Gift Idea for Social Media Fans

I have two teens and a few twenty somethings on my Christmas list this year.  I made art recently using Instagram photos.  If you are like me and uncertain what to give this age group for a gift-I can help!   Yes, everyone wants the latest, greatest gadgets, but this gift is sentimental and heartfelt.  A gift for all those Sugar Plums on your nice list!  

I have been sad lately-I think it is a combo of adjusting to the empty nest, a lingering cold and darkness.  I feel like a human yo-yo!   I am happy my kids are home, sad my kids are gone and it goes back n' forth.  I have in the past avoided my feelings, too busy to process this or that, but I know better.

I think I sent one of the most memorable care packages in my family tree, to my daughter in October.    I  made art out of some of my daughter's and my Instagram photos.   I was inspired by this quote from poet, Mary Oliver.

"Instructions for Life:  Pay attention.  Be astonished.  
Tell about it."   
-Mary Oliver

My art  was published in  Somerset Memories.  Thank you to Jana Holstein for being so kind.  Some of my charms had fallen off and she glued them back on-Jana you are the best!   I would of loved to seen my daughter's face, when she opened her care package from me and discovered herself gracing the pages of this wonderful publication!   There was a lot of laughter and OMGs over the phone!

I found this fabulous site called Print Studio where you can upload your Instagram or digital photos and have them printed into books, photos, posters, buttons, stickers, posters and cards and more.  

I love this gift! You are using their collective memories as part of the gift!  I love the idea of tiny books and buttons from photos-so many options!  So, if you don't know their password you can give them a gift card or use your own digital photos to tell their story. Either way there is a lot of heart in this gift of gathered memories.  Sentiment always brings smiles!

I hope you are well and found a lot of fabulous finds for Christmas!  Me, I am still working on my list-

Did you see those tiny books-aren't they cute!   


Sherry Blue Sky said…
A wonderful post, Ellie, as always beautiful with your artistic eye. Congrats on being published so often this year! That shows how talented you are. I have been busy too making photobooks for three of my kids for xmas.......I did a beautiful album of wedding photos for DSteph and Gord, a book of the wonderful photos Jon and Zenny took on their camping trip around the Island last summer, and just finished a book of photos for Lisa of all her kids, from the birth of Ali right through to Damian's arrival. I hope they will be pleased. It was wonderful to put them together, and should make meaningful gifts, all the love and laughter over the years in photos......I am so far behind online after all that that I am relieved they are done........I can just imagine Angela's surprise when she opened her care package! She has a talented mom.
Ella said…
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Renee said…
Fantastic article, congratulations! I loved the photo of Angela, that will be something for her to treasure and show everyone how talented her mom is.
NICE quote! I like your post too!
Morgan said…
What a brilliant idea for a gift! Perfect, Ella. And I love instagram. I think it's so fun :) :) :)
I bet your daughter just loved that - ans was thrilled to see she was IN the magazine. Congratulations, Ella.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Oh, those are wonderful! Congrats on the article.

I've not joined Instagram. Just not enough time. But I do have fun making photo books for family through Winkflash.
Grace said…
Will check it out Ella ~ Such lovely work of art, I wish I have the time to do them ~

Kids come and go, I know that empty nest feelings too ~ Luckily for me, 2 out of my 3 kids are still with me, the eldest visits regularly as he lives nearby ~ Take care ~
Mary said…
I am sure that your daughter was thrilled. It will be a wonderful keepsake for her. You come up with the most creative ideas, Ella.
shelly said…
Very cool ideas!
Those books are cute. I'm having difficulty with some gifts for my three 20 something boys.
Susie Clevenger said…
I am always fascinated by your gift of art. No wonder you are published! Thanks so much or sharing Print Studio.
Ella said…
Hi Susie-Thank you-so much! You are kind-very kind!

Susan-I have a son in his 20s and there are geeky gifts that are kinda fun, but gift cards work. I like to wrap them creatively-movie tickets, eating out, coffee, sushi-it isn't as personal, but in a way it shows we know what they like! Yes, it isn't easy! Thank you~

Shelly-Where are the hugs and chocolate?! I hope you are doing okay! Hugs and chocolate to you~

Ella said…
Hi Mary-Yes, she was beyond thrilled and stunned and giddy! ;D Thank you-

Grace-Thank you! If you have a space you can begin something and leave it. It doesn't happen all it once. Art is like a puzzle~ Enjoy those sweeties!!!

Diane-Thank you! Instagram is fun-I might do it again! I love that you make little books, too~

Alex-Thank you! Yes, she was really excited! It was the best care package-so far~

Ella said…
Morgan-I will have to find you! I am sorry I have been MIA. I have been struggling with art, depression a bit. I am okay- You are sweet! Thank you~

Hi Sue-Thank you! I love how colorful n' fun your art is~
Ella said…
Hi Renee! You are so sweet~ Thank you, yes, it will go down as her favorite magazine! ;D Thanks, Renee for being you!

Sherry-I love that you made memory books-wonderful keepsakes they will all treasure! The poet in you finds a way to express sentiment in all areas of your life~ Thank you, Sherry for being so kind n' sweet to me! @>----------