Boomerang Metaphor Poem

  I have been sick-the dreaded summer cold.  I hate getting a cold, but in summer the sauna like humidity just makes me wilt.   I over heard my daughter and her boyfriend talking.  I guess the plan is not to return next summer.  I kinda suspected this news, but hearing it induced a sense of panic.  I have been on a mission to make memories.  We went to the Southern Hotel the other day and stopped to visit shop proprietor, Laura Carsey and artist, Ingrid McEntire.

Yes, I am behind on my 100 Days of Happy challenge. I made a collage-this covers from July 8-July 16.

 I found my daughter's childhood tea set.  The colors are mismatched and resemble Fiestaware.   
Cheerful, happy memories surfaced when I found this tiny cup. July 17

Now, time for a poem-I am so behind on blogging and writing!  Summer happened-

Here are happy photos for July 18,19th and 20.  Tomorrow I will post two pics to catch-up. I am using these photos to inspire a poem.  My friend, Hannah created a new form of poetry called Boomerang Metaphors.  You can read more about it here~  Congrats, Hannah!

This poem is an apron.
This poem is a Valentine from the sea.
This poem is a small token.

This poem is a kite on a clothesline
a pocketful of posies
a pink Depression ware plate
where memories are bleached n' hung
prayers for wet kisses for my roses
for your arms to hug me
This poem is an apron.

This poem is a gift from the sea
hear the ocean's breeze sing a bewitching tale
of the sea's marriage to the coast
as the waves kiss the shore
tumbling milky glass remembers
favors of love's stormy romance 
This poem is a Valentine from the sea.

This  poem is kissed by violet leaves
 where words gather on a lazy porch swing
in timeless word-homes
as Ice tea's tears collect and puddle
watching Monarch's floral wings embrace the blue fringe of day
tiny stars collected in a Mason jar lighting my pathway to you
This poem is a small token. 

This poem is an apron worn by my grandmother-now mine.
This poem is a Valentine kissed by a salty breeze.
This poem is a small token of violet freshness tucked in a word-home.

 ©Ellen Wilson


Ella! I'm sorry you've been sick. That just... sucks.
Is your dog watching the rabbit in those photos?
Keep making those memories. She won't be gone forever though.
Fireblossom said…
I really like your collage, Ella!
Susie Clevenger said…
Love all your photos and your poem is so beautiful. You really captured the form superbly.
Gail said…
This poem is beautiful.
Susan said…
This poem is a true gift. i like how it refers back and forth to the pics/collage--but i tell you that it could also stand alone because it is full of both artifacts and presence. Delightful.
Jim said…
Liking your poem, Ella. I am with Susan in that it recalls, explains, and amplifies your aIrt and collections before. Yet it will stand alone very nicely.

These are my favorite lines, "tiny stars collected in a Mason jar lighting my pathway to you
This poem is a small token."

That may be because of my childhood trying to work with the lightening bugs.

I take it your daughter wants to go away to college, to where her boy friend is. You never know what will transpire, they are young. My grand-daughter and her boyfriend broke up in college but then she found her a new husband.

Our daughter, two grand-daughters, and the SIL just came home this week after Karen's working almost five years in London. We are glad to have them home. Now hope SIL can get a job. He is in I.S, or was.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your art collage is beautiful, as always. I love Buster's sweet face peering out, and your daughter's childhood tea cup. How sweet. Love your boomerang poem, and love that you tried one.......I have fun with that form, it is one of the more accessible forms, for me........dont worry about next summer. Your daughter will miss home - and you have made a ton of memories this whole year that will see her through her first year away.
ed pilolla said…
kissed by violet leaves... that's lovely.
Marian said…
i love everything about this post... except for being sick, of course. and about kids not coming home next summer. gah! soon enough i'll be there. i dreamed last night that my little girl wasn't with me, that she was staying with someone else. it wasn't terrifying, nothing bad was happening, the person was a friend. but now i'm filled with anxiety! gah! anyway. i love this.
Hi Ella! A summer cold is the worst. I have been coming down with something myself. I love your amazing poetry as always :)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
A Valentine from the sea - that's beautiful. As are your photos.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This form seems very much suited to your artistic style - a collage of words and images which becomes art. Really beautifully written.
Magaly Guerrero said…
I love the dance between the thoughts about your daughter, the pictures and your feelings about what's to come.

Your poem is a wonderful scrapbook.
Mama Zen said…
I love the line about the apron in the closing stanza.
Helen said…
This poem .... is so full of love!!
Margaret said…
This poem… squeezes my heart!
Anonymous said…
you rocked the prompt, Ella :) ~
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I have company, but will be back to visit you~
Thank you so much!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

You creativity, even when sick, constantly amazes me! Nothing will keep a Taurus down for long. LOL.

Your poem is beyond lovely... Your words capture me and freezes time for a one, brief, breathtaking moment....
Wanda said…
Hope your are feeling better Ella. I hope you and your daughter use this time to make many special memories together. The bubble on the wand makes me think back to my childhood days.
Grace said…
I love the collage and the your verses rocking Hannah's form ~ The gift from the sea is my favorite part ~

Good to see you Ella ~Take care ~
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim said…
I came to check on you, been missing. I do hope you are improving and will soon be writing along. I love to read your posted poems.

BTW, did you recognize your 2011 assignment of reading the fortune cookies? I was a once in a while guest with the Toads back then and missed that one. I did link to your Garden posting.

But it did it now, threw in a bunch of tea leaves for good luck (NOT).
I had the summer cold too. YUCK! It lasted weeks and weeks. Perhaps you can go and visit your daughter next summer.
Lexa Cain said…
Thanks for commenting on Alex's A-Z post about me!
I loved your poem, and I hope your daughter changes her mind and that you feel better soon. :)
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