Seeing Stars

Over in the Garden, Karin prompted us to write a poem about seeing stars.  

Pearls of joy
Heaven's theater
sweep arcs of  light
diamond's (in the rough)

Coursing silver tears
journey of inner light
ripples and riddles
kissing sacred hearts'

Radiance glimmers
as  child
holds hands with 
inner geography's helix
spirited ancestors' smile

Particles of swirling
 stellar dust
sinews of silver threads
 in heart's abyss

Moon's cousins
wed midnight blue sailors
winking freckles of gold n' silver
in Morse Code..-
heart's elixir
love is 

©Ella Wilson


De said…
Oooo. The phrase "winking freckles" makes me so happy. :)
Jim said…
Nice Ella, nicely written and fill with good thoughts. I like the start with the silver tears dropping and ending with love being the star.
Susie Clevenger said…
"Moon's cousins
wed midnight blue sailors" Love that line. Such a beautiful flow to your poem. It brings me much needed peace.
Yes, love always is. :) I particularly love that whole last verse.
Kerry O'Connor said…
So many beautiful comparisons for the stars, it is difficult to pick a favourite.
Stellar dust - very nice!
Ella said…
Hi Alex-I fear the stellar dust which will be pollinating my yard~

Kerry-Thank you~

Rosemary-I had a Beatles song in my head-lol

Susie-Thank you, so much~ A lot of weddings in nature ;D

Jim-Yeah, I thought we needed a fear tears at the wedding~

De-Thank you! I loved yours~
Mary said…
Really like 'moon's cousins wed midnight blue sailors.'
You found wonderful inspiration in the stars, Ella.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful, the stellar dust, the moon's cousins and - especially - "love is star". Wow, Ella, beautiful poem!
You really captured the beauty of the stars as well as the mystery behind them in your poem.
Gillena Cox said…
those "silver tear" seem not of earthly emotions of joy or sorrow, but of an ethereal quality of creation; luv this

thanks for dropping in to read mine

much love..
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Holding hands with inner geography's helix is a beautiful line
grapeling said…
love *is* star... ~
Ella said…
Thank you Grape!

Diane-Thank you, so much1

Gillena-Thank you! I kept thinking of all the falling stars I have witnessed-their light streaming like tears~

Susan-Thank you! I love the midnight blue sky~

Sherry-There is wonder in that blue~ Thank you!

Mary-Yes, I had to add the nautical charm in there-lol Thank-you!