Bouncing Back

I never intended to be away this long.  Being hyperthyroid was exhausting.  I was supercharged with energy and couldn't sit still.  I walked, talked, drove fast-everything was too fast.  Ideas felt like a hive of bee at first a vibrant swirling energy, some sweet thoughts and others felt like being stung.  I felt dizzy, hungry, couldn't sleep well, and felt like I was struck by lightning.

 My family was easily annoyed with me.  I had eaten too much seafood when we drove home to Maine.  I guess I tried to make up for not being home for five years-in a week.   I told my doctor, but  he prescribed new meds.  Meds I didn't want-because what goes up must come down. I wanted to skip a few days of meds-no, that isn't the way to treat this-I was told.   I was too fast, bouncing like a top into things, eventually I wobbled into a slow dance and then a standstill.   I tried to explain-likely too much iodine, but nothing worked.  So, I took the pale pink pills and ended up too slow.  I haven't felt like this since I was diagnosed 15 yrs ago-a human Tilt o' Whirl.  I am better now!

I have missed all of you, missed blogging, missed the sense of community!  People in my real world label me crazy, weird and an artist.  I use to feel odd about the labels, but now I laugh.  I see potential in everything, a fallen leave, a piece of string, and yes, a water bottle.
A gift for my daughter out of a coffee bag and a water bottle.  Yeah-sometimes I think I am cursed and other times I think it is a gift-it depends on the day! 

  I believe we are all creative-most of us tuck it away, hide it for a rainy day, or worse-for later in life!   WE all need to be creative now-it is a gift, an escape, a portal to bridge your inner and outer worlds!   Find a way every day to use your gift-I laugh at the crazy comments, now.  I actually smile and think yeah-I'm different!

Pharrell Williams on the TV show, The Voice said, "I'm weird, we are weird, you are weird, being the same is lame!"  Ok, maybe that wasn't the exact quote but it is close.  Yes, birds of a feather flock together, but some birds are blue, others red and some have yellow on their heads. Oh, damn I don't want to sound like Dr. Seuss.

Be the best you!

The Dr. said it better:

                                                                                                                               Dr. Seuss

My parents

So, love the flaws, the weird and crazy-to heck with those who think you are lazy!


Scarlet said…
Lovely to see you Ella ~ A weed for me is just another name for a flower ~ Admiring your creative output ~
Mary Ann Potter said…
You've been on my mind and heart over the last couple of weeks, Ellen. Glad you're back online. You were missed. I'm sending a hug and blessings your way; rest and follow the doctor's orders and heal.
Helen said…
The best news ever ~~ that you are feeling like Ella!
We have missed you! Stop the spinning.
Wonderful gift for your daughter.
And the best you is always amazing.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
SO happy to see you back. We missed you! I LOVE the photo merge of your parents as children - precious! Amazed at the water bottle you turned into such a cool gift for Angie. Hope the tilt-a-whirl stops - but yes, enjoy being you, the world could use a million more just like you!
Susie Clevenger said…
Great to see you back!! I love all your art work. I wish I had a tiny bit of your talent. :)
good to have you back, mi amiga.
you bring a freshness to our little community. you are the 'loved' weed

hope your whirly world ceases to your liking.

gracias for sharing your creative self
L. Diane Wolfe said…
You are so creative and talented. It's really good to have you back again.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm glad you're feeling better, Ella. You have been missed.
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you're back! Your description of an artist is so true and so perfectly described! We speak, look, and act differently than others and I have learned to embrace this side of me.

Hugs to you ella, feel better :)

Renee said…
Happy to see you back and at it again! Stay well.
Mary said…
Nice to see you back, Ella. Really you have been missed. And, yes, as long as you are feeling like 'Ella,' life is good!
Ella said…
Mary-I have missed you! I was too hyper and then just plain sad. I learned my lessons the hard way~
I am happy to be back! I missed the camaraderie-bloggers are the sweetest people, I know ;D

Renee-I am happy to be back-thank you!

Abby-I can spot these creative souls, now. They are attracted to items that others overlook. It is nice to know we aren't alone! Hugs to you~
Thank you!

Kerry-Thank you! I missed you, too~
I missed poetry-I read it and wrote a bit, but it was not the same.

L.Diane-Thank you! I missed you too and I forgot to saw I loved the curl of steam on your photo ;D Thank you~

Nene-I am back to my energy-which is neither fast or slow. It feels good to be back~ Your poem was beautiful, very touching!~ YOU have a romantic soul~ Thank you!

Susie-Thank you! Susie, I wish I had yours-your poems and photos contain magic! ;D

Sherry-The world could use your Nature poem to remind us to preserve the gift of our planet!
Angela loved it-she knows I am a kook and she loves me that way~ I found her collecting tea bag tags-ought oh!
Thank you, Sherry! I missed you~

Alex-I am thrilled about your new book! Wow-#4! I am so happy for you~ I have missed you, too~ Your blog looks amazing and I still vote for Metallica ;D YOU rock, Alex-always!

Helen-lol, yes, feeling like Cinderella was bad or maybe I was Spinderella-yeah, that one fits! Thank you!

Mary Ann-You are sweet and hugs to you! I don't know my doctor thinks yoga would help a lot of my issues?!
Maybe, I will try, not that I'm not dizzy anymore! I missed you~

Hi Grace-Your poems are amazing, as always! I missed your voice~ Thank you!

Wanda said…
So good to see you back. The unique way you see the world is a gift indeed.
jviola79 said…
So glad Wanda shared your post as it is wonderful! Have you ever noticed the way children are drawn to those weeds to watch the magic of blowing on them? Seriously. We truly do need a little weird to find the blessings hidden in each of our days :)
Sue W said…
Hope you're not laying claim to that quote...I've seen it written in several ways over the years. Here's one, “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” By Ralph Waldo Emerson. Just saying you may want to be careful:)