Charms in the Garden-The Tuesday Platform

Over in the Imaginary Garden, Marian shared with us artist Rebecca Korpita~    

I am smitten with the comfort of children, furry friends and books~   
My son and his fiance, Bethany visited us this weekend bringing their fur boys-Benny and Wade.

Benny is a Yorkie who loves to herd children like they are cows or sheep and Wade is a Beagle. Wade loves to wrap himself around my neck-like a Slinky. 

Benny with my future daughter-in-law-Bethany~ My son in the background.

My son's snake-MuShu~  MuShu didn't come-I will go visit him-soon.
He is very photogenic~

Wade is worn out from chasing bunnies, birds and squirrels. Yes, he is sleeping
with Underdog.  I wonder if he will inspire his dreams~  I know, "There is no need to fear..."-lol

Attitude Adjusters

rattled keys
crack, creeking door
greeted with attention-to-deTAILS
wagging grins, hugs
soft velvet ears, cold noses
bridge synapse-
towards peace

Barefoot dreams
lounge on spring green rugs
soft paws climb, cling-giving
giggling bubbles float into human's frame
 worries shed
as comfort crawls into
my heart
surefooted, kind eyes
tennis balls to bounce
rubber ducks to squeak n' squeal and
Underdog's red cape will
soar past a brown leather sofa.

Extract of evening walks
tug of war among brittle 
leaves, kicking pine cones
snapping twigs 
bread rising moon
as wood smoke pipes the sky
like Royal Icing-
My heart skips home
to snuggle with furry bundles
whiskers curl and ticklemy face
silver linings. 

©Ella Wilson


Really glad they didn't bring the snake!
Yolanda Renee said…
Such fun verses all about the pets we love as they romp in sun, leaves and crisp fall air.

Lovely family, all!
Hope you are feeling much, much better. It sounds like it!
Ella said…
Hi Alex-I am respectful of the snake and scared! I don't like snakes~ So, I take photos with a zoom lens, while my son keeps asking me if I want to hold him. Noooooooo!

Yolanda-Yeah, I am a bit rusty. I have been getting essays published and now poetry is harder?! Thank you! Yes, they are fun, lots of joy when they visit! I am better-thank you~ I hope you are doing well..I will visit you and find out!
Anonymous said…
Tug of war between brittle that image.
Arlee Bird said…
As I scrolled down the page the snake really gave me a start!

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out
Jim said…
What a trip down the memory rad, Ella. Every good aspect of pet ownership, especially dogs, you touched.
I miss Adi, our beagle. She died at 13, two years ago. She was all through my blogs, you could do a search, I often do.
Marian said…
Bread rising moon! That's wonderful. What a nice reflection on what seems to have been a great visit. Your family is beautiful. That beagle slays me! :)
Outlawyer said…
Super charming, Ella--the animals --yes, the snake!--are all beautiful--and your poem is a wonderful counterpoint; one feels the padding feet, velvet ears, cold noses--k.
Kerry O'Connor said…
My dogs are a constant source of joy - such true companions. I love your ode to or four-footed friends.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I love snakes. I'd hold MuShu.
Ella said…
Hi Diane-MuShu is beautiful~ I will become more brave!
Magaly Guerrero said…
Love the sounds your poem makes... and the look on Wade's face! ♥
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the "bread rising moon". Wonderful to read your poems, always, kiddo. Seriously, it is time you got a puppy of your own - such joy.
shelly said…
Your grand-doggies are adorable.
Lynne Moncrieff said…
I found this poem to be touching and certainly tugged at my heartstrings, making me miss my furry Nephew all the moreso (Kyle was my sister & BIL's west highland white terrier whose age eventually caught up with him and the kindest act was for him to be "put to sleep" around this time last year.
Soft velvet ears and snuggles with furry bundles...those are what perfect moments are made of.
Lovely for you to spend time with your son and future daughter-in-law.
The snake does look handsome but I would certainly keep my distance, although my serious phobia is with fr$%s .... I don't even want to type the name!!!
Ella said…
Hello Lynne! You are so sweet and I am sad for your loss. I lost my fur boy, the day after New Year's. I miss him-so much~ He and my muse were best friends! I totally agree..respect with snakes! He is gorgeous, but I keep my distance, too. Wishes to you, Lynne~
Thank you, for sharing with me~

Shelly-Thank you! I have missed you and will stop by~ I am in the middle of an art binge and needed to get away from paint, paper and random charms. You are sweet~

Sherry-I have hubby almost convinced~ ;D Daughter has an internship coming up and I might have to assist with this. Some do not pay for the cost of living and the student sometimes has to move three plus hours away. WE might end up roommates. So, after her commitment I get a puppy~ We won't know for awhile.. Thank you~! Yes, I love it when the moon rises~ lol

Magaly-We have discovered he is a lab/beagle mix~ I swear he is a rig~ The first time I met him he jumped on my coffee table-it was crazy~ Maybe he was going to leap tall lampshades in a single bound-lol Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, we need to pay them more tribute. They are soulful mates we share our lives with~

Ella said…
Hi Karin-Thank you, so much~ I miss my hound, but I get to enJOY these precious boys~

Marian-Beagles slay me, too~ Thank you! Now, I want to make bread-lol

Jim-Your hound touches my heart~ I have a special bond with beagles~ I love your suggestion. I do look at photos often-Thank you!

Lee-I am sorry! Next time I will put up a warning~ He is quite peaceful and content. I do have a bit of a fear of them-but respect is key~

Thotpurge-Yes, lots of crunch under our soles is good for our soul~
Thank you~

You bring it all to life!
Ella said…
Hi Rosemary-Thank you, so much!