Black Hole

How was your Halloween?! 

Mine, was odd-I missed my kids helping me decorate, watching a late night horror movie, the fun of  making one another scream, and the local Haunted House.   I didn't dare go alone-but I did go with my husband to a neighborhood party.  My neighbors are always fun and had quite a gathering of spirits. There were Ebola patients, Walking Dead Zombies, Ozzy was there, a beer bottle and a bar fly, someone was dressed like Duck Dynasty and a wolf with a red cape-who caught and ate Red Riding Hood. 

Fireblossom asked us to write a poem.  I am late to the party-I mean pond, but I  still wanted to give it a try.

"Write something spooky for Halloween! It'll be sweeeeet."

 My Trick or Treaters were funny this year!  Kids were telling me what they wanted. "I love suckers-I want chocolate, I like those gummie rings."  One neighborhood boy I didn't recognize took off his mask when I said, "Good-bye guys and dolls."  

"It is me-Austin,  you didn't recognize me because my hair grew."   I couldn't see his hair under the mask.  

"Oh, yeah..I need some of that.  What did you use?"
He told me I could get this product at Wal-mart.   

My favorite costume was a  girl about ten years old dressed in a Day of the Dead costume.  She had red roses tangled in her black hair, white make-up with soul haunting black eyes and a few detailed cobwebs drawn on the corners of her blackened mouth and the corners of her forehead. Her costume matched her  make-up.  I asked if she had seen the movie, The Book of Life-"No, not yet, but I want to."  She seemed startled when I said:

"Me, too!"

I took this photo when I was home.  In Native American medicine, it is said their totem is magic.  Their courage enters the dark void in the great mysteries of life.  Ravens always bring a message.  "Magic comes from the void of darkness and the challenge is to bring it to light."   Medicine Cards

Black Hole

writing eye lost
in concave shards
among burnt parched trees
 blue-black wings singed
as trembling mouth quivers
beak taps on rocks n'raping ice
splinters of cold shards penetrate
soul's lament

witness blue aperture
 moon's blood seeping into 
 strong arms of midnight
she gives birth 
claws awakening
scratch dawn's Tangerine eye
as iridescent cross-hatched breath
lingers in north wind's portal
I feel pinned to the sky's wrinkles
until flooding light reveals my
 a black hole heart.

©Ella Wilson 


Mary Ann Potter said…
Image-rich and beautifully written, Ellen! I love ravens, and I truly love this poem! This time of year lends itself so well to creativity like this.
Helen said…
Your Halloween was far more adventurous than mine .. my son and I 'hid' downstairs catching up on TV shows we had taped ~ Parenthood and Nashville! No candy allowed in our home - son a newly diagnosed Diabetic Type 2 (doing beautifully)

Your poetry is haunting ....
Gail said…
I love your poetry.

We have no ravens but we plenty of crows...I hope they bring the magic to light.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such amazing imagery, Ella.

moon's blood seeping into
strong arms of midnight
she gives birth...

Thanks for sharing your Halloween with us.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, Ellie, when you write a poem, you write a POEM. You have a gift, my friend. So many wonderful images - but the one that sticks with me is "black hole heart". Do keep writing, whenever you can. This poem is astounding. Just so good.
Grace said…
I specially admire this part Ella ~

witness blue aperture
moon's blood seeping into
strong arms of midnight
she gives birth

Stunning imagery ~
Marian said…
love this post from start to finish. do you really mean raping? and then penetrating? because holy cow that sure is dark, dark.
my kids are still young enough to go out for the tricks & treats... if i think too much about what it might be like just a couple years from now, oh i'm not gonna even think about it.
Ozzy was there? He certainly fits.
That poem is awesome.
Yolanda Renee said…
Wonderful Halloween poetry! I remember admiring the Ravens in Alaska - they are very mysterious birds.

Your Halloween sounded like fun. I spent it sitting on the couch with hubby - talking about the good old days when we'd be doing more than just sitting! LOL
Fireblossom said…
This is one of your great talents, Ella. You can put together all these things and create a lively, engaging, wonderful Halloween post like nobody else's! I wish I could have seen the costumes. Here. it was miserably cold, windy and rainy. There wasn't a single trick or treater; it was just too nasty out.
Yvonne Osborne said…
I figured Ebola would be a big costume this year. If we can laugh about something, it eases the terror. My Halloween was quiet, maybe because the wind was howling with sleet and snow. We only had 7 trick-or-treaters, and three were related!

I think crows are the smartest of birds, or is it ravens? I get them mixed up. I love the line "pinned to the sky's wrinkles".

I'm happy to have a found a flash 55 posting again via Toads, and even if this isn't one, I enjoyed.
Brian Miller said…
i was videoing the high school football game on halloween so i missed most of the boys had a sleep over last night so we went a bit on the halloween side....really nice imagery in your verse ella....had a murder of crows in the back yard this afternoon as well..when i went out on the porch i spooked them something fierce...
Ella said…
Brian-I love the image you paint-spooking that murder of crows! How fun~
I hope your team won! Oh, a haunted sleep over sounds magical! I hope your boys had a great time~ Thank you!

Yvonne-Thank you! Yes, bad weather will detour those pretties and ghouls-that really is too bad! I always think these two are related-bird cousins!! ;D

Fireblossom-I am sad to hear this! I am happy you are better and taunted us for Halloween! I loved your prompt-thank you so much~ I commented on your poem, but I think it disappeared. I will be back-you brought back a memory for you! Skittles is soooo cute! Thank you for making my Halloween special~

Yolanda-Yes, I remember seeing them on Adak-so many. They were very bold and curious-one tried to get in a man's hatch back car at the Commissary. Yes, Hitchcock's movie,
The Birds, did come to mind! Yikes-
I love that-I hope you both shared wonderful, fond memories!! How sweet~ Thank you!

Alex-Yes, Ozzy was there! Mumbling and cuddling up to someone dressed as a Bar Fly! ;D Thank you~

Marian-Yes and yes!! I went dark, but to be honest-I was thinking of something I didn't share in the poem. I was thinking about my daughter in college. They had snow and the autumn colors are gorgeous-so they had this blend of two seasons. I always feel like Mother Nature is raped when winter arrives too soon. It ruins the magic of the season. This is what I was thinking, the sleet, the mess, taking away from the glory of autumn's mood.
Oh, enJOY your girls-I miss mine so much! My son moved again-we have been busy helping him. He said he was moving on up-so I now call him Mr. Jefferson-he liked that and laughed!
Thank you!

Grace-Thank you! I had fun writing it~ The moon offers us so much magic and so many faces! I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!

Sherry-You are sweet! I have missed writing poetry~ I wasn't sure how it would feel again. I have dabbled a bit, but my writing has been more essay in style. Thank you so much!!

Hi Kerry-Thank you! Yes, I do have a special place in my heart for the moon! I might have written more poems about the moon-than any other subject?! You are kind~

Hi Gail-Thank you! Crows remind us to walk our talk and speak the truth- caws we need balance. You are fun!

Helen-I love that you were together! I know that candy game-augh~ I am Type 1-I am happy to hear your son is doing so well~ Thank you!

Ella said…
Mary Ann Potter-Thank you so much! This one in the photo-didn't move very much when I was getting close. The are supposedly a courier type bird-announcing a message! ?! Caws they can! I will be by tomorrow!

WE have had internet issues due to the storm-so I apologize for not getting to visit!
Anonymous said…
Dawn's tangerine eye - so descriptive. Sounds like you had some cute treaters this year ~
Ella said…
Hi Grape-Thank you! WE did-I'll be by to visit!
Margaret said…
Liked the line Kerry highlighted and "scratch dawn's Tangerine eye" was another thriller. Great post - I have fun with Halloween too.
shelly said…
Holidays are different without your own kids. Love your post and poem.
Ella said…
Blogger is being a brat!
I commented already?!

Margaret-Thank you! I am happy you had a fun Halloween! I love the word thriller-thanks for stopping by~

Shelly-I so agree-I miss them!! There are moments, but the magic has changed! Thank you so much~ I hope everything works out for you! Hugs and Chocolate
Anonymous said…
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