What's Your Vision

  Cosmic Galaxy Egg by Andrew Logan

 Van Gogh's Egg

Oh, dear, Oh, dear is that gold thing
his ear?
Did starry, starry night
drop a meteor on
mad genius

Visual swirls of
labyrinth clouds, silver starlight and
sliver of a crescent moon
luminous curves in  Mother of Pearl
bedazzle in a Milky Way twirl 

Sparks of light, shards of memories
reflections n' orbs of
life's jewels
in shades of 
a cosmic trail
madness to sadness
we lost

©Ella Wilson

            This prompt is by Miss Lolamouse!  Thank you~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I like where this egg took you, and find especially poignant "from madness to sadness, we lost you." Beautiful, Ella.
Magaly Guerrero said…
I went back to reread the first few lines. They made me laugh. I know, things are a bit tragic, but the "Oh, dears..." did me in, and I giggled.

So sad we lost him, though...
Susie Clevenger said…
How creative to see Van Gogh in this egg.
"from madness to sadness we lost you" Poignant words to end this with. Beautiful.
Jim said…
I like it, Ella. I like Van Gogh too, one of my favorite artists. Mostly because of who he was and what his life was and became.
We stayed near the sanatorium where he stayed for a while after cutting his own ear off, at St. Remy, Provence, France. I took a Van Gogh picture of the olive trees there, not changed too very much.
Oh yes, lines I claim are the light, "Sparks of light, shards of memories twinkle reflections n' orbs of ..."
You made a fun twist out of it, Ella.
Other Mary said…
I like that you paired the egg with Starry Night. It does have the same sort of swhiling movement. You touched on a bit of humor and a bit of pathos, which together make this better than either alone. Kudos.
Mary said…
I like where you went with this poem, Ella. The egg really does invoke the van Goh's 'Starry Night' And your poem described the coloration of the egg so very well.
I love the egg, and Van Gogh, and this poem.
Björn Rudberg said…
I feel it twinkle.. like the little stars of dreams.. wonderful
hedgewitch said…
Yes, certainly one of the most visionary(and sad) figures in Art--so well-drawn here.
Margie said…
Thanks for the visit Ella and kind words!
Your poem here is wonderful, I loved it!
Lolamouse said…
You really ran the gamut of emotions with this one! I started out smiling and giggling at the silliness of the "oh dear...his ear" and then ended up with a profound sadness at losing such a great artist to mental illness. Thanks for participating with such a thoughtful poem!
Hannah said…
Love this all especially the cosmic trail, Ella!
Ella said…
Thank you, everyone so much~~
I will have to comment tomorrow. I want to try to get a poem done before midnight. We had company~

I'll be back...yes, I said this with my Arnold accent~
grapeling said…
that trail from mad to sad seems writ in the stars ~
humbird said…
Love how you played with egg, design and connection to Van Gogh! Sounds awesome! Thanks for visiting/commenting :)x