The Tuesday Platform

Over in the Garden, Karin asked us to pen a poem about writer's block.  She offered an exercise to get us started.  I love the photos she shared-here is one below.
Karin Gustafson, a/k/a Manicddaily.)

Out of the Blue

White sails float like dreams
 chasing puffy clouds
wait for wind's hands
to etch
dove gray ink
onto sky's heart

black wings appear
out of the blue
tilting n' streaking ink -w-w-w
Bird by Bird
now word by word 
erasing words 
wings can soar
in torrent downpour
crystalline ink
waiting for
 dark mood

©Ella Wilson

***Bird by Bird: Some Instructions for Writing Life
by Anne Lamott


Is that what causes writer's block - a dark mood? I'll try to avoid those!
Nice visuals with this one, Ella.
And awesome to have you back with us. write so effortlessly and beautifully Ellen. Hope you're well, will email you.

Wanda said…

When we find our wings of writing take flight again is a great feeling.
Outlawyer said…
Hey Ella--I also really love bird by bird, and love the rhyming here with word by word and the fact that we have to kind of erase the puddles before we can get to the messages. Thanks so much for participating in the prompt and for the great flow and energy here. k.
Yolanda Renee said…
The snow, the rain, the ink in the sky. I sometimes write even more when the clouds cover the blue with their gray!
This is a wise and fun read.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
It is always lovely to read your poems, full of wings, and color. I especially love the thAW-E!!!!!
Susie Clevenger said…
I needed to soar. Beautiful poem
Jim said…
Those dreaded black wings will come, won't they? Have you written dark poems? People would tell me that my poems were dark even when I wasn't aware. Black wings do fly.
I also like your speaking of the writing as an artist paints, poets paint words one by one. Writing poetry is considered to be an art. I haven't indulged in notions like that, yet. But I appreciate the art of paintings, word appreciation should follow.
amy sprague said…
beautiful and I love love love how you incorporated Bird by Bird!!!
brudberg said…
Oh that crystalline ink... wonderful.
hedgewitch said…
Lovely images and a great example of free-flowing energy that streaks across the page like a bird across the sky. I love the alliteration, and the title is just perfect.
kaykuala said…
waiting for dark mood
to thAW-E

It is a discovery! Mood has a lot to do with it. Mood swings are detrimental to ideas-gathering apparently

Kerry O'Connor said…
Bird by Bird
now word by word

I love what you did here, Ella. Such an amazing way to show how one may be inspired by nature to write down words.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Perfect tone to speak the jumpy madness that writer's block can turn into... all the things that come to mind while we wait for words to start filling the blank page.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
The pitter-patter in our heads can erase those words before they ever make it to the pages.
Ella said…
Hi Diane-Yes, it can~ We have to learn how to catch those drops of insight~

Magaly-A lot of storms to weather, while we wait for words to surface.
Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, nature does provide a lot of aMUSing insight-if we pay attention~

Hank-Yes, like those sudden showers and rainbows~ We have to keep weathering many storms-but it is worth it~

Hedge-Thank you! It was strange I made Out of the Blue art after doing Karin's exercise and then went back and finished the poem. I had to go with the name of my art. Karin's exercise inspired me twice. (Now, I have Stevie Nicks singing in my head-lol.)

Bjorn-Yes, we all wait for this wonder to give us this sparkle~

Amy-Thank you! I enjoyed your I Remember poem-so, well done~

Jim-Indulge-it is truly an art form. It is interpreted like paintings-so, subjective. Yes, I have written dark poetry-it has a raw, real feel~ Yes, black wings do fly. Have you read the legend of the crow? He wasn't always black~

Susie-Thank you! You did soar, Susie~

Sherry-Yes, we all will be craving that word by the end of February-as we wait for spring to arrive~ Thank you!

Buddah-Thank you, so much~

Yolanda-I love that you do! Now you and your muse can enJOY the sunshine~ Thank you

Karin-Thank you! Your exercise inspired art, too. I made necklaces Out of the Blue-I will share soon~ So, thank you twice~

Wanda-Yes, so much freedom when we find our way~

Abby-I have been thinking of you! Thank you, so much~ @>-------xo

Alex-No, not always-sometimes we just need to live, so we can write. You know go to the movies, playing music-real loud and drive fast. :D Thank you~

Mary Ann Potter said…
Wonderful imagery --- "bird by bird". Love this.
Ella said…
Hi Mary Ann-Thank you! I love that book and its wisdom~ I hope you are doing well~