Imaginary Garden-Sunday Challenge

Kerry shared with us a form called, 'The Terzanelle  is a marriage of the Italian Terza Rima with the French Villanelle conceived by Lewis Turco in his "The Book of Forms”. This is a 19 line poem, consisting of five stanzas of three lines (tercets), and the final stanza having four lines (quatrain), in which the first and last lines of the first stanza are repeated as a refrain. In addition, other lines are repeated throughout, and a rhyme scheme comes into play:
The middle line of the each of the tercet stanzas is copied and becomes the last line of the following stanza and the first line of that stanza rhymes with it, thus making it an interlocking form. The lines are traditionally written in iambic pentameter, but instead of focusing on meter, I would suggest a consistent line length of 10 syllables."   

Yes, panic set in-my  house was busy and loud.  I need quiet to write.  So, I waited until I was alone.  I am surprised by my poem-it was not where I was going, but writing does this-it surprises us-it twists and turns and take on a new life.  

I thought of my daughter and her boyfriend.  Many long conversations, while he has been away at college.  He recently returned and they went camping-and it rained.  It didn't happen like this, but their adventure inspired my poem.   

Missing You

splotches of gray linger
 your eyelash cascades to my cheek
urban decay puddles on your fingers

you hold me like a cloud tender and meek
black spider legs run down my face
your eyelash cascades to my cheek

 corona of stars reflects in your windows
your heart anchors spilling light
black spider legs run down my face

missing you discourages our fight
your scent: fresh rain and smoldering flames
your heart anchors spilling light

butterfly kisses one of our silly games
your lips taste like honey-so sweet
you scent:  fresh rain n' smoldering flames

thunder booms as rain dampens our heat
splotches of gray linger
your lips taste like honey-so sweet
urban decay puddles on your fingers

©Ellen Wilson 

*My daughter's eye shadow palette is called Urban Decay!
A gift from her boyfriend.


The Urban Decay was throwing me, but now it makes perfect sense!
Ella said…
Hi Alex-I do like puzzles, but feared I went too far with this one~ Thanks for sharing this with me!
Happy Sunday to you and the Mrs.~
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is so lovely, Ella. You have created the mood so well with your imagery, and the rhythm lends a light-hearted feeling too.

Young love is very precious and you have captured this poignant time with a mother's eye for small details.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I doubt any thunderstorm could dampen their flames of passion - LOL!
Ella said…
L. Diane-I am sure it didn't either. Dampened the tent and they likely moved to the car-lol! tee,hee...
You are funny!

Kerry-Thank you! Tough form...but so beautiful! Yes, a mother's eye not painting too much. Yes, young and tender love-sweet and filled with drama! Thank you Kerry~

Lolamouse said…
Ah, young love! My boyfriend (now my husband) and I were in different states for over 5 years, so I know the difficulty of a long distance relationship and how fights are avoided by the missing each other. YOu've expressed this beautifully and in a difficult form!
Gail said…
Urban Decay...and people buy it!

Beautiful poem.
Grace said…
What a sweet story Ella ~ Now I understand the tears from that urban decay ~

Young love is ever so fervent when distance is involved ~ My other son is also in this predicament ~

Wishing you happy Sunday ~
N. R. Williams said…
I know zero about poetry so your explanation was great. I enjoyed your poem very much.

Thanks for your comments on my blog.
Brian Miller said…
smiles....i am glad the explanation of the urban decay, ha...the year before i was married my wife and i lived in different states so i understand it well...smiles.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You took an IMPOSSIBLY difficult form, and created such a sweet lyrical poem. Wow. Beautiful, Ella!
Poetic Soul said…
Urban Decay, you'd think people wouldn't buy that.

nice one
Hannah said…
This is tender given the back-story, Ella...beautiful writing and the form flows so well. This is my favorite:

"you hold me like a cloud tender and meek"

So tender. :)
Shelly said…
This was like a sweet love story. Like how lines were repeated. It was almost like a song.

Hugs and chocolate!
Sumana Roy said…
aww...this is so sweet and such an
effortless and spontaneous flow....
you made the form look so easy....
great job :)
jo-hanna said…
this comes across as both whimsical and tender, painted with a delicate palette of love and affection. A great accomplishment.
Anonymous said…
A very tender portrait of love... Very nice!
Wanda said…
Ah...the urban decay makes sense. You have captured the beauty of young love well.
Fireblossom said…
I wondered how urban decay figured into it until i saw the note at the end! The names they come up with for stuff like that are crazy. :-)
Renee said…
Wow, so romantic! Love the name of the eye shadow, I could picture the running mascara. Sweet.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

I really enjoy your poetry so much.... This was romantic, atmospheric, and a bit dark all at the same time.... Beautiful.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I will return I injured myself and typing hurts. I think I need a x-ray. I am wearing a splint. I heard a snap in my arm-it isn't getting better.
Johanna Garth said…
Great poem. I'm sure there was LOTS of smoldering and I love that she talks to you about her passions!
Kristin said…
I hope you feel better!
Oh, your poem is SO sweet - how wonderful that she has this to remind her of this time - I loved it.
AND love catching up with you - I JUST saw you new work in Studio yesterday too! Congratulations are in order!! xoxo
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