100 Happy Days

My daughter and her boyfriend, Brenden challenged me to submit a photo, for 100 days-of something that makes me happy. There is a website and you, too can sign up-If you dare!!!  So, I signed up-then I thought about next month taking my daughter to her new home at college-I will be sad.  Maybe this will help me?!      I ran around my house taking photos.  Today, it was difficult to choose.

Ben n' Jerry's Coffee, Coffee, Buzz Buzz Buzz made me very happy! 
I had to burn it off, off, off-but it was worth it~

This also made me happy-
I love it when flowers decide to bloom in unique places.

But, today's winner was a book, I had received and had only glanced at.  I  love history and the stories that  arrive from what one gathers and collects~


Ella said…
I just read my horoscope-mmh, I guess was a good day to start ;D

TODAY: 03 July 2014

Dearest Taurus, happiness is easily obtainable. Don't be stubborn, don't be cold. You just need to embrace the offers of happiness that you have out there. You aren't going to find anything if you are closing yourself off. It is easy to become bitter when life gets out of whack. You don't have to though, Taurus.
You're on the path to happiness now.
Ben and Jerry's. So good, but so bad.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
What a wonderful idea. Photos always make me happy.

Congrats on winning the book.
Mary Ann Potter said…
A fun assignment! How does one choose? Loved the photos, especially the ice cream! A mood-brightener for sure...
Vicki Sheehan said…
that is a great idea and one i might try. i need to practice with my new camera and this might just do the trick. your ice cream photo is making me hungry : )
Letting go of those daughters is tough. I cried half of the six hours home from Boston when my daughter was a freshman. You'll need the Ben and Jerry's.
Liza said…
Oh, I like this idea! Whether ten days or one hundred, you are choosing to be happy. Hooray!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
a 100 day commitment? Brave girl! I know it will be touch, the quiet house when your daughter is at college - you can do a series of photos - the packing, the empty room, and then the slow organizing of your new art room. The new book looks good!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I hope those of you celebrating American's birthday have a wonderful, happy and safe day~
I will return!
Mama Zen said…
I want some of that Ben and Jerry's happiness!
Brian Miller said…
woot i would be down with some B&J...smiles...cool book too...def tough to let the kids go...i still have a few years before i thave to endure that...luckily...smiles.
Anonymous said…
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Your pictures made me happy today-- I hope your summer is wonderful and that you enjoy your daughter while she is here--college is a transition for sure!
Ella said…
Hello Audrey-I already am starting to feel sad a bit. Thank you so much! You are very sweet~ Yes, for all involved-you are so right!

Brian-It is a great book! My daughter and her boyfriend are talking about starting an ice cream business in their dorm. They are looking at the college guidelines. There has been a lot of testing in my kitchen! lol
We laugh because in the man cave is Ben n' Jerry. My hubby is friends with Ben-our next door neighbor and his father in law, Jerry. Enjoy! Time flies-just like everyone says~

Mama Zen-I know right! What is your favorite?! ;D

What a great idea - capturing those little things that bring joy!
THanks so much for visiting me and for your nice comment about being on the Somerset Place blog. I see you are a regular in Stampington publications - wonderful!!