Sun Quilts Day

Sun Quilts Day

Dear World,

Quilting day is painful
Paparazzi snapping  flash lights into my only good eye
I gather cotton to stitch the wonders of blue
My other eye waits 
 winks at you later tonight 
when indigo curtain opens
and the silver screen brightens

Wind kept chasing me 
moving my golden thread 
my mood may change if
he keeps it up
while Trees shake and laugh
balance trees your Sun Salutations
are going to be hard to do without my handy work.
Backstitching sucks

Threading day to open daisy wide
is a gift-given to me by Mother Nature
aka Green Woman
I release my feathered hair 
bleeding light to gently
tickle my family awake
first the song birds
next  peepers and  beetles.

My thoughts tumble into gathered batting
like convo bubbles
 secret messages of 
purple haze and crystal blue persuasion
for poets n' artists.

Steel wings glide around me-daily
seam allowances have been made
like dandelions blowing in the wind
I make a wish
for you 
someone please tell me- my seams are uniform.
Watch for surprises as I love
to add Fat Quarters
Remember I am bias! 

Queen Soleil

©Ellen Wilson 

My attempt with Kerry's prompt-
Pathetic Fallacy-n.
The ascribing of human traits or feelings to inanimate nature for eloquent effect, especially feelings in sympathy with those expressed or experienced by the writer, as a "cruel wind," a "pitiless storm". 

I will return to read and comment!  I am off to x-ray. I torqued my wrist lifting too many plastic bags and I heard a snap.  (My neighbor chases me when I arrive home and I hurry in the house to avoid her.)  She only speaks to me when she needs heavy lifting and I can't do it-so I run.  I have tried to tell her-augh!  


Brian Miller said…
oh goodness i hope all is well with your wrist...that does not sound good...

i dunno, i kinda hope my seams are not all straight, you know....smiles...
I'm sorry about your wrist! Hope it's just a sprain.
Kerry O'Connor said…
You always manage to infuse nature with life and imagination, Ella. I really like your idea of writing this from the viewpoint of the sun - she does have a busy day of it!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, this poem is especially wonderful. I love everything about it....smiled at "backstitching sucks". Your seams are VERY uniform, but thankfully your creativity knows no boundaries and continues to amaze. I hope your wrist is okay - if BAGS snap it, how can your neighbor expect you to lift anything bigger? Show her your cast, if you get one (and after it is removed keep it handy to slide on any time she comes after you, hee hee. You get a Free Pass now forever.)
Mary Ann Potter said…
A really creative personification here, Ellen -- well-crafted (no pun intended)!

Take care of your wrist. Not everything has to be done 10 minutes ago, you know!

Sending an encouraging hug!
Sumana Roy said…
i specially love the night beautifully written..and hope all's well with you..
jo-hanna said…
backstitch does suck, as does hand hemming.
How heavy were your plastic bags? Not empty ones then.
A very intriguing set of ideas you hand us.
Helen said…
Love this! Love the 'bias' word .. we all know how difficult it is to work on the bias! Take care of your wrist, Ella!
Margaret said…
Adore the title and the "winking". I hope your wrist is nothing serious!
Ella said…
Hi Margaret-Thank you! I sprained it-I am ok. I will not bolt from elderly women-lol. I have tried to be friendly-but it always backfires on me. Live and learn~

Helen-Thank you! I had to use that word-I thought it would be a fun ending! Thank you Helen~ Yes, it is!

Jo-hanna-Full-really full! I was dumb. I have a bad sprain and am wearing a splint. It hurts-I twerked it real good~ Thank you so much-yes, hand hemmming sucks, too. Thank you~

Sumana-Thank you-I thought it would be fun to see one eye closed like an owl. You are kind!

Mary Ann-Thank you! lol Yes, you are so right-I need to slow down and be cautious. One day her AC had died and I invited her over-which I thought was odd she didn't go to VA. She is always on the go and four of her five kids live there. One is close-it was a long afternoon-we were fine until she wanted to tell me about all the diabetes she knew had lost limbs or died.

Sherry-She has tunnel vision-I swear~ Great idea I will keep my splint on for now and use it when needed. ;D Thank you so much~
I loved yours too...I gotta go play catch up~

Kerry-Thank you Kerry! I want to try and write another one-I had an unique piece of art I wanted to pair it with. You are very kind~

Alex-It is a sprain! Thank you~
Funny to imagine, but not funny in reality!

Brian-lol, no my seams are not straight, but perfection is a difficult dance. I am okay-just a bit miffed at myself. Live n' learn ;D Thank you~
Jinksy said…
A busy patchwork sun is a great idea. :-)
Ella said…
Hi Jinksy! Thank you-yes we all need a bright spot in our day-writing does this for me! Thank you-I love your comment :D