A-Z Blogging Challenge 2016-Mindfulness

I started a list the first of March-an A-Z list on being Mindful-trying to find calm in my day.   I took photos of my daughter, Angela, who recently came home from college-on spring break.  I prepped and plotted and then chaos happened-a loved one became seriously ill.  Now, I need this list more than I ever realized.  So, I decided to join in Arlee Bird's challenge and share.  Maybe, my list will help someone else. 

I thought of creating an altar, I thought of the word attention, but my A is for Animals.   Their love is profound.  Curling up with a furry loved  instills more than a warm and fuzzy feel, it changes your heart rate, and your mood.

Some of my best friends have fur.  

Here my, Care-Tzu, Maggie is sharing her Armadillo with me.  Okay, maybe this is her grey hound-anyway, you get it.  If you don't have a pet, you can enjoy watching animals in nature.  Either way, their remind us to slow down and pay attention to them.   This time out distracts my mind and alters my mood.    Do you have a pet, what is their name?  


Glad you jumped into the Challenge! We met during that very first one.
There's something wrong with people who don't like animals. They are good for the soul.
Ella said…
Hi Alex,
I thought I have to do this-I have a list-lol! Thank you, Yes, you are so right! Blogging is good for the soul, too~ I have missed it and missed being part of this Amazing community~
Yolanda Renee said…
So wonderful to see you today!
Love the theme. I agree 100% and wish I had a little bundle of fur to help me through my days. Some day I'll convince hubby again!

Happy A to Z!

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How cool is that! LOL
A Joyful Chaos said…
We are still mourning the passing of our sweet little dog about a month ago. We have several cats, named: Pom-pom, Penelope, and Princess. I hadn't even realized that we apparently have a thing for names that begin with P until I was typing this. :)

Mary Ann from
A Joyful Chaos
Ella said…
You can always visit a neighbors' or a shelter. My daughter did this before we got Maggie. She went and walked and played with dogs and cats. It brightened her day and theirs. Yes, convince hubby~

Mary Ann-P for Pet, perhaps? I love the names and I am so, sorry for you loss. I waited almost a year, after losing our hound, Buster. My husband was on the fence about getting a puppy-but he is smitten now and thanks me for nudging him.
Pat Hatt said…
Animals sure are great indeed. Two cats for the moment at my sea. Will get a pup whenever I get a yard haha
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What an adorable puppy...........nice photo of Angela too...........so glad your son is improving. I am happy to see you posting, Ellie.
Ella said…
Pat-Two cats is purr-fect! Yes, a yard at sea is a challenge-enJOY your furry family~

Sherry-Thank you! I am happy you are on an adventure, today~ You are in need of time away. Your beloved sea will calm and soothe you~
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I've always had pets, especially cats, and they bring a home to life with their love.
Hart Johnson said…
HA! Love that you make stuffed animals for your animals! I am a big animal fan, too. My A animal would be an alpaca...
Your do is so cute. Animals are wonderful and loving.

Susan Says

Stephen Tremp said…
Ella, long time no see. Glad to see you again at the A to Z challenge!
mshatch said…
I love watching my son play with the string with one of our cats. It always makes me laugh to see Kitten (yes, that's his name don't judge) darting out after it, grabbing it, and running away. I wish I could film it.
Now I don't have a pet (except the geckos that play on my lanai.) The pets I did have were a stray white kitten abandoned on a rock in the middle of a river; and a Yorkie-Pom named Alex. Both were lovable and thoughts of them always make me smile.
#AlohaFriday to you, Ella.

Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge

ozzypip said…
Hi, stopping by as part of the A to Z challenge. I am sorry to hear that your family has had a tough March. Yes our pets can be a source of great joy and comfort. We currently have a dog, Jack the Jack Russell (not named by me... he came with that boring predictable name) and a cat Pippin but until just 2 days ago we also were caring for our daughter's 2 cats. Pippin is not very affectionate but my goodness did our grand cats like to be with us - sewing with cats can be challenging! We also care for a friends dog during the day whilst she is at work and during holidays when she is away. Digby is great company for Jack
Ella said…
L. Diane-You are so, right! They do add so much love to our lives~

Hart-I didn't make that toy, but I have been thinking about making clothes and toys, for my Maggie. You are fun! That is a cool A~

Hi Susan-Thank you! My son sent me photos via text for three months, before I saw this pup and decided this was my dog.

Hi Stephen-Yes, I have been missing in action-kinda, sorta. It is nice of you to drop by~ Your blog looks great!

MsHatch-I love the name and we have played string with our dog-so, fun to see how they will react. I bet Kitten is having a ball.

Gail-I am so happy you rescued the kitten and a Yorkie-Pom must of been adorable~ How wonderful! Thank you~ I use to live in Hawaii-years ago!
Ella said…
Ozzypip-You are very busy~ Yes, it has been a rough time-but my son is healing. Thank you! Jack might need a cool nickname-it still is cute! Maybe he should be Russell Jack. Poor Pippin-it is hard to share those we love with others. Pippin was jealous~ Thank you for stopping by~
kaykuala said…
Animals, cute furry little creatures. How not to fall in love with them. Great thoughts Ella!