B is for Begin again

I was going to do breath-but this word haunts me.   My son was recently sick and on oxygen for 17 days-struggling to breathe.  Ten doctors later and the word virus still lingers.  He is getting better and rebuilding his immune system.     Sometimes we have to start over.

Begin again.

Life can kick us to the curb and we need the mentality to move forward.  I took my son to the doctor and he came out without assisted oxygen. He was happy and I felt like  maybe I could breathe normal again, too.

The body is an amazing thing-filled with mysteries, celebrations and madness. My son has to rebuild his body-he lost muscle mass and is weak.  I told him to,"begin again."  Our minds need a first step towards a fresh start.

Sometimes, we push ourselves too hard, don't eat right, don't move enough, or over do-don't sleep enough so, we can  finish deadlines and projects.   

Everyone is busy-

So, be mindful of you.  Begin again, each day with a plan, to treat yourself with respect.  A list of breaks for the 3B's:  Brain, Body and Breath.  

My 3B's today are:

Brain-Read, do puzzles, perhaps try Zentangles again, finish an essay I am working on. 

Body-Walk to the river's edge, try Pilates, again. 

Breathe: Perform a breathing exercise or meditation. 

What about you, what are your 3B's?   


B is also for the Blessing that your son is healing.
Ella said…
Alex-Thank you! Yes, that is a beautiful blessing-indeed!
Yolanda Renee said…
Thrilled to hear he no longer needs oxygen. Yes a real blessing.
My B's today - gosh can't think of any that are better or even equal to yours. So I'll steal them.
Happy A to Z Day 2!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Indeed a blessing!

Every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity. We have the chance to start again and/or change things.
Em-Musing said…
I can only imagine how you were feeling during this. Your son is strong. You are strong.

Blessing - Every day I am thankful for my blessings.
Breathe - Every day I take deep breaths for health, serenity, connection
Beginnings - I am grateful I had the courage to love again and begin a new life in Mexico
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Begin again.....I love how life gives us that opportunity every single morning.
So glad your son is doing better! How scary--breathe is a great B word and one of mine I think
Wanda said…
How blessed we are with the opportunity to begin again each new. Have a wonderful weekend, Ella.
Elizabeth Hein said…
The wonderful thing about dawn is that it reminds us that each day is an opportunity to begin each day anew.
Elizabeth Hein - Scribbling in the Storage Room
Susan Kane said…
Be...believe...bow down.
Happy to hear that your son is doing well again. I hope he is fully healthy again in a very brief time.

Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
B is for Breathe Deep
do not disdain portrayals of love
or feign affection
but receive with open arms and heart
lifes every emanation

for love it falters and tends
to fade away
and hearts are scorned and
cry from day to day

do not fold within
like a flower sleeping at
the end of its season
but always leave a little room
to begin again...

glad that your son is breathing freely
and so are you!

glad to have you back, mi amiga

Sorry to hear about your son, Ella, will send him positive energy to stay strong!
Ella said…
Dezzy-Thank you! This means a lot~ I hope you are doing well!

Marcoantonio-Thank you! I love what you shared~ Open arms and heart-yes, always~
You are very kind~

Gail-Thank you, so much! He is much better~ I am still nervous, thought~

Susan-Yes, you are right!
Thank you~

Elizabeth-Yes, so true~ Thank you!

Wanda-Yes, I agree! Thank you, so much~

Ella said…
Audrey-I am thankful-yes, he is improving1 Thank you!

Sherry-Yes, we need those fresh steps and starts-thank you~

Em-I love your 3B's and Congrats on your third B-how beautiful~ Thank-you, yes, we are both strong-you are very kind~ Thank you, so much!

L.Diane-Yes, we just need to be reminded, sometimes! :D

Renee-Yes, steal my B's...lol! I went to your lake-ha, ha! Thank you, you are sweet~

kaykuala said…
So wonderful to be seeing your son is ok now! Certainly is a blessings. One can breath well again! Nicely Ella!