Graduation Day

Sometimes words can't describe the day, but photos can!

Avoiding silly string!
When the graduates received their diploma they covered the principle with stickers-lol!   

My girl is still bruised from colorguard. 
Time to go celebrate!
Congrats Angela, we are proud of you~ 


D.G. Hudson said…
Your daughter looks beautiful in blue. Congrats! and love that last bubble shot.

Congratulations to your daughter! She's as stunning as her mother.
Mary Ann Potter said…
How exciting! Your daughter is beautiful. Happiness and blessings to y'all on this special day.
Janet Martin said…
a beautiful moment captured forever. Congratulations!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
She looks beautiful - congrats to your daughter.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You have raised a beautiful happy girl, with a solid foundation for life. Yay for you, too, Mom and Pop!!!!! Angela looks so happy. I LOVE the bubble shot - her mother's daughter! Congratulations to all of you. Angela's Big Adventure begins. Dont worry, Angela, when you are at school and your mom is lonely and pining, we will send her support!!
Liza said…
Wonderful. Congratulations to your daughter...and you!
Vicki Sheehan said…
awww...congratulations! an exciting time...enjoy : )
Hart Johnson said…
Congrats to her! I see honor chords too, so well done!
Ella said…
Hi Hart-Thank you! Yes, you do ;D
They actually had a math test on Friday and graduated on Saturday?!
Crazy-thanks again!

Vicki-Thank you! Yes, it is-and you wonder where time went? Seems like yesterday when the big yellow school bus was picking her up for her first day!

Liza-Thank you!! We are headed to college orientation later this week! This will be the day I cry-leaving her in a tiny box room in college. Life keeps moving-

Sherry-Awe, this was sweet! I will need it~ I will miss my partner in crime-she also helps me redecorate stores!! ;D Thank you, Sherry!

L.Diane-Thank you so much!! She has my brother's big smile~ You are sweet~

Janet-Thank you! I will visit you more often-you write so beautifully!

Mary Ann-Thank you so much!! It was a blessing to see it-be there!

Alex-You make me blush~ Thank you so much!!

D.G.-Thank you! Yes, we had a cook out with family and friends. Then the young left to go celebrate some more. They went to a fancy restaurant and the movies. There wasn't a project graduation party-for the first time in years.

shelly said…
Your daughter is a beautiful girl. Your pics were great.
Ella said…
Hi Shelly-Thank yo so much! She is my partner in crime-it is going to be difficult for me this fall. I will blog more ;D and maybe write a book! Hugs n'chocolate for YOU!!
Congrats, congrats!
And the principal looks kinda hot under the blurriness :)
E.J. Wesley said…
What a special day and moment! I remember when I graduated high school, it felt like my life was finally ready to begin. :)
Ella said…
Dezzy - Good vision - he is!

EJ YES I agree it feels like just like you described!
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