Play it Again Toads

Have you ever heard a house sigh?
like hissing dried pine cones in a woodstove
the snap n' crackle of old skeletal bones rocking
in staycation mode

do you smell  wintergreen dislocated joints 
the smoulder of orange coals with gray chalk
cracked fine china thoughts rise high as lost prayers
in swirling apple wood smoke
 their voices hover in the sizzle-snap
of old  knotted pine legs surrendering to the knock

tap, tap, tap 
their red n' black faces searching
for scoundrel Peg-leg Pete
or is it a Hob Nob goblin tickling ivory keys
humming a salty ballad
No, it is I hammering an Underwood
clickety-clack as the carriage snaps back 
my  gray rose blooms, once more.

©Ellen Wilson 

My attempt at Kerry's prompt to write a Dylan Thomas poem.  I need to practice a bit more-but I had fun trying to attempt this challenge!
Thank you, Margaret and Kerry!! 

This poem is a lame attempt at the challenge Play it Again Toads #10,  over in the


Hannah said…
I think you brought the personification of this house well, Ella...I really enjoyed the details and sound play...great to read you again!! 11:11 friend! ♥
Ella said…
Thank you Hannah!! I thought of you when I was in Maine-I will visit you next time. It was a rush to come up for a funeral and try to see my family and hurry back home! We are talking about moving back-I would love to meet at your favorite cafe-someday!!
enJOY your beautiful family 11:11 SS
Lolamouse said…
Your poem really set the mood here! I never heard of a woodpecker referred to as a tree pirate before, but when I hear one now, I'll think of my old typewriter!
Ella, of all things I admired about this poem, the best moment was your mentioning the Underwood. It was also my mom's "weapon of choice" when she wrote for the local paper. You really did Dylan Thomas proud here! Also, I used YOUR prompt for Play it Again, so thanks for that. Take good care, Amy
Kerry O'Connor said…
It is always a treat to read one of your poems, Ella. This is alive with sights and sounds accompanied with emotional depth. These techniques underlie Thomas's work and you have given the piece your own unique style.
agree that your personifications of this pic prompt was Thomas-ish.

enjoy the term 'tree pirate'
and the wafts you threw in

enjoying having you back mi amiga
I thought you did great! I can hear the old house now.
Bringing the house to life you did so well. I like how you used questions - inviting the reader to participate. And yes I have heard houses moan and settle like live creatures...
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I didn't think it was lame. We lived in an old farmhouse that made those kinds of sounds.
such a lovely and witty poem!
kaykuala said…
Old farmhouses are certainly 'alive' within or outside. It is a soothing blend of insect sounds rustling leaves and perhaps frogs and birds outside. Yes an orchestra in the woods. You've brought it alive here Ella! Great write!

I like your bringing this old house to life, the sounds and smells of it. And I enjoyed your ending bring us back to the writing we care so much about.
Wolfsrosebud said…
cool sounds in this.... people can bring a house to life in so many ways
Mary Ann Potter said…
A really great read here, Ellen! I love old houses; there are always stories firmly at home there. You've given this one a unique personality!
Susie Clevenger said…
Love all the sounds...beautiful personification
Anonymous said…
Wonderful and esp that second stanza-wow - I love it.
Susan said…
Wow! I think Dylan would approve your details! I love your touches that /i have missed so much, especially the Underwood!
Ella said…
Thank you, everyone! It has been a long day. My husband and I helped our son move into a new home today. Lots of lifting and stairs-I will comment tomorrow-thank you all so much!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You did wonderfully with the prompt, Ella....your house is alive with sights and sounds.....and the gray rose is a rather intriguing touch. I love seeing the I Am Published in Somerset tags - you are published a LOT, yay, you!
rallentanda said…
An old farm house has a magic life of its own.You portrayed this very beautifully with your
images and sounds.
Brian Miller said…
smiles...that is cool...i rather like old wood cabins and houses....i lived in one for a bit back int he day....i think too that houses have much as the people within them....
Margaret said…
Not a poor attempt - You have painted a lovely picture. Particularly liked

"cracked fine china thoughts rise high as lost prayers
in swirling apple wood smoke"

I have asked for a Dylan Thomas poetry book for Christmas :)