your inspiration...parchments sewn promise is a cool line...and playing solitaire...sometimes yes, but it also gave me a feel of end of life as well....
Anonymous said…
Congrats Ellen! You already know I read the article while at B & N and just adore how you took us on a journey through Emily's life. Your inspired creations coupled with your writing is pure magic and TALENT!

White is always so lovely and pure. I wouldn't mind having a totally white house, with everything in it being pristine white :) from floors to ceilings and even my clothes :)
Susan said…
Excellent, Excellent--both the news and the poem that remembers the earlier pockets of these creations. Beautiful.
Hannah said…
I'm super thrilled for you, Ella!!! And Happy Birthday month to you...special indeed!!

I love your sketch poem that brings your art and process to life!

Wonderful work my friend!! 1111! ♥
Mary said…
What a joyful post this is, Ella! I have that Emily Dickinson book you mentioned. It really is a treasure, and I can see how it would be inspiring for you as well.
Heaven said…
Congrats Ella ~ I love tucking sentiments for some day ~ Like what Mary said, this is a joyful post ~ Have a good weekend ~

Sherry Blue Sky said…
From top to bottom your page is always a delight - is that you and your dad in the photo on your banner? I love how they always change and are always so delightful! You are so talented. CONGRATULATIONS on the publication - you are being featured in magazines so often now, you have made your way In, no easy thing to do.

Your art is, as always, incredible....beautiful idea, white on white......and your poem is wonderful. It's a feast in here today!
Susie Clevenger said…
Congratulations Ella!! You are so talented in so many art forms...such a gorgeous poem also!
Poet Laundry said…
Congrats Ella! Gorgeous work in the magazine. Lovely poem too.
Ella said…
Hi Jenn-Thank you, so much~ I enjoyed yours, too. Hope life is calm for you~ ATB

Susie-Thank you! So are you~ I love your photos-I hope you will share some more over in the Garden~

Sherry-No, but I thought of Father's Day. My dad's birthday some times was the same day. I have this happen when it comes to Mother's Day. YOU are very kind-no this is a page in my red thread journal. You are very sweet to me-thank you so much!!
Emily inspired white-it is serene when gathered together-thank you!

Grace-Thank you! I hope you are having fun tucking things, too! I hope you and yours had a lovely weekend~

Mary-Thank you so much! I don't have the book-but it is on my wish list. I kept glancing at it every time I visited the book store and was intrigued-it inspired my art-thank you so much! I am happy you love the book~ Maybe someday I will get it!

Hannah-I hope to come home this autumn-we must meet! I will come to your neck of the woods~ It is a beautiful area-I sure miss my home state! Thank you so much~ 1111

Susan-Yes, I shared a peek before I mailed it in. Thank you so much~ :D

Dezzy-Me too! Sometimes I think the blank slate is the best-you can add whatever you like. When I first moved into military housing I was stunned by all the white walls-but I did learn to love it. I do love color too..maybe one all white room ;D Thank you~

Abby-You are so sweet!! I can't wait to see you in the July SLife issue-good luck on the cover~ It would be lovely to see you be a cover girl! Someday, for me maybe-we can dream~ Thank you dear friend! xo

Brian-Yes, that is what I intended! An Emily type ending-her final days surrounded by white. I do believe she dressed as a blank page hoping her creativity would spark the color in her writing~
Thank you!

Kerry-Thank you! Emily was a wonderful gardener, too. It is sad to read of her retreat-but bringing creativity to life is a solo act-especially writing.
Thanks again~

Jim-Doodle away and set the stick men free~ I love to sketch and doodle, too. Sometime I will share my scrawl and you can see the beginning to the end-you will laugh. It looks like chicken scratch-lol. Thank you and have a wonderful trip~ Be safe!

L.Diane-Yes, it is a May/June issue. There was an error on one of Emily's quotes-I checked my word doc and freaked a bit when I saw it. Thankful mine was as it should be. Thank you so much!

Karin-Thank you! I imagine everything attracting Emily's attention and her awareness being so keen! Thanks again
Ella, from the pocketed apron to "Tucking sentiments for someday," your first stanza was my favorite. The whole poem has a sense of freedom and a kind of ownership of the magical in our world... Thanks! The Long-lost Amy+
Syed Kazim Ali said…
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Ella said…
Hi Amy! Wow, I wondered about you~
Thank you so much! I loved seeing Emily through the window of time-
You are sweet! Thank you
Margaret said…
"fragrant lavender perfumes my small hands
tucking sentiments
for someday—"

This whole theme is about "tucked" memories and the envelopes are gorgeous! What a perfect pairing of themes. Just lovely.