Struggling with an Ewok

My favorite fluffy Ewok:
I never intended to disappear over the holidays, but life happened.   My daughter had a long holiday break, from college. Last year, she wasn't able to stay for the whole month-so this time we try to fill the month with lots of laugh and simple joys.   I found writing, blogging, and being creative came in small doses-mainly in holiday touches.  

Every time I thought a moment was mine-it wasn't. 
I got an Ewok a week before Christmas~ My son has been very persistent sending me puppy photos for three months.  We lost our hound, a year ago and he thought it was time.  Endless furry cuteness arrived on my iPhone daily.  Then this fur ball showed up and I was smitten.  She is a Care-Tzu: part Toto a Carion Terrier and part Shih-Tzu. 

 Okay, mine doesn't look quite like the famous Star Wars variety,  but close.  She  resemble a teddy bear, a bunny, yet acts like a cat.  She leaps, hops,  pounces and loves to climb on my keyboard and leave me  Milkbone treats.  

 I am sleep deprived and giddy over my girl, Maggie May.  Yes, she is named after the Rod Stewart song.  Well, daughter and I were watching Car Karoke by James Cordon and it was getting late. The only vid we hadn't seen was Rod Stewart.  When my daughter mentioned the name Maggie-I thought that sounded great.   I have nicknamed her Magpie, since most  birds  think she is a rabbit.  They don't fly away when she is nearby-so we get rather close.

Here, Angela shows Maggie, there are other cool toys because furry reindeer to play with.

I hope your holidays were lovely!!   It is strange to have a personal trainer that weighs 6 pounds.  
I have missed blogging and visiting all of you~  

Yes,  my disappearing act was related to the kids leaving the nest and losing my hound, Buster a few months later.  My son saw how happy I was when he and  his hound, Wade Wilson stopped by.  So, thanks, to my son, Larry, for bringing Magpie into my/our world.  I know my heart will never be the same~

This is Wade Wilson.  Yes, he was named after a Marvel comic book character. 
Deadpool is coming out soon-are you a Marvel fan?!  


Hey Ella! Maggie is cute. Better than an Ewok.
I'm a DC guy but I am stoked for Deadpool. Looks hilarious.
Glad you focused on time with your family over the holidays.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Hooray! You're here again! Loved the post, love your new baby. What fun. You mentioned DC comics; this is where I say, "I wish my mother hadn't tossed out all our old comic books!" My brother and I were regular readers. When we were kids, the skinny ones were a dime, and the super-duper-triple-fabulous ones were a quarter. Not surprising when you figure that I will be seventy-one in April! Looking to send more work to Somerset Studios sometime soon --- my last published work was in the Nov./Dec. issue. Sending blessings as always!
Yolanda Renee said…
Maggie May is soooooo cute!
Yes, the joy is back, it comes through in this post. I love it!
Warm hugs and kisses for Maggie May, and you too!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
She's adorable! I bet she keeps you on your toes.

We still miss our cat Spunky. Hard to believe it's been almost a year. Fortunately we still have his sister, Rocko.
Wanda said…
Ah, Ella lil miss Maggie May is cutie patootie. Nothing like making memories with family and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things after an extended break.
Vicki Sheehan said…
nice to see you back : ) oh my gosh, she is so, so adorable!
Ella said…
Hi Vicki-I never thought I would have a dog this small, but when my son's lab/beagle mix comes to visit-I struggle to walk him. It is more like I am a kite and he is pulling and dragging me. Everyone agreed little would be best, even though I still wanted a beagle. She is part Toto-so, this makes me smile~ Thank you, so much~ She is a rig, but when I last did puppy training the kids lived at home. This gig is like having an infant. I have been outside at 2am wondering what I was thinking, but she is sweet and I know this is a process! enJOY your dog! Our pets are a gift~ I bet you are making beautiful Valentine's~

Wanda-I will be by and visit you! Your blog is always uplifting~ Yes, it is harder than I remembered, but worth it~ Thank you, Wanda for stopping by~ I am swinging by moon light and look like a silly goose outside wearing PJs-but that is okay, for now! lol

L.Diane-I know I still miss my hound. We lost him after the New Year last year-it is hard! I am sorry you lost Spunky~ I have photos near and still take about the crazy moments. Buster was the best dog I ever had. Try to remember what Spunky did to make you smile~
I am running more and yes, I am on my toes-lol! Thank you~ I'll be by soon, after chasing birds with my Magpie.

Yolanda-I love your energy and thank you! I have missed being part of the blogging community~ Thank you, hugs to you, too!! I am happy and worn out :D I will be by soon and visit you~ Maggie is sleeping so I am going to attempt to get some art made...wish me luck~ lol

Mary Ann-Congrats, on SStudio! I love that publication-I am always excited to see it. I didn't get that issue-but I will order one online. I am thrilled for you-keep going! I, too have wonderful comic book memories~ I use to be mad, because I had Sabrina blue/black hair and was more like Betty in spirit. Geesh, now that I think about husband has red hair and freckles..I married Archie-lol. Oh, I am tired and silly~ Thank you, so much! I am excited to be back-I have missed you!
I loved all that you shared~ You have kept your inner child alive and this keeps us forever young!

Hi Alex! I am happy to see you are keeping the Ninja magic alive~ Your blog looks fabulous~ Yes, Deadpool looks hilarious~ DC is great, too! I wish I had all those old comic books my brother and I use to have. Did you keep some of your childhood favorites? Thank you~

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Always wonderful to see you posting, kiddo. I love Maggie! She is Beyond Cute. She will make spring and summer very fun for you. Yay!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry! Thank you~ Yes, I waited and got Toto~ She will keep me busy in the best way!
dsnake1 said…
haha, a personal trainer that weights 6 pounds! Maggie May sure is a bundle of joy. she's really so cute! :)
Crystal Collier said…
Aw! She's adorable! That's just the right size of dog if you ask me. I don't have any pets because we deal with allergies, but if I did, I'd be tempted to pick up an Ewok. =)
Ella said…
Hi Dsnake1-Thank you! Now almost 7 lbs and still trying to tug and pull me around-lol~

Crystal-She is Hypoallergenic! Oh, I hope you can get an Ewok. He or she will brighten your world~ Thank you!
Michael Di Gesu said…
She is ADORABLE! Her and Hamlet maybe around the same age. I got him on Dec 6th.... He was 8 weeks old... his birthday is 10/12...A libra... ugh... he can never make up his mind which toy to play with, lol.