Hedgewitch aka Joy invited us to write about folly. 
So, many ideas came to mind.

The Challenge: 

So, toads and readers, it's time to build a Folly. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Write about something in your life into which you've put large amounts of your resources, something silly but decorative and pleasing, or something purely eccentric, even bizarre.

  • Possibly you have experienced someone elses' Folly in a way that was significant to you, for good or ill.

  • There could also be something darker in this concept: something dishonest, arrogant, wasteful, submerged as Wright's Folly was under a murky veneer of wealth and respectability. Go for it.

  • Perhaps you'd like to dig a little deeper into that classic snake-oil salesman J Whittaker Wright himself; his mind, his life or death, his scams or his fall from grace.

  • Your Folly might also be an historical parallel, or a more contemporary or general one. ( Both Bernie Madoff and politics come to mind.) 

  • You might want to write from the point of view of an onlooker, a swindled investor, Wright himself, or even Neptune. 


    "Lobster Telephone," by Salvador Dali, 1936


     Dilly Dali

    Would you answer

    a Crustacean sensation?

    I sat on a West woman's lips

      Want a ride in my

      rainy rolls

    a burning giraffe

    melted my time piece

    on a Horseback Salad

    8 pages in Vogue

    Wallis posed

    I painted her a lobster


    I have my eye

    on time

    wanna see?





This was extravagant and real fun to read!
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Björn Rudberg said…
The luxury of wasted need is brilliant here. Why not a lobster you might ask?
Delicious! Starting with that perfect title and going on from there.
Jim said…
This was fun to read, Ella. I do like Salvador Dali's work and you showed one more piece.
It is enough to get a person on the wild side, I love your wild writing here.
That was fun and silly!
Who would want to use that phone, anyway?
Outlawyer said…
Much fun to read--very clever, Ella! Thanks. k. (Manicddaily)
hedgewitch said…
I love that phone! Also the way you construct your surreal view of Dali's world--I think he enjoyed building Follies, and this poem is one of the delicious, extravagant, delightful kind. Thanks for joining in!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Perhaps the lobster crotch is the most original idea ever. LOL. This was so much fun to read!
Karen S. said…
This was such great jolly fun! Your photos are awesome too, but I wouldn't want to use that phone!
David P. King said…
I kinda want a lobster phone now... :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
Many works of art could be perceived as folly, as indeed could the artistic process! Spot on, Ella.
Hannah said…
Love it Ella!! Such fun! :)
Mary Ann Potter said…
Really, Ellen, this is super-duper fun cool!!! I loved that last part, too--- "wanna see?"
Mark Kerstetter said…
So glad Dali persisted in his folly.
Ella said…
Hi Mark-Me, too!

Mary Ann-Thank you~ It was fun to play with this idea~ He was such a character!

Hannah-Thank you! :D

Kerry-So, true! I made bracelets out of panty hose and used the waist band for a flapper head band. I thought that was pretty whacky~
Thanks, Kerry!

David-Me, too! After I eat one that is~ ;D

Karen S-You are funny!

Sherry-Wallis Simpson, who was to marry the King of England, who abdicated from the throne. His brother, Bertie became king. It is in the King's Speech movie. Anyway, Wallis wore this dress created by another designer and Dali painted the lobster near her crotch area. Vogue really did an 8 page article on this crustacean
I mean creature. lol

Joy-Thank you! It was a great challenge and I was reading about him at the time and said, "Yes, I have to do this." Thank you~

Karin-Thank you! Too fun~

Alex-Thank you! I know right?!
I think he enjoyed pushing the boundaries. I guess his house is also quite something.

Hi John-Thank you~

Jim-He was wild and quite entertaining. I saw a clip of him on Youtube on-What's Your Line. He enjoyed the limelight a lot~
Thank you

Rosemary-Yeah, I had fun with this one~ Thank you~

Bjorn-Why not?! And then we can sit on a Mae West couch-her lips that is.

Buddah-Thank you, so much! I had a good time thinking about it~

Susie-Thank you! I think he was the original Mad Hatter in Wonderland ;D
Susan said…
Hahaha! The surreal admits to no improvement by having its subjects materialize in actual objects. What fun!