NaPoWriMo 2015

April is National Poetry Month-I hope to leap back into the Imaginary Garden-I haven't been myself.  A witch cast a spell on me, at a nearby pharmacy. I was given meds that turned my butterfly gland black n' blue.. I have been in a trance dancing sleeping March away. (This is no April Fool).  My thyroid is off the chart and all I want to do is sleep, eat the heads off of chocolate bunnies aka  "Choconiverous" and lounge like a lizard in the sun-what sun! 

  I know a lot of people also participating in Arlee Bird's A-Z blogging challenge. Cheers to Poets and Bird followers!!

 Magaly inspired us to write a poem by the first poet-who spoke to our sparkly hearts~ Yes, our humble poetic beginnings-what a great first challenge for NaPoWriMo!  

             The wee goat man with a bouquet of balloons and luscious mud inspired me. Yes ee cummings was the first poet to touch my ruby red glittered heart.

I carry my heart to your hEARt's home
your shine-tinsel bright swims in a dove gray hive
I go where you go-surfing the Sumi blue inked sea
 watching the buttermilk moon
 paint puddles of light

I carry your secret-planted in a Magician's hat
seer of shells, branches and fossils
You a Hermit Crab-structure n' order
me a Nautilus
buoyant inner whorled chambers

I carry my heart to Wonderland
scampering and leaping into tangled roots
 dance of time's green stars
I carry my heart to your sunlit hands
cradled in golden leaves.

I carry your heart to the ocean
with Squid's black ink
I write between (worlds one word)-
Magic deepens when (you carry one's heart)
where-ever you go
remember the sweet, not the sting.

©Ella Wilson


Ella, I'm sorry. Curse that witch.
You carried the heart far and even down the rabbit hole.
Kerry O'Connor said…
e.e.cummings was a poet apart. There has been none like him before or since. Your poem is a great tribute to one who inspired your art.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Planted in a magician's hat - love it!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh when you write a poem, do you ever write a beautiful one. I love the I carry your heart in my heart poem very much too. But yours is as beautiful. Your imagery sparkles. Keep going, this is fantastic stuff!
Arlee Bird said…
You haven't lost that poetic touch!

I want a chocolate bunny! I've been sleepy too, but I don't think I can blame my thyroid for that. I eat too many sugary things that make me sleepy. I'll probably stock up on Easter candy when it goes on sale.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
M. J. Joachim said…
Thyroid problems are exhausting. One thing you might try is a B vitamin complex, as this seems to boost energy even when none can be found. Hope they figure out the right dose of meds to give you, and that you feel better soon.
shelly said…
Loved your poem. Sorry about your thyroid. I'm thankful mine has been behaving since they got my dosage right.

Hugs and chocolate!
Anonymous said…
There are so many things to love in this poem but my heart belongs to "watching the buttermilk moon
paint puddles of light"
Hannah said…
I love the expansiveness of your work, Ella! You take your reader from sky to sea and beyond and I love the planted, 'OM' perfect!!

On another note...I'm so sorry about your beautiful butterfly gland...I wish healing for you and balance.

Much love to you. ♥
Magaly Guerrero said…
e.e. cummings touches quite deeply, and his touch leaves wonderful marks.
Other Mary said…
Yes, the magic deepens! Love this!
Outlawyer said…
Super creative, Ella. Thanks! k. (Manicddaily)
Mark Koopmans said…
Hey Ella,

Sorry to hear you were kidnapped by the awful peeps of the Med Tribe... but you obviously escaped in time to write a wonderful poem :)

Have fun this month.. and watch out for those Letter People :)
Nick Wilford said…
Such a beautiful poem and the repetition of certain words kept drawing me on.
Susie Clevenger said…
"watching the buttermilk moon
paint puddles of light" I love that line. Such a lovely piece. It shines some light in the darkness of my Poe(m).
Ella said…
Hi Susie-I had a feeling you would capture POE~ :D Thank you, so much!

Hi Nick-You are kind-thank you~
Have fun with A-Z

Mark-Yes, I feel like a Peep asleep~
You are funny! You have fun with the Alphabet Soup-should be memorable!
Thank you~

Karin-Thank you! I enjoyed yours, too~

Other Mary-Our first poem was magic that lasted ;D

Magaly-Great prompt and thank you!

Hannah-Thank you! Yes, I do think stress brought it on~ You are sweet! 11:11

GeorgePlace-Yes, I do love the moon~
Thank you~

Shelly-Thank you! I am happy yours is working well~ I have been pretty fortunate, over all. A storm forced me to go get my meds somewhere else-hope that doesn't happen again~ Yes, hugs and Chocolate bunnies ;D

MJ-Thank you for the tip! Yes, it is like driving a car on fumes-You are kind!

Arlee-Thank you! Sugar free bunnies are good! I hear you...take care of you! Have fun~

Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you so much! I had fun carrying my heart- You are kind~

Hi Diane-Lol, Thank you! Yes, what lurks in that hat-fur and feathers usually~

Kerry-Thank you, so much! He was unique~

Alex-Thank you, Captain! Keep your cool and have fun with your challenge! I will get better, when they give me a new prescription-stress happens and throws me off course~ I need a Dragon and some stars ;D
grapeling said…
surely you know how much I like ee cummings, and you've done great service with this pen, Ella ~
my wife and both our canine children have thyroid conditions. wife is hypo along with our female mini poodle and our male mini-poodle has hyper.

yes chocoholic here especially for dark chocolate.

i can see your condition doesn't affect your creative nurturing mind because you write some beautiful words

gracias for sharing
Jim said…
Thank you for writing, Ella. I am glad that you like chocolate still And can tell of ee Cummings also. I hope things stabilize and behave with the nasty meds. Mrs. Jim's doc misdiagnosed her thyroid a few years back. She was on meds for no reason.
I read and liked Cunning's "The Large Room." Not many of his poems though. Guess I should read more per your nice report.
Ella said…
Hi Jim-He was the first poet to get me excited about words. I was in fourth grade~ Oh, sorry to hear Mrs. Jim had to deal with this madness. I hope all is well in your world, now~ Thank you~

Nene-You are sweet! Gosh, you make me wonder is there something in the water? Fluoride can cause issues with meds-I have read. Cheers, to dark chocolate keep us happy when our spirits are worn out~ I am hypo, but some of my symptoms are hyper. It was like that when I was diagnosed-wired n' tired. Take care and thank you for sharing!

Grape-You are sweet! I'll save you a rabbit~ Thank you~
Marian said…
Love this so much! What a tribute.
I'm SO sorry to hear about you feeling so horrid and black 'n blue, for crying out loud! Be well, be well, be well!
xoxxoxoxox M.
Misha Gericke said…
Oh my word. Thyroid problems are no joke. I hope you're feeling better now.
Ella said…
Marian-Thank you~ Stress kicked my ass I guess. Thank you so much~ You are sweet!

Misha-Thank you! I do feel like The Walking Dead-I only want to eat chocolate bunnies-lol. You are so right~
hedgewitch said…
This is full of such convincing imagery, Ella--buoyant indeed, and beautiful. cummings was one of a kind, and a wonderful poet with which to begin one's journey.
Ella said…
Thank you, Joy! He really was~
You are very kindhearted~
Lovely, and as hedgewitch has suggested, as buoyant as cummings himself.
Grace said…
I love the inspired post specially the ending lines ~ Good to see you writing ending Ella ~ Good luck for the month of April ~