Tangled in Red

I read a book in January called An Invisible Thread by Linda Schroff.  It inspired me and I started to create a Red Thread Journal.  I wanted to connect images that shared life.  I tried to use vintage photos-with a candid appeal, but I also have the traditional family photos.   I was fortunate to be asked to write an article by editor, Christine Stephens, for the June issue of Sew Somerset.  Christine was amazing to work with and I feel fortunate to be in her last issue.  I learned she is living Stampington & Company. It was a privilege Christine-thank you for all your kindness and attention to detail!  

The first time I heard the proverb was when I started watching the TV series, Touch.  The show is about an eleven year old boy named Jake, who is autistic.  Jake has never spoken, but he has found a way to communicate with numbers and sequences by using the Fibonacci Sequence.  The show started on my husband's birthday, March 22nd and ended on mine, May 10th-odd. There were other unique connections-  I discovered I had used bird charms thorough out the journal.  Later I realized it was when my son was leaving the nest.

*****Stampington Photo of my work

I believe  it is through our connections we grow and become better people.  We bond in our joy, our love,  and sadness.   Our humanity makes us all kindred spirits.

I am featured over at the Stampington Blog.  I offered a tutorial for a Red Thread card.  I would love it if 
you stopped by!

Thank you to Gabriela, who interviewed me.  Your kindness and patience were remarkable.  I feel honored by the experience and enjoyed all we shared!  Thank you again Gabriela-I will never forget this week. I see the process differently now. The work you have done on the blog is uplifting and beautiful~
  We bonded over red thread!  


And article and and interview! You're on a roll.
It is through connections we grow as people. Things of this world will pass, but people are forever. They are the most important.
Ella said…
Hi Alex-Thank you! I have been tangled with my children and now need to focus on others~ Are you sure you are a Ninja? I think you are more likely a wise sage ;D
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Congrats, Ella. I don't believe I've ever watched the show Touch.
Brian Miller said…
very cool concept...i enjoyed Touch...i am sad that it ended...i think there is a connection between all of us that come in contact with one another...threads that link us around the globe.....
Vicki Sheehan said…
Ellen, this is really wonderful! What a nice article...congratulations. You are such a nice person...I'm glad that our "thread" is connected
: )
Anonymous said…
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Renee said…
Loved the interview and the book! Awesome concept.
Mary said…
What a wonderful honor, Ella!
And the connections we make sometime boggle my mind indeed.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Wooo hooo! Hooray! I have a saying about this:

"The older you get, the higher the likelihood of knowing somebody famous."

Well, I know YOU! Congratulations, my talented friend. I am headed for the blog and just may construct my own project from your tutorial!
Kristin said…
Hi Ella! I saw it and came over to say WOW!!!!! AWESOME job and congratulations~ xoxo
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Published in magazines, asked to do a project on the magazine's website.....way to go, Ellie! I am so happy to see your wonderful and highly original art being recognized. When I look at the book, it makes me long to open it and riffle through the pages....a book like that, with vintage old photos, would make such a meaningful gift for a family member........wonderfully done!
Gabriela said…
Ella, it was such a pleasure to work with you. You are such a gentle and creative spirit. Thank you again for being a guest artist on Somerset Place. I am -so- looking forward to working with you again.

Ella said…
Thank you everyone so much! I commented on your thoughts before I went to bed?! Blogger is acting strange again- I will be back to try again! You all are very kind and I feel fortunate to have your red threads in my life! @>-------------
Ella said…
Gabriela-It was a pleasure to work with you! I will never forget how gracious and kindhearted you are~
You have a gift and I am beyond thrilled to be featured at Somerset Place! I do hope our red threads cross paths once again~ Stampington is lucky to have you! @>------
Thank you so much!

Sherry-I started with a generation photo-sisters and collected photos to reflect humanity. The red string connects on every page. I worried it would tangle and appear messy-but the message remained intact! Thank you so much for being part of this project! The book you shared with me-helped bring it into focus! You are a great friend-someday we will meet on your shore or mine! Keep sharing your talent-this is a way to carry your red thread!
Ella said…
Kristin-I hope to join you next year on your SOC project~ This summer I am roaming with my daughter-yes red thread is involved. ;D Thank you so much~ It was a gift and Congrats on all your features! You are very kind-thank you! xo

Mary Ann-You make me laugh and smile! You are so funnay-my accent!
You need to submit more art-send in your lavender art-it is stunning! Thank you so much-you are so fun! Thank you for being you~ xo

Mary-You are so right! The connections are so amazing and unique! I am happy to have connected with you online-you are very kind~

*I met a woman at the DMV the other day and her son lived in Maine. She had lived on Adak Island-which is extremely remote. The chances of talking to someone like this-blew me away! Someone was complaining about how busy it was and I said, "This is nothing-the DMV in Alaska is insane-it curves people around like a roller coaster ride-100 people ahead of you." If I hadn't said that I wouldn't of talked to this woman.
Connections are everywhere!!!

Renee-Thank you so much~ And thanks for being so kind to comment on FB and the blog!! You are one of the most heartfelt artists I know! And by far the best baker ;D So, I have heard!

Vicki-I am very happy we connected! ( I found you and Sherry-by fate's red string).
I hope we get to further our connection in the future. Your art is beautiful and inspires words-one of my most favorite things in the world! Thank you so much~

Ella said…
Brian-I too was sad the show ended too soon~ It was special to witness the layers of connection! I love that a ball of red thread around the world-so visually beautiful~
Thank you for being so sweet and kind! Your teaching and your poetry is your red thread-keep it rolling!

L.Diane-Thank you! You can stream it on Netflix. There are only two seasons-it was on after American Idol, I believe~ You are very sweet-thank you! I am glad we met and I love all that you inspire, your books, your photos and your kindness-thank you!

Alex-I think I might have another nickname for you. Captain Ninja Sage has a nice ring to it. You carry the thread far, dear friend! I am thankful I found you. It was Arlee's A-Z challenge-and what a bright thread of red that is~

Thank you everyone for being part of my red thread-you all are so special and talented!! It is a privilege to be part of your life.
Unknown said…
Clever project, Ella.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, WHERE is that beautiful place on your banner?????? WOW!!!!!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry-It is where I escaped to a few weeks ago~ Yes, it really is stunning~ ;D

Kim-Thank you so much!
Anonymous said…
The photos are just beautiful and moving, Ella. Congratulations! K.
Jim said…
Congratulations, Ella!! Your Chinese proverb find was a godsend for you, inspiration for the red thread themed cards. Good reading too!

I will send the magazine blog link and the link to your blog post to my friend who does carding. I won't say she will do one of these journals but I know she will like to read of your process.

Thank you for the 'heads up' by reading my corny sweet potato poem. I didn't mean to come across so strong with the potato bit and might leave that reference out for a final version. I will sleep on it.
Jim said…
The cruise was wonderful, we left Ft. Lauderdale April 17 and arrived at Southampton, U.K. on May 3. (Then we stayed with our kids in London until May 31, leaving once for Wales and a visit to friends who live in Northampton.)

It was a Princess cruise, it stopped at the Azores, Ireland (Cork and Dublin), Belgium, and La Havre, France. We've been to most of those before but it still was nice.
Ella said…
Karin-Thank you! Yes, I books do inspire and take us on many cherished paths~ You are very kind-thank you so much! I love your latest poem-I had to read it twice!!

Jim-Your trip sounds like a dream!
I enjoyed your poem-leave it just as it is. I don't know anyone who hasn't come back from vacation and found a spud surprise~ You are fun-Thank you so much!!
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