D is for Dream

"Dream-  Dream, Dream, Dream......"

My daughter worked at Highway 55 for awhile, I think this song is by the Everly Brothers.  Highway 55 is a burger styled joint to represent the 1950s.  Doors are opened, chrome bar stools line the counters, and everyone is smiling.  My daughter would come home from work singing vintage tunes,  my parents loved.  My husband mentions how he would of loved living back then, when life was more simple.

My D post is about dreaming.  Recently, I bought a dream dictionary and put it by my bed. 

I found this one at  Amazon.

Before this I was using Index cards.  One early morning,  I bumped my night stand and the cards went flying like feathers.  I have I Love Lucy tendencies.  You can also purchase a dream dictionary if you are into the symbolism.  I found one online that seems to do the trick.   

I love how  key elements in a dream can stir a memory or help me with the creative process-in writing or art. 

Sometimes my dreams are like puzzle pieces of my day and sometimes the movie I watched before bed enters into my mind's eye.  Have you ever had a dream come true?

Do you keep a  dream journal?  

Do you find it useful?

I also add signs in my day.  For example seeing and hearing a  Red bellied Woodpecker tapping on the sacred Oak tree in our backyard, finding a Hawk feather, or seeing a wishing star streak glittery light through the indigo veiled sky.   I add these to my journal and look up their meanings.  It can add a bit of magic to your world~

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I have a dream journal, but I only write in it when I dream something vivid or memorable. Since I have a lot of anxiety dreams I'd rather not remember, I don't update it every day... But I do love having it :)

@TarkabarkaHolgy from
The Multicolored Diary
Ella said…
Hi Tarkabarka Hölgy-I find the unexpected signs and symbols in my day go in my journal, too. I think of them as messages-things to pay attention to. The woodpecker knocking on my sacred oak tree this morning or the Hawk feather I found last week on my favorite trail, for me are treasures. Sorry, about the anxiety dreams-try the day signs and see what you discover~
Em-Musing said…
I do keep a dream journal but only for those dreams that are memorable....or disturbing. Here in the jungle of Mexico, everything is magic and thought of as a symbol. It's a very spiritual place and that resonates with me.
I don't keep one, but good idea to get a journal instead of using cards.
My blogger buddy Stephen Tremp is blogging the meaning of dreams this month if you are interested.
Jess said…
I love your post!! I've definitely had quite a few dreams that have come true, it's very creepy and eerie! I'm highlighting this post on my blog today :)
betty said…
I have heard of dream journals but have never used one. I sometimes remember my dreams in the morning or if I wake up in the middle of the night. A lot of them seem to be me acting out things that are going on in my life; like we recently moved and so I had lots of dreams prior with packing up, not being ready when the movers came etc. It is interesting with those that interpret dreams.

good luck with the rest of the challenge!

Elizabeth said…
I really wish I kept a dream journal when I younger, I used to have a lot of strange dreams. I try to remember to record my dreams now. I sometimes have dreams that are influenced by things I watch or read.

Thanks for visiting my post yesterday!
Yolanda Renee said…
I've never kept a dream journal, but now I might. And writing interesting moments that happen during the day, priceless! Love it. Now I'm off to buy that Dream Journal. I love journals. LOL
Stephanie Faris said…
I worked at Rockin' Robin as a teenager and, yes, I believe that was one of the songs on the jukebox. I always liked that song!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I used to keep a dream diary all the time. Almost all of my fiction stories came from dreams, including my 5-book series.
I used to keep a dream journal. Now my dreams get mixed in with regular journaling, if I remember them.

shelly said…
Loved this post. I pay attention to my dreams. I write them down. The other night, I dreamt I was waitressing. Couldn't find my pad to take an order.
Cynthia said…
I have a dream journal. I wrote more intensely in it years back, but not so much anymore.
Dream...Dream...Dream...when last have I heard that song? It's melancholic but beautiful!

I've never kept a dream journal - I don't really dream - is something wrong with me?
Writer In Transit
Ella said…
I will be by to visit all of you~ So, sorry about yesterday. We had a storm and our internet was compromised~ I have an eye appointment, but will return-darn I should of put that on my E post-lol. I will be back to respond to your comments~ Happy Wednesday!