Pink Moon

Over in the Garden, Sherry's challenge: Write about how you manage to maintain that balance, how you hold onto the beauty and the hope. Write about what heals you, or about any facet of this conversation that resonates with you.  She also shared a message from Little Grandmother.

Sea of Tranquility
 you blush
n' bloom
swollen with spring's
wild strawberry
you are ripe
Wolf howls-when you contract
n' push
Owl's golden orb eye
Rabbit tells your
Midwife it is time
you push
gravity's gift
creamy white-
pale pink
perfume attracts
white moths 
to tend to your
until winged monarch
fairies sail another sea.

©Ella Wilson


Jim said…
Nice outline of life, Ella. I remember that Rabbit well, it died so soon. I was rolling along with you nicely, and then, "Wham!" Das ende, schluss.
"....white moths to tend to your babies until winged monarch fairies sail another sea" I hope the monarch fairies soon leave.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh this is so beautiful. A MAGNIFICENT moon photo, spectacular. I love the strawberry kisses and the pale pink stars. I just walked the dog and there are stars out tonight. Not pink ones though. I love your pink moon poem!
Kerry O'Connor said…
The image of nature giving birth is very strong, Ella.
Grace said…
A magical moment of birth ~ I love it Ella ~
Very nice, Ella. One for your daughter, perhaps?
Gail said…
Magical and well birthed.
shelly said…
Love your poetry. Anyway, Did you wake up in time a few Sarurdays ago to see the Blood Moon?
Ella said…
Hi Shelly=Thank you! No, I missed it~ I bet it was beautiful~

Hi Grape-Thank you!

Gail-A painful birth-thank you!

Alex-You are sweet! My girl is likely still into her birthstone blue. Thank you~

Grace-Thank you! I loved your Sunday poem~

Kerry-Thank you~

Sherry-The only pink stars I see are my cherry blossoms in full bloom~ Thank you, so much!

Jim-Oh, I forgot about the rabbit being used back in the day. I was thinking of wonderland's rabbit and time..always in a panic! Wow, thank you~

Rosemary-Thank you so much~

Mama Zen-You are kind!