Advice to Myself

Today, I was reminded  to follow my heart.  I was inspired by a poem called Advice to Myself .   Here are a few lines, which prompted me to write my poem~   

"Pursue the authentic - decide first
what is authentic,
then go after it with all your heart."

        -Louise Erdrich



 threads of green
plucked from a blustery
gray mood
search for sun's 
beeswax glow

I spindle, lean and hope
to repair.....
dusty roads
I hover
searching for
 star-like seeds
discover them
 buried in indigo
veil as 
wind's arms
germinate light-
a chance to be

raised by gypsy moths

I attempt
to stitch a
blood red
in rusty orange
waiting for
approval from 


©Ella Wilson


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, such breathtaking beauty - how you spin those words together to make magic! Wowzers! I love it.
You're the only one who needs to approve it! Very nice, Ella.
Anonymous said…
Lovely images.. like the beeswax glow and repairing of torn resolutions!
kaykuala said…
I spindle, lean and hope
to repair.....torn resolutions

If it's new year resolutions that happens all the time. Old ones not reasonably met and new ones putting pressure to be addressed.But then not to expect 100% resolution on each is only fair. Even 20% resolved is good, that's progress!

Yolanda Renee said…
So beautiful, Ella, I have the perfect photo to go along with it. Need to send you a copy! Loved it! Keep writing and find your sunshine!
Isadora Gruye said…
I really like the gypsy moth line! It all works well together. Thanks for posting!
brudberg said…
I like how you have weaved the colors into this... so many emotions are coupled to colors.
Marian said…
Pretty! The necessary approval at the end surprised me and made me ponder, always a good thing.
Grace said…
Yes, I love the positive life and colorful affirmation Ella ~ Good to know that you well and writing again ~ Wishing you happy week ~
L. Diane Wolfe said…
An amethyst cathedral is a beautiful analogy for the heart.
Arlee Bird said…
Interesting poetic take on the subject. Nice imagery.

I think I've got some authentic pursuits in mind, but I've been having a problem getting my heart into the game.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out
Kerry O'Connor said…
I like the way you have woven the colours through the lines. that takes an artist's eye.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Sublime and beautiful! How wonderful to see you back!
Jim said…
I like your thoughts of being raised by gypsy moths. A lot of us attribute being born and/or raised by beings other than our parents. One of my favorite is being hatched on a rock in the sun.
Ella said…
Jim-lol, I thought of a lizard, just now~ You are basking in glory then-right! Well, growing up was pretty good in a small coastal town, but I married a sailor and truly there are some gypsy moth stories in that lifestyle. Thank you, Jim!

Mary Ann-You are sweet! I can't wait to see your art in Somerset Studio! Congrats~

Kerry-Thank you! I miss creating-so I blurred the lines adding a lot of color to this poem~

Arlee-Pick the one that speaks to you, the one nudging you! You love music-could that be one of them?! Thank you~

L.Diane-I like what you saw! Thank you, for sharing this image~
I do think of all the Chakras keeping us in balance~ This poem was kind of a tune up!

Hi Grace-Thank you! Yours was lovely and artfully arranged~

Ella said…
Marian-Maybe the gypsy moth needed the approval?! I am teasing you~
Thank you, so much!

Bjorn-You are so right and the chakras also link emotions and parts of the body~ It amazes me! Thank you~

Hi Izy-I enjoyed yours, too! I have missed writing and feel a bit off. Thank you~

Yolanda-Thank you! Oh, yes please send it to me, when time allows. I would love that~ You are always sweet~

Hank-I love your outlook and yes, any improvement is a lean in the right direction~ Thank you~

thotpurge-Thank you! Yes, a coat of beeswax doesn't hurt the view~

Alex-I just felt like you shared a sage's wisdom~ Thank you, Captain

Hi Sherry-You are fun and thank you! Remember I have a poetry blender... ;D
This is a great poem! So wonderful to read you poem. I love the positive life and colorful affirmation. Thanks for sharing and keep posting!
Anonymous said…
Loved this bit:
raised by gypsy moths

Renee said…
So many lovely lines that I love! The gypsy moth line really caught my attention. Love your colorful, ethereal poetry. You weave such a web that captures so many imaginations.
Ella said…
Hi Renee-Thank you! Yes, they sound beautiful, but they damage a lot of nature. Before we moved to my location now. The Navy was checking our pack out for this moth. Thank you, so much!

howanxious-Thank you! Many webs out there. We all need to spiral towards the sun!

reclaimed dining table-Thank you so, much! We all need to search for more rainbows~ Not, always easy-but worth it~
Outlawyer said…
Love the gypsy moth line especially--but a very rich tapestry here. k.
Ella said…
Hi Karin-Thank you~ Yes, we all have a bit of gypsy woven into our history~