Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Twitter Poem

Over in the Garden Mama Zen invited us to write a poem like a tweet under a 140 characters.  Thanks MZ for the challenge!

Night's bridge surrenders to blue wonder
whispers of  white wings
 open wide to
hug the sky.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mary Poppins Steampunk Poem

Mary Poppins goth
Spoonful of sugar-not
Agave blue nectar for you
Paleo for dinner
Bert sprays paint
 makes graffiti on Sesame Street
when his band isn't performing
You don't like
then go fly a kite!


A Disney do over
Sugar n' spice 
Burgundy sun paints new 
day-where's my umbrella

CinderElla is that you?!
About time you left the Prince
He had a thing with that Pumpkin
guy, Peter-
Bert is on Sesame Street
hemmed in by youth

 Mary Contrary
back to your world 
of fog n' rainbows
blurring the lines of steam trains
and future's window
let's have a spot of tea
on my Chamomile carpet
tell me the future
in Lemongrass tea leaves
steeped in 'double quick time'
any elements of fun?
You are "soldier in a petticoat"
this is your look now....
spit-spot  yes-time for tea
Must check the weather first...
winds in the east

Mary Poppins is that YOU?

Fireblossom challenged us to write about a piece of clothing!  I kinda went over the top-let's blame my sinus infection for my futuristic view.  I haven't seen the movie Saving Mr. Banks, but I must say
steampunking Mary Poppins would be fabulous~

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life's Tea Cup

infusion of day  
Mother Nature tips her cup 
morning tea clouds view 
dampened mood pours into blue 
Chamomile syrup drizzles hope

Floral bright notes 
kiss mirrored muse awake 
tangled blue reflection 
dresses mind in a calm wave
dark earth warmed by amber pearl

 I never intended to be away from blogging for so long. I miss all of you! Life has been busy and difficult. My son moved out and is doing well-I miss him. He is the mischievous type and was always pranking us and filling our house with laughter. My daughter has had a week off from school. It was exam week and she only had one exam. We have been busy sorting and cleaning her room, to move her furniture into her brother's old room. We bought curtains and a few pretty things, but since it is a larger space-we have been on the hunt for a few pieces of furniture. I have tried to get her to pick a palate that she can swap out for her college dorm room. Later this year-she will be moving out. I won't say where just yet...we are suppose to find out later this week. There has been lots of sorting, tossing, donating and cleaning. We have been sifting through memories and making art for her new space. She saw a few canvas type quotes she loved and I told her, "we can make those." It feels like Christmas again, shopping and running around trying to find that one of a kind item. I always enjoy my time with her-funny I have nicknames for both of my kids that involve the sun-my daughter is Goldie Locks. My son woke up singing to the sunshine before he could speak.  Yes, they are my sunshine!!  Are you singing...
"You make me happy when skies are gray..."     Yes, you who blog and share your lives are sunshine, too!

 Over in the Garden, Kerry inspired us with the final part of our series on the writing of tanka poetry, brought to us by Dr Hisashi Nakamura   I hoped to post mine sooner, but I am taking advantage of every minute with my daughter- I know how quiet life will be later this year. I need noise and laughter now-January is always a difficult month for me, my father passed this month. My kids never knew him, but I can see both my children have his spirit.   Find your sun, even when the clouds are gray-in the people you love, in their smiles and sharing your heart-it will brighten others and your day, too!  

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Dizzy Dance

I have wrote this post several times. The words I selected to paint my view just seem off-I have lived in chaos the past few months. It moved in with the Chiggers-tiny red mites that live outside, in tall grass. It all started at the end of October, but it still hasn't ended. Brakes locking up on our truck, the leach bed needing to be dug up, bailing water on the lawn, washing the bedding every day in hot water-the madness went on. Holidays came and went, than time to resume my new crazy schedule. My husband, Mr. Fix-it is suppose to finish up the yard this weekend. The frigid temperatures and moving our son halted the yard project. Our son and a good friend helped with the yard, around their busy schedules. It was during the Christmas season, our son got a new job in another state. I was helping him move, while husband was at his new job-a company that has roots in Maine. I couldn't do much lifting, but drove, unpacked, and help him get settled in his new apartment. Then the flu arrived and now a cold that has left me with a middle ear infection or what I call a cheap ocean cruise. I sit here at my kitchen table, drinking my cup of Joy tea watching the birds arrive on my deck, to eat the scattered sunflower seeds- I tossed out hours ago. The sun creating a stripped pattern of neon pink light reminding me- I must embrace a new path, begin again, start over, try, try again! I hope you rang the New Year in with warm memories, laughter and light!!! I hope your holidays were wonderful-mine were, than we went returned to our new normal-digging, bailing and tons of laundry. Everything being washed in hot water! So now my favorite pair of jeans are tight, not from holiday treats, but washing them in hot water-lol. We are still trying to figure out why this stick was in our pipe and the final pipe was crimped?!
2013 was a tough year for me! My husband retired early from the Navy in March, officially in June and we had to find new ways to dance around each other. As an artist I need time alone to sift through my thoughts, find the light in my day. When I am not creating or writing, I grab a camera and walk-taking photos of what inspires me. I am not use to someone else tagging along.For him it was a time to do somethings he loved, for me it was a dizzy dance between him and my respecting the direction my muse wanted to take. We figured it out and moved on, but hunting season arrived and the storm of chaos interrupted our lives beginning with tiny red mites that can burrow in and live on your clothes for three days. Last year he was bitten, but did not bring the mites home. This time it was a different story. I sit here motion drunk feeling like I am at sea or have driven 500 miles. Yes, my cheap ocean cruise, but I am better and it is time to find a word for 2014. Grow was my word for 2013-I did just that. For 2014, I think Dare may be my word. I have wanted to try to teach art and volunteered at the local Senior Center, but I want to teach to those who can take my ideas and recreate their own, be inspired to see something else. This is what creative people do-we find stepping stones in each other's ideas, art, words and photos. We recreate something new from our view of light, dark, and shadows. So, Dare is my word! Did you pick a word for 2014? Did you set some new goals? I might just visit your blog and Dare you this year to try something new! Cheers to fresh beginnings and trying to seek and find beautiful light in your day!