This morning as I was pounding out my morning pages-I noticed a parade of wings.  I was up earlier than usual.  I set my laptop on my kitchen table and through my French doors, I witnessed the birth of day and the birds saluting the sun.  Many different species came and perched on a post and gave a soap box rant or maybe it is was an announcement-free buffet over at Ben's house or sang a beautiful song.  I did see a bird dive happily into my window box tearing shreds of my coconut husk fiber before flying away.   I thought of us-writers.  We are from all walks of life, perching on our blogs trying to be heard, be recognized and we have something to say.

Today being the first Wednesday of the month-it is time for a post about the IWSG -founded by Captain Alex Cavanaugh.

"It’s time for another group posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group!Time to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. If you’d like to join us, click on the tab above and sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. I encourage everyone to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. Your words might be the encouragement someone needs. "

Writers come from all walks of life, yet like birds of a feather-we do flock together!  We all hope to be on the perch sometime, sharing our news of selling short stories, finishing our manuscript, publishing our book, or any accomplishment-where our penned voice is heard.   Writing is a tough gig.  We are just trying to be heard and leave our imprint on the world.  We hope our words like the birds who create their nest- will someday inspire, comfort, and or excite someone-maybe they will tweet about us!   Yes we are a special breed~  What kind of bird are you? 
 I am Penguin and I have a crush on the world~

In the flurry of wings, we must remind each other to continue chirping,  have the courage to craft our stories and sing each others praises.  Word enable our souls to fly, to find comfort in our nest, witness courage n' passion and align our humanity's feathers with hope.   We can always tweet about each other and spread the song!

"Authors are a special breed – they are children at heart, adults when it comes to researching their information or plots, and they are ancient gurus striving to show the world that there are better ideas, more memorable stories, and fine literature just waiting to be published."
Arleen M. Kaptur 2003 January

"The reasons birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings." 
                                                                  J.M. Barrie-Peter Pan


As long as I'm not a vulture...
You have already left your imprint on the world, Ella.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I'm one of those goonie birds (or whatever they're called) who is incredibly ungraceful on land.
Ella said…
L.Diane-I almost spit out my Iced Coffee-no you aren't! You are a bird who loves cats! lol Come to think of it I am kinda of a klutz. I keep bumping into things-I am a bat!
The test said Penguin-I am more batty. Perhaps I am related to Batman-tee,hee Maybe you are a Cockatiel-they are pretty, smart and quirky! My mom had one. Her cat and her bird, Aussie had one crazy moment and then after that were friends. This bird even barked-too funny!

Rachel-I just grabbed my copy! I can't wait to share it with my Rapunzel~ ATB Thank you~

Alex-You are an Eagle-they mate for life and well you know-soar high! ;D Thank you-you are sweet!
I do think I probably make a lot of English teachers mad. This fall I will sharpen my claws and crawl back into my English books!
D.G. Hudson said…
I like woodpeckers and owls, not the friendliest of birds, I know, but they don't give up easily either. One is tenacious and the other is a predator. . .

I like your comparison of writers to birds!
I'm grateful that my parents gave me a bird name. But the red-breasted robin is a male. Oh, well. I still like it.

Your writing is beautifully poetic, Ella, as if your words have wings.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I've never considered the bird question before, but I suppose I'm a Carolina wren. They're always busy, determined, and observant. And they're cute! 8-)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love "in the flurry of wings....continue chirping!" YES!
shelly said…
Aw....what a beautiful post.
Ella said…
Thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed visiting you~
Brian Miller said…
smiles...i am def a firm believer in our need to encourage each other to keep chirping...a penguin...ha...i like...perhaps a crow for me.
Carol Kilgore said…
I'm probably a seagull - always laughing and trying to steal someone's food :)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Birds of a feather for sure...love this Ella. :-)
Jim said…
I like the Kaptur quote, Ella. Nice going. I would probably forget but in the sort of near future I might be interested in this group. Best of wishes for you and for your writing, you are a good writer, very good.

Bird: For writing I suppose a woodpecker, I just keep pecking away on the lap top keyboard, not having nearly enough time to do all that I would like. Too, not for cultivating a larger audience of steady readers. Most will exchange comments, that is the only way I know who reads of the people I don't know.

Several readers, some family, others, I know who don't blog. I like for them to speak up though. The auto publish on Facebook makes the blog in my FB "friend's" before their noses. Site Meter tells me of their visits, sometimes.
Renee said…
Loved your post, I think I'm a hummingbird. People think I'm always moving but I'm not. I just sit quietly where they can't see me.
Ella said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ella said…
Hi Renee-I love hummingbirds! I have seen them perched and flash their signature red-isn't that your favorite color?! You observe collecting all the goodness! I love your answer~ @>------

Jim-You always make me smile! I love you sharing you keep at it like a Woodpecker. I saw one this morning-gorgeous! Yes, keep pecking-I will be stopping by to see what you create! Thank you Jim-
I know one time, I ruffled a family member's feathers. They were miffed at me about one of my posts. I didn't even say anything about them?! I'll be by to visit you! :D

Hi Carrie-I am so happy you are writing and part of the Garden!
We are toads with wings ;D
Thank you!

Michael Di Gesu said…
LOVE this analogy, Ella!

Birds are such beautiful and free spirits....

Have a fantastic weekend!
Ella said…
Hi Michael-Thank you!
I hope you do, too! My daughter is graduating-so I will be a Cuckoo bird-lol!

Thank you so much~
Love that quote by J.M Barrie!!!
If I could pick, I would pick . . . eagle owl. Or I would pick one of those little tiny birds that gazes in at me when I'm at my kitchen window. :)
Great post!
Wanda said…
I like the idea of writers being as birds. Hadn't thought of that before Ella.
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